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A Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi Side Story

Chapter One: Unfortunately Right

"Alright, looks like the manuscript is done. Good work everyone!" One of the shounen editors called into the workroom. Yanase Yuu's piercing garnet eyes almost rolled back with relief. While the others began to pack up and leave, Yuu stayed put in his chair, stretching his arms and yawning with gusto.

Good fuck it had been a long week. On top of being exhausted, Yuu's hand was cramped and sore and when he closed his eyes all he saw was toner. But, he wasn't complaining. Such was the life of working with manga. Though, this month had been particularly satanic.

One of Marukawa's most popular mangakas, Ijuiin Kyo, was scheduled to do a double spread this month, and as the author had the tendency to lose all focus and wallow in a pit of unfathomable depression when things went the slightest bit wrong, they had nearly missed the deadline. Ijuiin, Yuu, and the other assistants had worked from PM to AM to complete it on time, but it had been completed nonetheless. The printers would be ecstatic. Manga departments were almost always the ones to call in asking for more time, or even worse, coming up with illogical lies to stall for more time or flying all the way out to Hokkaido to pick up a manuscript. The shounen department was slightly better at keeping deadline than the infamous maiden brigade, but still, the word "manga" had the tendency to make every printer within a hundred miles cringe and/or run towards the nearest cliff with intent to jump off.

And Yuu Yanase knew one of the acute reasons why. He opened his heavy eyelids as the buzz of a phone vibrating caught his ear. He dug his cell out of his pocket and glanced at the new text message drearily. But as he read, he felt twinges of electricity begin to stir the drudgery of his mind.

The message was from Chiaki.

It was nothing unusual. Just a friend checking on a friend who'd been holed up with a bipolar mangaka for three days. In fact, Chiaki usually texted Yuu so much he had to put his phone on vibrate because the ring tone was annoying. The two had known each other since middle school, and often hung out or toured onsens together when their schedules matched up. If anything, the casual, superficial text was entirely normal and benign.

Or at least, it would have been one week ago.

Yuu shut his phone and slid it back into his hoodie pocket, resting his neck against the back of his chair, his auburn bangs brushing against his closed eyes. He expelled a deep breath as he remembered the conversation that had taken place between them.

After years, (and years, and years) of silently and cunningly inching towards his friend, Yuu had finally told Chiaki that he loved him.

And Chiaki naturally, hadn't believed him.

Yuu's eyebrows involuntarily furrowed. Yes, he knew that Chiaki was dumb as a doorknob and if he smacked his head against a brick wall, the wall would probably have to be taken to the hospital. That trait had actually served him well as it helped Yuu to be under the radar while brushing up or hugging (or even doing a nude drawing of) the dark brunette. If fact, at one point Yuu had even found Chiaki's chirpy obliviousness attractive. It went well with his wide, innocent blue eyes.

But that expression of denial really was the last straw. Chiaki had pushed him past his cracking point, and as a result, Yuu had had to momentarily lose his coyness and be straight with his interest.

And Chiaki had chosen Hatori over him.

It wasn't like Yuu hadn't seen it coming. Chiaki wasn't capable of doing absolutely anything except drawing pink, girly romance mangas, and the kitchen screamed to have him in it. As much as his rival irked him, Yuu clearly understood that someone responsible and steady was most like to attract an airhead floater like Chiaki. In fact, the two really made quite the pair. Hatori gave Chiaki some much needed (VERY MUCH NEEDED) stability and structure, while Chiaki's bumbling demeanor got Mr. Stoneface to crack a smile every now and then.

Yuu opened his sharp and knowing eyes, resting his chin on his elbow.

Even if he was ambitious, first of all, Yuu was sensible and cunning. He read people. He could predict their choices like tarot cards. He knew what they wanted before they even did.

And he had known that Chiaki would never be his.

Maybe he even knew it from the start. Way back at the beginning, maybe he'd known what lay ahead on his chosen road.

But even if Yuu knew the outcome of his path, that didn't stop them from taking it just for that tiny glimmer of hope that he could be wrong.

But unfortunately for him, he'd been right.

He'd now come to the end of his chosen path, meaning it was time to choose another. And for once in his life, the intelligent, talented assistant was at a loss of where to go.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"Yes?" Yuu called, his eyes shifting towards the door.