Dear Mary,

I can't believe you left me here alone over Christmas break. Do you know who's here? James Potter and his croonies, that's who! Ugh, I despise the lot of them (except for Remus, or course, he's different from them), they're all such bullies!

Sirius told me that I'm expected to spend every second of my time with them - ha! Yeah, right. That's defintely not going to happen. I can just sit in my dorm all day, and there's no way for them to get up here.

I really miss you, Mare. I can't wait until you come back; I already feel pent up because I have no one to talk to. Alice went on vacation with her family, but she's already Owled me, even though she just left yesterday.

Oh, no, I hear someone knocking on the window. It's probably them! I don't want them to see this letter, they'll read it aloud and then they'll know how I don't like them.

Are you sure there's no way I can still join you for Christmas? I will love you forever if you let me!

Help me!

xoxo - Lily