It was a few days after the fight that things started to get wrapped up. Mustang and Hawkeye went back to Central after

making their reports. Due to hearing strange rumors about Fuhrer Bradley, Aro decided to go with them.

Esme had called and told Carlisle all of what happened. He said to wish the Elric brothers good luck and that he probably

wouldn't be home for a while.

Charlie had given Jacob and Alice their first official mission and they were preparing to go and investigate some odd

happenings in a small town a few miles from Forks.

It had been the perfect time to leave due to the fact that Edward and Bella were starting to plan their wedding. Alice was

sad to go, but also thought it might have been a blessing, considering Jasper decided to travel with Scar and May for a bit,

to find out about his ancestry.

Charlie and Billy agreed to train Seth, Rose and Bella when things eventually calmed down.

"Well," Ed said flinging his backpack over his shoulder, "I guess it's time for us to go."

Al, Leah and Winery all nodded. Leah had decided to go with them. She decided it was better then watching Sam and Emily

be all lovey-dovey.

"See you guys later. I hope to meet up with you soon," He told Alcie and Jacob on his way out.

And with that, Ed, Al, Winery and Leah were gone.

Thanks to my editors loony and junie and thanks to all of my fans who read this story:)