Chapter 1 - it begninning.

Jimmy was remisicign aboute hte old freinds. "Carek you male dog!" he extrcraimed! Because he was made the wrold bad. But Jimmy was a Snowmen,, so he didnt' like the hot. "Craek is make severythign to heat." he complained. TEhn he swa the little nakid children. they were in teh water splashgin. "NO don't go into water it dangers!1" wroried Snowjim about.

But it was too late.

Chapter 2 – Firy sonowman

Snowman was once a little boi named Jim. Dadjim was burning soem cows. "daddy can i have a cow?" says Jim. "No or you be inflected with the skick." his dad replies ". you be die of tghe sckick like teh cows then." "Ok daddy (I d'ont understan how a snowmean can stay so close to a cow fire without metling) Jim made his mommny cry with being a bad boy.

Jimmy becaem a snowman again and complained about the hot. He had some crazy thinks about ladies. One of hte ladies in his thinking flied towards him. myAbe Snowjimmy still had some skick in the head from the cows? Who knows?

Chpater- Jimmy the surveyor

jimmy is a surveyor becaus eh was survey from the skick. When jimmy was a mere boi, he fought his mother was skick. "I must stop the inflection."

His daddy took him to the work. "daddy let's see the piggons." SNowjim wanted. "No you be eat by them." he said. But then in teh restorant Jimmay was eat the pigoons instead! How irony!

And Ramona smiled.

Chapter 4

Jimmy was in hihg school now!1 He thought about Melons, maybe becauz he missed brekfast taht morning. BUt then ther was Craik. .Craek is wierd like my freind. He also calls me funy names like my specials teacher and mine freind Georg. Sometime he also takes my lucnh money.

When jimmy became a snowman again, the little Crack childs were ask to him: "Snowjimmy is your chin funny! Are they feathers?" Jimmy was sourly, "not any more."

Then he flew away.

Chapter 5: it was ending

Crake made the skick that turnd everbody red. He said to snojimmy "You know waht you to do." then Snowman sprayed him tiwh the virtul bullets! in the head!1 But jimjim pained his foot on a glass!1

Then they went swimming.