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Just a small preview so you know what you're getting into, reading this. The story picks up right after Apocalypse's downfall, so it's summer (or at least it should have been), the X-Men are just trying to put that behind them. The two new characters Leo, and Benj, are brothers (background is slowly, painfully slowly revealed), and are both mutants, let's just say they've done some things. If you enjoy this story, there'll be more. If you're worried about language, there will be some light cussing. Your reviews would be greatly appreciated (and of course if you have any X-Men Evolution stories of your own, be sure to mention that so I can read them).

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It was a hazy afternoon. Sunlight flittered through the leaves of a tree that shaded a teenager leaning against a huge rock. His spikey red (meaning red, not ginger) hair had blonde dyed tips and had a red goatee on his flat chin. His ears were a little small for his head, the left one was pierced with a silver hoop, and his nose was wide (similar looking to Sabretooth's). Around his neck he was wearing a shark tooth necklace, and a zoo uniform covered the rest of him. Leaning his back against the rock the teen bent one leg up and laid a sketchpad on it. In front of him a lion cub crouched by a flower, transfixed by the white butterfly daintily perching on top. The teen laughed quietly to himself as he began sketching rapidly.

Since he worked at the zoo he could do this sort of thing while saying he was doing his job. He only worked in the lion enclosure, and had no one else to assist him. The manager gave him this special assignment due to his, unique, disposition. AKA: the lions wouldn't eat him; he was able to communicate with them.

The cub flicked his tail. The teenager frowned and erased his previous sketch of the tail.


A rock bounced off the huge stone the teen was resting against.

"What the-ow!" he said in a gruff, but quiet voice. A second rock fell from the sky and hit his head. He looked around, and then a third rock came and squashed the lion cub's flower. The cub looked at the teen.

"Aww, why'd the flying rock kill my prey, Leo?" The cub's expression seemed to ask.

The teen, Leo, ruffled the cub's fur. "So sorry little guy, I'm gonna figure it out." With that, Leo turned and peered through the bushes surrounding the huge rock. He could see two guys, his age, and evidently jocks, throwing rocks at the enclosure. Both were wearing letterman jackets. One of the other lions was out in front, and was suddenly struck by a rock in his eye.

"YAOAOW!" the lion roared, leaping back and running into the bushes.

Leo growled softly and glared at the teens. The teens were laughing loudly and pointing out a lioness, their next target. Bending his arm back the jock with black hair and dark skin took aim.

Visibly angry, Leo began changing form. He shifted into a lion humanoid, his hair grew into a fiery mane, his jaw widened while his canines sharpened and grew longer. He finished his shift and was covered in golden fur, he removed his tail from his belt loops and flicked it.

He growled softly and started approaching the jocks, as a predator would.

The lioness was proving a difficult adversary for the jocks; they had already thrown their first shots and continued throwing rocks with less accuracy.

Leo roared and leapt out from behind the bushes. The jocks stumbled back shocked. Leo continued forward with cat-like speed and jumped the trench surrounding the enclosure and perched on the railing.

"ROOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAWRRR!" Leo blasted in their faces.

He extended his claws from the ends of his padded fingers.

The jocks screamed and turned to run, but Leo intercepted them in a bound. Growling in their faces he towered over them at a height of six foot seven.

The jocks turned and fled again, reaching out Leo swiped at the two jocks, ripping the backs of their jackets. By now a small crowd had gathered, including an animal handler with a tranquilizer gun. The handler took aim and fired; but missed as Leo wrenched it from his hands, snapping it in two. The handler's jaw dropped. Not knowing what to do, he just stood there.

Leo's primal instincts began fading and he realized what trouble he was in.

"Damn." He whispered, fleeing himself.

Using his knowledge of the zoo, Leo quickly escaped the curious onlookers. He circled around the lion enclosure, sneaking in through the back.

He shifted back to his human form, letting loose a stream of curses for his stupidity. The situation could have been handled a thousand different ways, and he chose to present himself as a threat. So much for starting over.

Leo apologized mentally to his brother, he'd caused another incident.

A blonde teen with turquoise eyes and a dark forest green skateboarded down the sidewalk. Images of Leo's predicament flashed in the teen's mind. He stopped. "Dang it, Leo! What have you done now?" he whispered.

"Hey man, are you okay?" another skater came up behind him. Typical skater, elbow pads, wild colored helmet, pierced ears, plain tee and jeans. The blonde teen looked at him and rubbed his head.

"Uh, yeah, yeah." A few more skaters came up and stopped alongside the blonde. "Just, I'm not feeling all that well, I think I'm gonna head home."

"Come on Dents, don't be a wimp, our deal remember." A skater with short, light brown hair teased with a slight dark undertone.

