X-Men Evolution: Dragonborn

In the city of Bayville, New York, Professor Charles and Sue Storm were waiting at the train station, looking for the newest student of the Institute for Gifted Youngsters. As the first train of the day arrived, they began looking for a boy around fifteen years old, carrying several bags. After awhile, Xavier found him, wearing a black trench coat, and carrying three different bags.

"Alexander Williams?" Xavier asked, rolling over to the boy, and he looked at the Professor and Storm, and smiled.

"Yes. I take it you're Professor Xavier." Alex said, and Xavier nodded. "It's good to finally meet you." Alex greeted.

"If you'll follow me, I'll take you to our School, and get you settled in." Xavier said, and they led Alex to their limo, which would take them to Alex's new life.

"Whoa…" Alex said, as he looked out the window of the limo, looking at the huge mansion that was before him. He had never seen a house that large, living in Arkansas most of his life, and he was truly impressed. When he got out the limo, he was taken to Xavier's study, where three other people were waiting for him; one was a nineteen year old boy with red sunglasses, a nineteen year old girl with red hair, and a sixteen year old boy with blue hair.

"Scott, Jean, Kurt, this is our new student, Alex Williams." Xavier said, and Scott held out his hand to Alex.

"Welcome to the Institute Alex, nice to meet you." Scott said, and Alex nodded as he shook Scott's hand.

"So Alex, what talents brought you here?" Jean asked, and Alex quickly got nervous and cautious, something Xavier quickly picked up on.

"Alex, you don't have to worry about being judged here; everyone at this school all has special gifts. Scott here can produce a concussive blast from his eyes. Jean is psychic, much like me, and Kurt is a teleporter." Xavier explained, and Alex nodded as he took off his trench coat, and laid it across a nearby table. Alex then began concentrating, and Scott, Jean, and Kurt were shocked to see Alex's skin color go from pale to reddish black, and his skin turn into scales, and his nails turned into sharp, black claws. Finally, the back of Alex's shirt was ripped by two large wings that resembled those of a European dragon. Alex started flapping his wings, and he started floating up, all the way to the ceiling of the room.

"Whoa!" The three said, and Alex smirked as he began flying around in circles, occasionally picking up speed, but he was starting to create a whirlwind, making everything fly around in the giant gust, also Alex was quickly losing control. Unable to stop, he began flying wildly out of control, eventually flying right into a wall.

"Oof!" Alex went, as he hit the wall and then the ground. After coming too after being unconscious for a few seconds, Alex saw that he turned the once neat and clean room, into giant mess. "Ah man…Professor…I'm so sorry!" Alex said quickly, and the Professor looked around the room, and smiled.

"It's quite alright Alex, that's why you're here; to help you control your powers." Xavier said, and Alex looked over at Scott, Jean, and Kurt.

"Are you guys alright? I'm really sorry about that; I haven't mastered flying yet." Alex said sheepishly.

"It's alright mien friend, accident happens." Kurt said, and Scott nodded.

"Yeah. Besides, we should be asking you if you're alright; you're the one that hit the wall." Scott said.

"Well…I'm fine; these scales are stronger than tempered steel. It takes a lot to hurt me when I'm like this." Alex said, and he began scratching the back of his head when he looked at the mess he made. "I'll get this cleaned up right away Professor." Alex said.

"You don't need to worry about it Alex; I'll show you to your room. I'll take care of this myself." Xavier said, and he rolled out of the room, and Alex cautiously followed him, hoping to avoid causing anymore destruction.

When Xavier and Alex got to the room he would be staying in, Alex looked around in amazement at the size of the room, and put his bags on the bed.

"You'll be staying here while you're living with us. If you have any questions, just ask anyone. Welcome to the Institute Alex, I hope you'll enjoy yourself while you're here. I've already had you enrolled at the local high school. Breakfast is at seven every day, and you will have to be in the van at eight." Xavier said, and Alex nodded.

