Charlie awoke with a start. He'd had the strangest dream last night. He'd been brought back to earth, and she was there… he groaned. Did he really miss her that much? He really needed to get out more. He rolled over and sat up, looking around. Charlie's eyes got big. Where In almighty heaven was he? He saw something out of the corner of his eye. It was just his p- hand?

"Oh my god!" he ran about the strangely familiar house, looking for someone, anyone to come and make sense of this! Then he came [past a picture on the wall. He slowed down and stared at it. It was her. It was really her. He stood gawking at the picture until a voice from behind called out to him.

"So you're up huh?" he wheeled around, and almost stumbled, not use to his human body. He came face to face with a largely attractive young lady. He gave her his con mans grin.

"Hey there doll face, how's it goin?" he inquired. She only stared so he continued. "I got an angel of an Irish setter to get to, so if you'd be so kind to show me outta here, I'd gladly owe ya one."

She gawked her mouth formed words but no sound came out, until she finally found her voice.

"ch-charlie?" she said in awe. She didn't know anyone else who would have spoken to her like that. He looked at her funny. "How'd you know my name? You some kinda mind readin angel?" she suddenly was hugging him almost swinging him around as he frantically tried to pry himself from her grip. "Watch it lady! Who do ya think you are?" she suddenly let him go and he abruptly fell to the ground. "Don't you remember me Charlie?" she asked. He studied her face for moment thinking. Let's see, long black hair, nice body, no wings or halo… he noted. Then he stopped. Her eyes, those piercing blue eyes that he could never forget after a million lifetimes.


: D yeah! Chapter two! Sorry it's so short, but more coming later!