A Love like Theirs

Chapter 2

"He caressed her hand loving the warmth that it was producing in the cold winter's night. The movie they had just seen had let out and they were taking a brisk walk in the park. They had stopped at a nearby bench to enjoy the cool night's air and the scenery. They were sitting in comfortable silence, when he looked over to her to admire her beauty. She was the most beautiful women he had ever seen. She looked so perfect sitting there on the cold park bench. The way her hair flowed around her face, the way her eyes dazzled in the night admiring the beauty of the river. Everything about her was perfect. Her eyes, lips, her everything. She was everything he could ever want, and luckily he had her. Hopefully they would never let each other go. "I love you." He whispered delicately. She looked over to him shocked and surprised. At first he was scared by her expression and thought that she didn't feel the same. But when she smiled his heart melted and his world was perfect. "I love you too." He leaned in to kiss her and their lips barely touched. "I love you more than anything in the world." She smiles brightly. "I love you more." He laughed in his throat. "Are we having this argument?" she smiles. "I guess we are." He leaned in for another kiss an-"

"CLARE!" Ali screamed. Clare glanced up from her notebook where she had been writing the newest chapter of her newest story. "What?" she asked aggravated. Clare looked up to see Ali and Drew finally disconnected. Earlier that day Ali had called Clare asking her to come on a double date with her and Drew. It took Ali 30 minutes to finally convince Clare to come, but inconveniently the blind date that Drew brought for Clare decided to stand them up. "I'm sorry that you're blind date didn't come, but that doesn't mean you have to drown us out." She said bitterly. Clare couldn't believe Ali. For the last hour Ali and Drew hadn't been doing anything but making out. "Well excuse me for not wanting to sit here for the last hour and watch you two make out." Clare said back. She grabbed her notebook and her purse and stood up. "Just forget about me, go to the movies and have a good time. Bye!" she practically yelled causing other people in the dot to stare at her. She stormed out hurt and angered. "How could Ali be so conceited?" She thought. She made her way away from the Dot and to the nearest park. She trudged along to the closest bench and sat down. It was the same bench from her story. She looked up to see the river in the distance and it reminded her of her unfinished story and the love she wish she had. It caused her great sadness so she got up and made her way over to a huge oak tree and sat down facing the river. Even thought she was bummed out she couldn't let that get in the way of her story and her diehard fans who supported her on the website that she published them on. She pulled her notebook out of her purse and continued where she got so rudely interrupted.

"She looked deeply into his eyes, loving the way she could get lost in them. He stared back at her big blue eyes with pure love. He was everything she could ever want, and need. He was her life. She loved this. Sitting on a park bench in the cold weather, staring into the eyes of the one she loved. She wished she could be frozen in this time forever. If she was to die right then and there she wouldn't be sad based on how she spent her life, she would be sad not being able to be with him. She loved the way her life turned out. They were finally together. She leaned into him. She loved feeling his warm body against hers and smelling his strong and husky cologne. She looked up into his eyes an-"

She was suddenly pulled from her thoughts when she heard a deep voice quoting "The course of true love never did run smooth." She looked around to see no one and at first she thought she was losing it. "But thus it was the course of true love that bid their survival." She was very impressed she had to admit. But she still didn't know from where or who these amazing quotes where coming from. She knew the first quote very well. It was Shakespeare's, he was her favorite poet and she could recognize his quotes anywhere. She was just about to get up and look for the person quoting when all of a sudden a ball smacked her right in the face. She dropped her notebook and pen and fell over. Everything went black.