"Okay. Thank you professor, for everything." Alex said, and the professor left the room, leaving Alex to get settled in.

A couple of hours later, Alex walked out his room and decided to explore, hoping to get an idea of where everything was from where he was staying. He came across a few of the students in the building, and introduced himself. Alex eventually came across the kitchen, and saw a bowl of fruit, and decided to grab an apple to snack on. As he bit into the apple, he saw a girl walk into the kitchen as well, but she walked through the walls, not a doorway.

"Whoa!" Alex yelled, and the girl jumped back, not expecting Alex to yell.

"Wah!" The girl yelled, jumping back, and after the two recollected themselves, they calmed down.

"Sorry about that; I wasn't expecting for someone to go through the walls." Alex said, and the girl just smiled.

"It's okay. I, like, get that a lot when we get a new student. Like, welcome to Mutant High. I'm Kitty Pryde." Kitty introduced, and Alex nodded, holding out his hand.

"Alex Williams. Nice to meet you. So, you can phase through walls?" Alex asked, and Kitty nodded.

"That, and pretty much anything else you can think of. What's your power?" Kitty asked.

"I can turn into a dragon…so to speak." Alex said, and Kitty looked at Alex in shock.

"Like, seriously!" Kitty asked, and Alex shrugged, when suddenly, a man with large side burns walked in, looking annoyed.

"What's with all the yelling?" The man asked, and Kitty looked apologetic.

"Sorry Logan, just got scared by the new kid." Kitty said, and Logan just growled and walked out of the kitchen. "That's Logan, one of our training instructors, which brings me to mention rule number one here; don't piss off Logan. He might not kill you then." Kitty explained, and Alex gulped nervously.

"Great." Alex said, when suddenly, he felt a presence inside his head.

"Students, please report for the Danger Room for daily training, and to meet our newest student." The voice went, and Alex was both freaked and confused about what happened.

"What the…" Alex went.

"That's the Professor; instead of using an intercom, he talks to us telepathically." Kitty explained, and Alex nodded in understanding.

"Oh. That's both creepy, and cool." Alex said.

"Come on, I'll show you to the Danger Room." Kitty went, and Alex chuckled.

"Sounds like a pleasant place." Alex said sarcastically, and Kitty laughed.

"It's not as bad as it sounds, trust me." Kitty said, and the two made their way to the Danger Room.

"Everyone, this is our newest student, Alex Williams. I'm sure a lot of you have already been acquainted with him, but I just want to make sure every gets to know him. Now, Alex, this is the Danger Room; this is where you can train in the use of your powers and help you control them. Would you like to go ahead and get started with simple flying exercises and help you control your other abilities?" Xavier asked, and Alex nodded.

"Nothing will be shooting at me, will there?" Alex asked, and Xavier smiled.

"No, not this time." Xavier said, and Alex was going to say something, but he just sighed as he walked out of the Observation Room, and in the middle of the Danger Room.

"Okay Alex; you're main objectives are to fly through every ring you'll see, and hit the floating targets with either your wings or your flames." Xavier said, and everyone that didn't know Alex was curious about Alex's abilities, especially when he turned into his dragon form, and expanded his wings. Suddenly, as Xavier pressed buttons on the control console, the Danger Room began changing holographically, turning into a giant, space like abyss, filled with rings and spheres made of light, and occasional floating stone platforms. "Are you ready Alex?" Xavier asked, and Alex nodded.

"Yes sir, professor. As I'll ever be." Alex said, and Xavier chuckled.

"Just relax Alex; I'm sure you'll do fine." Xavier said, and when Xavier started the program, Alex got on all fours, and made running start off the platform he was on, and began flapping his wings.

As Alex approached a ring, he's spin around, causing his wings to wrap around him, and Alex would spin through each ring. When Alex saw his first target, he took in a deep breath, and when he was close enough, he quickly exhaled, causing a huge flame to shoot out of his mouth, destroying the target on contact. The rest of the students, and even Xavier, Storm, and Logan were impressed with the amount of power Alex was displaying. Eventually, Alex saw that there were two targets parallel to each, so he stopped flapping his wings, and spread them as far as he could, causing the wings to hit both targets, slicing them cleanly in half. Alex continued flying through the air, going through rings and either burning targets with his fire, or slicing them with his wings, until he reached the final platform, ending the simulation.

