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"Hey Seth, have you seen Jake? I need to talk to him about tonight."

If I wasn't completely crushing on Jacob Black, I could definitely see myself with Seth. He looks like a younger version of Jake, but with a less impressive six pack. Not according to half the girls in school though. Seth is the guy every girl wants; only he never seems interested in anyone.

Oh well. If things keep going the way they are Jake and I should be dating soon anyway.

Even through my daydreaming I noticed Seth's hesitation when he answered.

"Uh, yeah. I think he is with Quil and Embry at First Beach." Seth smiled politely.

"Thanks!" I waved before I felt someone behind me.


"Hi Megan." I grinned, turning around to face my best friend.

She was the only one on reservation that had almost flame red hair. How she managed to get her hair color out of the genes of both of her Quileute parents, I will never know. Then again, I can't say anything. I'm one of the only people on the res that don't have Native American parents. She was also one of the prettiest girls in town, only she doesn't seem to think so. She could have every guy wrapped around her finger if she wanted. If only she saw her potential.

"So I found out where Jake is! I have to find out what he plans on doing for tonight."

"Don't you think you're getting a bit stalker-like now, Shannon? It was one thing when you texted him everyday, and then when you started writing Mrs. Jacob Black on your notebook. But now you always need to know where he is too? He is going to get freaked out." The look on Megan's face told me everything I needed to know.

"Alright, I just need to talk to him about tonight and then I promise you I won't bother him."

I stuck my pinky out and Megan looked at it tentatively.

"I would bet a week's amount of gas money that you couldn't go two days without even saying his name."

"I bet I could!" Megan raised one of her reddish brown eyebrows at me questioningly. "No. I probably couldn't. It's not my fault! Megan, you know we are practically meant to be."

"Uh huh." She trailed off, rolling her eyes.

"Whatever. Do you think your brother would mind dropping us off at the beach? I reallyjust need to ask Jake what he plans on doing tonight. We're all still going out right?"

"You mean you, Jake, Kelly, Embry, me, Collin, the jackass and whoever his 'date' is tonight?"

I knew who she was referring to right away; her brother Collins best friend, Brady Fuller. Brady had a different date every single week and even then he checked out every female in his line of vision. Calling him a man-whore is putting it lightly.

"Now be nice. It's not his fault his genes led him to a toolbag lifestyle." We both laughed at our joke.

God only knows when we started calling him a tool. If I remember correctly, his name in Megan's phone is "Toolbag Mcdickerpants." Not exactly the most pleasant name, but fitting none the less.

"Anyway, I'm sure Collin would be glad to drive us, he's always so willing to do anything you ask. He wanted to talk to Jake anyway." Megan smiled, looping her arm through mine.

As we made our way to Collin's car, I came to a realization.

Maybe I was a bit obsessed with Jake.

"Thanks again for driving us Collin!" Megan yelled as we skipped down the beach, arms looped and shoes in hand. We didn't even wait for him to walk with us. I was eager to see Jake and Megan knew it.

Collin was walking behind us laughing at his sister.

When we reached the cliffs where most of the boys went cliff diving, I only saw two figures.

Megan looked at me warily.

"I thought Seth said Embry, Quil and Jake were here? Who's missing?"

I refused to believe I would have to go on another Jake-chase.

"I thought so too. Maybe Quil or Embry went home."

"Hey guys!" Collin yelled to the two boys while he walked up behind us.

The two figures waved back before one dove into the ocean with a running start.

A few seconds later, a head popped out of the water and starting swimming towards us.

"Hey Embry!" Megan yelled, recognizing his face.

It took another minute for Embry to reach land, and when he did he shook the water out of his hair like a dog.

"What's up guys?" He asked, clapping Collin on the shoulder and completely drenching him in the process.

When I looked to the cliff, I realized the other figure was too small to be Jake. It must have been Quil.

After my realization, I didn't even bother to beat around the bush.

"Do you know where Jake is, Embry?"

Embry and Collin shared a look that made me scared. It seemed like an agonizing minute before I got an answer.

"Yeah, he's over at his girlfriend's house packing."

"His girlfriend?" I asked in disbelief.

A million questions ran through my head. Jake had a girlfriend? Since when? Who was she? Was she prettier than me? I didn't even bother trying to process the rest of Embry's sentence.

"Um Shannon, maybe you should sit or something." Megan suggested as my breaths shortened.

"Maybe I should just tell you now so you can take it all in." I heard Embry say from a distance. I barely noticed Collins small argument with him before Embry finally got out what he wanted to say.

"Shannon, Jake is moving with his girlfriend and her family. And he isn't coming back."

Was he serious? The phrases 'never coming back' and 'girlfriend' were ringing in my ears.

I kept trying to picture Jake with another girl that wasn't me. I couldn't do it. I couldn't see it.

I felt like I was going to pass out. Everything was blurry and I felt nauseous. He was leaving me? Forever?

I heard Collin's familiar voice, but it seemed so far away.

"Embry, was now really the time to tell her?"

"Dude she had to find out sometime. It's not like she was going to ever date him."

"Embry!" I heard a loud noise that I guessed was the sound of Megan slapping Embry's arm. "Jake and Shannon were so close to dating! What are you talking about?"

I couldn't even focus on anything. My almost boyfriend, who I never got the chance to date, was leaving? I wasn't going to see or hear or touch the one thing that I had to look forward to everyday?

I didn't even realize I had started to cry until Megan was rubbing my back and telling me it was going to be okay.

Her motions to comfort me did nothing. The only thing I felt before I passed out from crying was Collin picking me up and walking to what I assumed to be his car.

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