"Now my dear, you know the full effects of this spell can never be reversed." Said doc facilier unsurely, looking at the young woman before him. She tilted her head in a determined look.

"I know."

But the doctor still looked uncomfortable as though he weren't telling her all the details. "You're absolutely positive?"

she sighed impatiently "yes, yes! Now please just hurry!" the shadow man smiled evilly as he turned the pages in his spell book and began to chant:

« Mais pas dans votre formulaire original
revenir en forme de abnorm quelque chose! L'esprit des terres ci-dessus
revenir à celui qui aime
vous que je le commande maintenant dans les conflits
retourner à votre inexistante vie ! «

As he chanted, he began to rise and a blinding flash of the purist white light bursted through the room. All was quiet for a long time before the girl could speak. Shock, it seemed, had affected her speech for a moment.

Then she saw the body laying on the table, still ,cold, unmoving. Suddenly the form changed from that of her beloved german shepard to a man about her age. She stared in horror at Facilier

« this is not what i asked for ! » she almost screamed at him.

He smiled sweetly « it's not ? my dear i do hate to be a bearer of bad news, but this is exactly what you asked for. » he said pulling out the contract she'd signed hurridly, barely reading it.

She gaped at him almost in tears. This isn't what she'd asked .not at all. NOT AT ALL ! she'd asked for her dog back, her beloved Charlie hadn't she ? and she got some random dead guy ? no, she wouldn't take this. She didn't have to. She ran out the door, but not before she heard the call out to her, probably wanting money or something.

she whirled around and was going to tell him she didn't intend to pay, but before she could he called out « excuse me miss, but are you going to be taking your dog home ? »

So there you guys are. Had this idea for a while now and decided that Anne Marie and Charlie needed to be reunited, but not in the way she'd expected. I also added doc facilier for fun