"That was amazing! How'd I do?" Alex asked, out of breath.

"You did very well for your first Alex. Though…you may have been a bit over zealous with hit the targets with your fire, and slicing them with your wings." Xavier said, and Alex looked around the Danger Room, and saw that several walls were sliced, and parts of the floor and roof were on fire, causing Alex to blush out of embarrassment.

"Sorry professor; sometimes…I can't help myself when I'm having fun." Alex admitted, and the Professor smiled.

"It's quiet alright Alex; what you've done isn't nearly as bad as some the other students." Xavier said, and Alex made his way to the Observation Deck while the automatic fire control systems kicked in.

When Alex walked in, he was swarmed by his fellow classmates, all of them asking questions about his unique powers.

"Wow! That was amazing! Are you able to fly all the time?" One mutant asked.

"How fast can you fly?" Another asked, and they just kept asking questions, making Alex uncomfortable.

"Alright you guys, leave Alex alone; he's probably exhausted." Jean said, and Alex gave a sigh of relief when the other mutants stopped asking questions.

When training in the Danger Room was over, Alex decided to go back to his room, get on his computer, and send an email to his parents.

'Hey mom, dad. Letting you know that I reach the Xavier Institute alright. I really like it here; everyone here, teachers and students alike, are like me, sort of. They have powers, but they're all different. Everyone's been so nice and polite to me; it makes me feel at home. Hopefully they'll stay like this, even though there's a risk that I might burn the whole building to the ground by accident, lol. I can't thank you two enough for letting me come here; I think I'll finally learn how to control my power, and not slice any vehicles in half. I hope dad isn't still mad at me about that; I didn't mean to slice the roof of his car off, I was just trying to learn how to fly, and I just lost control. Anyway, just letting you two know how things are going here at the Institute; I'm going to be starting a new year at the local high school in a couple of weeks, and I need to learn how to burp without fire coming out. Not accidentally anyway. Love you, Alex.' Alex sent the email, and left his room to go find some of the other mutants, and saw that some of them were watching T.V. He joined them, when suddenly, Kurt appeared out of thin air, and landed behind the couch.

"There you are Alex, I've been trying to find you." Kurt said.

"What do you need, Kurt?" Alex asked.

"Just what is the extent of your powers? You made quiet the display during training today." Kurt asked, and Alex smirked.

"To be honest, even I don't know. According the Professor, I was going over seventy-five miles an hour when I was at my fastest. I know my wings can cut through steel when I go fast enough; I found that out when I accidentally turned my dad's car into a convertible when I was trying to teach myself how to fly. And my fire breath melt just about anything. And my claws can cut through steel." Alex explained.

"Wait, you're telling me you cut your dads car with your wings!" Kurt asked, beginning to laugh. But when he processed what Alex said again, he stopped laughing. "And…you're parents know that you're…" Kurt started, and Alex nodded.

"A mutant? Yeah; they were actually helping me learn how to control until the Professor showed up and offered a better alternative." Alex explained.

"So…they're okay with you being a mutant?" A mutant, Bobby, asked.

"Yeah; they know that I didn't choose this life." Alex explained.

"Man, you have a lucky life." Another mutant said, and Alex shrugged.

"You guys have it pretty good, too; you're living in great place like this, have teachers that care about each other, and around your own kind." Alex explained, and the other mutants nodded. Suddenly there was a knock on the front door, and Kurt walked over to the door, and opened it, surprised and terrified about who it was; the girl that infiltrated the Institute about a few months ago, who was known only as X-23.

"You!" Kurt asked in terrorized shock.

"I need to speak with Wolverine and your Professor Xavier." X-23 said.