"Listen, I'm serious. I'll do the dare tomorrow." The blonde responded brushing off his black T-shirt.

"No way Dents," the skater said angrily grabbing the blonde teen as he turned to leave. "You said you would get me an X-Men souvenir, and you will. We have a bet. You aren't cheating me out of a hundred bucks." He said gritting his teeth. The skater nodded at two of the others behind him. "Socks, Matt, hold on to our buddy Dents-"

"Back off, I don't wanna do this." The blonde said menacingly as two larger boys grabbed his arms. "I ain't a thief."

"I don't care right now, Benj Dents, I'm going to get that money and the bragging rights" he waved at the skater gang. "Let's go."

At the Xavier's Institute

The younger students were enjoying the afternoon heat by relaxing by the institute's pool. Bobby, of course, was causing chaos by creating ice sculptures all over the lawn, and poolside, then watching them melt. Professor Xavier himself was sitting by the pool as well. After the stressful Apocalypse ordeal everyone was starving for relaxation.

"Well Charles," Logan walked up behind the professor and placed a hand on his chair. "I guess everything's back to normal now isn't it?"

"Yes," Xavier said thoughtfully, "the students are adjusting very well aren't they. And I have to say our new additions are fitting in nicely as well." They both looked over to the left where Colossus (who now was also known by Piotr) was soaking his feet by the edge of the pool. Bobby snuck behind him and gave a huge shove, trying to knock him in. Failing miserably he lost his footing and fell into the pool headfirst. Colossus began laughing extremely loud. The students scattered around the pool joined in as Bobby's embarrassed head emerged from the water.

Logan and the professor chuckled. "Yeah, well I guess after what we all went through they deserve some rest."

The professor looked up at Logan, "You are just itching to get back to training them, aren't you?"

"Oh yeah."

A flash of light and a puff of smoke appeared beside them, followed by a fuzzy blue elf. "Professor!"

"Yes, Kurt?" Xavier responded completely unfazed.

"You've got to see this! On the news they have a story on a mutant attack. It's starting now! Come on!" Kurt exclaimed.

"Alright, Kurt. Port us in."

"I want to see this too, elf." Logan said. Kurt grabbed both their shoulders and ported.

Inside the mansion Scott, Jean, Kitty, and Rogue were hanging around the TV. Kurt popped in and jumped on the back of the couch, Logan perched on the arm.

"It's just about to start." Rogue said looking at the professor.

A blonde news anchor appeared on the screen. "...And now for our main story. Two teenagers were attacked today by a mutant at the Bayville Zoo this afternoon. The two teens have been identified as Fred Douglas, and Keith Lerry. Both go to Bayville High. Only one of the two was injured enough to see a doctor. The teen's injuries were serious enough to send him to the hospital. We go live now to our anchor at Bayville's hospital with more on the attack."

"Thank you Mary," a black haired male anchor said. "Fred Douglas was actually injured while attempting to flee the scene, falling and breaking his ankle. He also had a minor cut on his back, this was a result of the mutant's claws. There are no reports on the unidentified mutant, but the zoo has said they will not press charges and are encouraging the teen's parents to do the same. Their official statement reads: 'This incident was embarrassing enough. The mutant seems to have been protecting the lions; the two teens attacked had been chucking rocks at the animals. If the teen's parents seek to prosecute this mutant, we will press charges against Mr. Douglas as well as Mr. Lerry.'" The reporter paused, and then nodded, "Mayor Candidate Kelly has a message to share with the public."

The screen changed and former Principal Kelly was sitting in his new office.

"Oh, please. Someone turn it off now." Rogue groaned. Scott picked up the remote and turned off the TV.

The team shifted uncomfortably. If Kelly was making comments, it couldn't be good, but no one wished to hear them.

Xavier folded his hands, "This mutant seems to be a in some trouble. We need to find and talk to him." He thought for a moment. "Rogue, Scott, why don't you two come with me to Cerebro. Logan, you as well. I think you three would be the best to meet with him."

The skater crew reached the one of the side gates of the Xavier Institute. The two buffs, Socks and Matt, tossed the blonde skater, Dents, to the ground. He said nothing but glared at the skater he had a bet with.

"Alright I'm here, what now Lucius?" He growled as he stood up and brushed himself off.

Lucius laughed. "I'll give you a few minutes to figure out how you're gonna jump that gate." He grabbed Dents' upper arm. "When you're over you find me some sort of souvenir from those muties." He whispered menacingly.

Dents shook him off and went over to another skater with short black hair. "Vince, can I talk to you for a sec?"

"Of course." Vince said, his green eyes looking confused. The two walked out of earshot of the rest of the crew.

