Ponyville, Home of the Fillies

[At Twilight's house…]

"Boy howdy, Twilight. Sure feels good to whoop Nightmare Moon's sorry flank again," said Applejack.

"You can say that again, Applejack. After all, I don't think any of us are going to miss her anytime soon," agreed Twilight.

"The best part is nopony or animal got hurt," said Fluttershy.

"She sure was cramping our style and way of life," added (Rarity).

"Even her second encounter with us didn't help her at all. We just went in and gave her the sweet taste of defeat," said (Rainbow Dash).

"Wait a minute, we didn't do this alone, we had help from those other ponies," reminded (Pinkie Pie).

"Oh right, I remember them. We definitely ought to go and thank them for their help," stated Twilight. *They head out* [Elsewhere, at Melody's house…]

"Thanks to those other ponies, things are pretty well normal here," said Bright Eyes.

"If by normal you mean the pink clouds and chocolate milk raining down, I think I have to disagree," protested Starlight. *The door bursts open*

"Have y'all seen the cotton candy clouds and chocolate milk rain comin' down?" asked Applejack.

"You know about this?" asked Melody.

"We've seen it before and it's the work of Discord, a drapernicus that used to rule this place and certainly made a mess here before," explained Twilight.

"What exactly can we do about it?" asked Sweetheart.

"Find him and put an end to his meanness," replied (Pinkie Pie).

"Hey, where'd the door go?" asked Melody.

"Where'd you guys go?" questioned (Pinkie Pie).

"Whatever this is, I'm breaking it down," said (Rainbow Dash). *she backs up, then flies into the wall but it doesn't budge*

"Discord must want us out so we can't warn them of what he'll do next," concluded Twilight.

"Yuck, what's been on your floor, Melody?" asked Bright Eyes.

"Whatever it is, I didn't put it there," replied Melody. *Bon Bon sniffs the air*

"It's butter but why and how did that get there?" questioned Bon Bon.

"All I know is my mom won't be happy but how do I explain it to her that it wasn't my fault?" asked Melody.

"I don't think she'll be coming home now, the roads are rivers….of salt," said Patch. *the others rush to the window*

"This isn't truly adding up at all. It seems to be coming out of nowhere," said Sweetheart. [Outside…]

"We have to find another way in," said Twilight.

"How the hay can we ask them with this wall in the way?" asked Applejack.

"If it is a way in you need, just come with me," said Zecora. *They start to move but Melody's house turns into jello*

"Well that's one way to get out there but boy is my place going to need some serious rebuilding afterwards," remarked Melody.

"May I ask what is going on here? Everything occurring is so unclear," demanded Zecora.

"Maybe my magic can get them out," thought Twilight. *She uses her magic and frees the Tales gang*

"We'd better skedaddle and find a better place until this mess is sorted," suggested Applejack. *They bolt for the edge of Ponyville but a gate blocks their path*

"What, you thought I'd just let you go through without enduring my rounds of chaos? How naïve of you all," scolded Discord appearing before them.

"How did you break free when you were turned to stone?" asked Twilight.

"A funny story about that. You see, dear ponies, somepony put me back up where my statue was and a sudden storm knocked me off that peak and left my statue shattered in thousands of pieces from the impact. It's all thanks to those pegasai that bring in the weather each day. That's right, Rainbow Dash, you helped free my from my stone prison and I have you to thank," answered Discord.

"How do we know ya ain't fibbin'? asked Applejack.

"What I hold my hands are the shattered stone remains of my statue but unlike last time, I'm not going back! I'm here to see to it that your town becomes Chaos Capital of the World once and for all!" replied Discord.

To be continued…