Ok, so I've been watching Charlie's Angels, the new one, and I've noticed something. Eve and Bosley seem to have a bit of sexual tension that's only noticeable in a few scenes. This is a short one-shot about them.

Bosley's POV

We had just finished a tough case involving a human trafficker. Kate and Abby had immediately left to go celebrate while I stayed behind to tie up a few loose ends. I was about to leave when I noticed Eve sitting at the table staring into space. Touching her shoulder, I sat down next to her. "Hey," I asked, "you ok?" She smiled vaguely at me and replied, "This one just hit a little too close to home, you know? I mean, I'm here because of the other human trafficker case you guys had. The one that Gloria-" She stopped and buried her face in her hands. I knew why she was upset. She had known Gloria since they were kids and Gloria had died while we were trying to bring the trafficker to justice. Without thinking, I pulled Eve into my arms and held her while she cried. After a while, her tears subsided and she looked up at me with a watery smile. "Sorry I got your shirt wet," she muttered, embarrassed. I shrugged, "Hey, no problem. That's what I'm here for." She laughed and looked at me sideways. "I should probably go…" she murmured. I stood, "Yeah, yeah that sounds like a good plan." Despite our words, she made no move toward the door. I started thinking about our missions together. The one on a cruise ship where I complimented her by saying that for someone to break a date with her it must have been really important and how she smiled at me. How scared I had been when she sacrificed herself so that the rest of us could escape Cuba with the girls. Most recently, right before we rescued a family from a group of pirates, how she smiled at me and promised that she wouldn't let me down while I was freaking out about the plan and how much air supply we had in our scuba tanks.

Just as Eve turned to leave, I grabbed her and turned her around to face me. I hesitated for a split second before pressing my lips to hers in a quick passionate kiss. I broke away and started mumbling apologies before she returned the kiss. "Bye Bosley," she whispered before turning away and disappearing out the door with a wave. I stood there shocked. I was pretty much paralyzed. Slowly, I managed to sink down into a chair. I smiled, She really is an angel.