Vince was a typical skater as well, his left ear had a silver hoop in it, and could skate circles around Lucius.

"What's up Benj?" Vince asked. Dents' full name was Benjamin Dents but his friends called him Benj. Benj said nothing but stared ahead. He turned to Vince.

'You know exactly what.' Benj communicated to him telepathically.

Vince sighed. "Look, I don't know whether he knows for sure you're a mutant, but I know he's suspicious. I said nothing to him Benj. I swear it." Benj glared at him. "Don't do this Benj. You don't have to break into the Xavier Institute. Just back down!"

"I can't do that, Vince." Benj growled. "I back down and Lucius wins. I can't, won't back out of this."

Vince cursed. "Don't do this man. Lucius has more riding on you getting caught and stuffed, than on you comin' back."

"Too late." Benj looked around him. "Go home Vince."


"Go home." Benj paused. "If this gets out of control I don't want you here. You don't need to be caught trespassing."

"Neither do you!"

Benj stopped. "I… I have to do this. No longer will I back down to Lucius' ridiculous threats"

The look on his face stopped any argument Vince was still ready to give.

"Be careful." Vince said.

Benj gripped Vince's forearm, and Vince did the same to him. It was a little more personal than a handshake, but not as intimate as a hug. "Thanks, Vince. I'll let you know what happens." Benj said as he walked away.

He rejoined the skater crew.

"Ready to roll Dents?" Lucius asked. Benj nodded as he pulled a pair of gloves out of his backpack.

The gloves had rough pads that would allow him to grip the metal bars on the gate easily. They were black with yellow stripes around the knuckles. Rubbing his hands together Benj jumped up and grabbed the gate. With nimble skill he scaled the gate in a matter of seconds. He jumped from the top of the gate and landed gently without a sound.

Lucius came up to the gate and talked to Benj, "Just remember to grab me a souvenir and that hundred bucks is yours, if not…" He grinned.

"Yeah, got it." Benj said turning toward the Institute. Carefully walking forward he examined the building. He could hear some far off laughter to his right, so he inched to the left. He figured the best way to get something from the building was by getting into one of the students' room. Picking the first balcony he found he used his mutant power to help give him a lift to the second floor balcony.

Landing silently on the balcony he focused his attention on the door. Although he assumed it would be locked he attempted to open it first, without any resistance it opened.

No turning back now. He thought to himself.

Professor Xavier turned his wheelchair to exit the room when a light on the arm of the wheelchair flashed. In response so did the watch-like communicators on the oldest X-Men's wrists.

The professor pursed his lips as he said, "I believe we have an unwelcome visitor."

"There was a break in?" Scott asked.

"Not was, is Scott," He answered. "Scott, why don't you and Jean search outside. Rogue, you can be in charge of the search inside with Kitty and Kurt. I'll monitor the search from Cerebro with Logan. Remember, be careful. We have no idea what this intruder is capable of."

"A mutant, or a human?" Rogue asked.

Xavier closed his eyes, trying to sense the intruder. "Mutant."

"Wait, we're not talking the Brotherhood are we?" Scott asked.

"I don't know Scott, if it is then they found a new recruit." The professor answered. "Let's go team."

Benj entered the dorm room.

Now which X-Men's room is this? He thought.

He looked about the room. On the right was a bed and a closet on the far wall. On the left he saw a dresser. Walking up to it he saw there was a collage of pictures. Most had a short brown-haired girl with white streaks in front, who was quite pale. There was a black glove sticking out of one of the drawers. Benj opened the drawer. Inside was a pile of old worn out gloves.

Benj grabbed one and stuck it in his pocket. Then he looked back at the collage. One of the photos had the girl sitting under a tree reading a book and soft warm light filtering down through the leaves. He smiled, and took the photo.

Suddenly he heard the inner doorknob jiggling, as though someone was putting a key in. Panicking Benj dove into the closet.

The door opened and Rogue entered. Benj held his breath.

Rogue started to search her room. She looked at the dresser. Everything minus the one photo was there, but she didn't notice. Looking to her left she noticed the balcony door was still open. Benj started regretting not closing it. Rogue closed and locked the balcony door.

"Alright, Ah know ya're in here." She said, turning around in circles defensively. She took off one of her gloves.

Benj sat back and concentrated hard on coming up with a physic blast. He'd only managed to create a physic blast once before, and compared to the alternative of flinging her out the window, it was the one that would do the least amount of harm. He didn't want to hurt this girl, but couldn't afford getting caught.

"Sorry," he whispered as he jumped out of the closet and sent a physic blast at Rogue. Rogue turned to see her attacker, then shrieked as she feinted.

Charles gasped, and removed the Cerebro helmet.

