Author's Notes: Written for greenschist's HP Drabble Perpetual Relay Challenge on the HPFC forum. Prompts used are "sunshine" and "bitter" (well… bitter is just sort of implied…)



Alice Longbottom danced on her wedding anniversary.

She and her husband whirled around the dance floor, all gaiety and joy, secure in their happiness. The Dark Lord had fallen weeks ago, all but a handful of his supporters rounded up. There had been no deaths in days. The sun shone bright on the party, a new, hopeful sun that felt so different from the tired light that had painted the sky when the Dark Lord had been in power.

Frank Longbottom was just as joyful as his wife. He danced with her until he could no longer breathe and then danced more, compelled to share in the joy the world felt with this new dawn.

Around the party, other guests laughed at talked. It was such a light-hearted gathering, and no one there believed there was any reason to be worried. With the Dark Lord fallen, all was right.

But four sets of eyes watched the dancing from afar. Four Death Eaters – faithful Death Eaters, displeased that people danced when their Master was fallen – watched as the popular Aurors danced the afternoon away. And they waited for the party to disperse so that they could strike.

Alice Longbottom did not know that that night would be the last time she ever danced.