"What is it Charles?" Logan asked.

"I lost mental contact with Rogue."

"Arrooo. What!" Logan roared.

"She said she found the intruder, then I lost her." Charles sighed.

Logan turned around. "Where are you going Logan?" Professor X asked.

"I'm going to go see if I can find Rogue and this intruder." He growled as he stormed out.

Benj knelt down at the side of Rogue. He could see she was out cold. His eyes were drawn from her face to something on her wrist. It was some type of watch. It flashed interestingly, so he unclipped it from her wrist, and stuck it in his pocket. (Since he still wore his gloves he wasn't drained by touching Rogue.)

He stood up and looked at the balcony door. He began to move toward it, when the interior door was knocked down. Benj spun around.

"Arrrrrrrrrrrrrooooooo!" Wolverine leapt into the room with his claws extended. Benj's eyes widened and he backed up to the door. Logan looked from him to Rogue on the floor. He tensed and jumped at Benj. With a swift movement Benj slid under him and bent the air behind Logan to propel him out the balcony door. Glass shattered and Logan soared over the balcony to the outside yard. His way now clear, Benj jumped off the balcony and landed beside Logan.

He assumed Logan was unconscious until he lunged at him. Benj jumped backwards and ran toward the gate.

Suddenly, Benj felt a disturbance in the air behind him. Performing a spectacular aerial jump he flipped over Cyclops's eye blast.

"Put a shield up Jean," Scott said, "we don't want him leaving."

"Got it."

Benj, seeing his way of escape was closed, turned around. He already saw that the skater crew had fled. Like a cornered animal, he was prepared to fight. Kurt and Kitty had come out from the house to join the pursuit, followed by Professor X.

Benj said nothing, but looked back at his way of escape.

The professor came forward with his hands raised. "We just want to talk to you." The X-men had formed a semi-circle around the frightened Benj.

Benj took a fighting stance and blasted an incredibly strong wind gust at his opponents, causing them to fly backwards. Only Logan was able to hold on, due to his metal bones.

He ran past the X-Men, who were picking themselves up, and grabbed his skateboard from his backpack. Benj jumped into the air and stuck his board beneath him. Logan followed in pursuit. Benj followed the path to go past the pool.

The younger students halted their activities as the two approached.

"Don't just stand there! Stop him." Logan growled.

Bobby jumped out of the pool and iced up the sidewalk quickly approaching the skater. Benj saw it too late and skidded across the ice, throwing him from the board. He recovered by summersaulting and then ran.

Ray, AKA Berserker, stood up from his recliner and momentarily glared at Benj, "I've seen you before…" he mumbled.

Ray took aim, (Benj wasn't the fastest runner, being more used to skating) and blasted him with lightning.

Benj twisted in pain, and buckled over. His consciousness slipped away as electricity continued to pour into him.

Leo walked up to the manager's office. Sighing he knocked.

"Come in Leo,"

Leo entered. A short man with rough gray hair and a mustache sat at the desk, to his right sat the assistant manager that was specifically assigned to the mutants that worked at the zoo. He was a mutant himself, and his head was that of a snake, his entire body was covered in green snake scales.

"Sssssssit down Leo," he hissed in a deep voice.

Leo swallowed. "Yes sir, Mr. Severus."

Mr. Severus flicked his tongue, "I told you to call me Sssseth, Leo. None of thisssss ssssir ssstuff."

The manager held up his hand. Both mutants turned to him. "Leo, Mr. Severus and I have been considering what this incident will mean for you. We understand that you wish to keep this job right?"

"Of course Mr. Walkman, I love working here." Leo's nervousness was obvious.

Mr. Walkman stood up and walked over to sit on the edge of his desk by Leo. "Don't worry Leo, we aren't firing you, not yet. We'll give you another chance."

Leo sank back into his chair. He wouldn't have to worry about explaining to his brother why he was fired, maybe he hadn't seen the news either.

"But we can't jusssst look the other way thisss time Leo." Seth hissed. "You'll be on temporary leave, until thisss sssstory fizzlessss out."

Leo opened his mouth to argue but Seth hissed again. There would be no arguing with him. "…Okay. When can I come back?" he asked.

Mr. Walkman frowned, and stroked his mustache. "Tomorrow if you can, we'll need some help bandaging up the lions. Thanks to those teenage hooligans, three lions have shattered paws, and one's eye is in bad shape. You're the only one we can risk to go into the lion enclosure while they're conscious."

"Of course, sir" Of course, the human employees were never risked. Mr. Walkman was fond of mutants, their abilities promised more. Leo was fine with it, especially since it would be the last thing he did at the zoo for a while. Sensing that this meeting was over, he left.

There would be enough at home waiting for him.