With irritation written all over his face, Hotsuma noisily knocked on his partner's door. He had just been informed that Shusei skipped yet another meal. Not a second later, he had grabbed whatever plate that was on the kitchen counter and marched up to the brunette's room.

"Damnit, Shusei, I know you're in there. Open up!" Three more bangs later and the door creaked open, Shusei's perplexed expression meeting Hotsuma's exasperated one.

"You don't have to knock so loud," Shusei told him calmly, "I heard you the first time."

With a sigh, Hotsuma pushed past his friend, Shusei closing the door after him. The blonde plopped down on the bed immediately.

"What's that for?" Shusei asked him a moment later, sitting next to him.

"You skipped," Hotsuma put simply, finally looking down to examine what he had unknowingly swiped. It turned out to be dessert; red velvet cake to be exact. A thick layer of delicious looking white frosting hung elegantly over the red cake underneath. "So eat." He almost reluctantly pushed the small plate into Shusei's hands.

Shusei glanced at the junk food with disinterest. "You couldn't have at least gotten something healthy…?"

"Tch." Hotsuma ran an annoyed hand through his messy hair. "You should eat all the same." They stared at each other in expectant silence. Shusei started to move to place the food on the bedside table, but Hotsuma stopped him.

"Seriously, Shusei, do you think I'm really that dumb?" He took the plate and fork from his friend, chopping a slice off from the cake and put it in his mouth.

Slender brows rose in confusion at him, but Hotsuma concentrated on what he was doing. If Shusei didn't want to eat, then he'd have to tempt him with the flavor.

Placing the plate and fork on the pillow behind him, Hotsuma turned so he was facing his partner, grabbed his shoulders and without a second thought connected their lips. Shusei tensed but did not protest or try to pull away, and Hotsuma mentally cheered when he was able to coax the brunette to open his mouth with the use of his lips and tongue.

He was sure that he was able to put the flavor of the cake in Shusei's mouth as he deepened the kiss, but Hotsuma suddenly found that his train of thought had drastically shifted away from forcing Shusei to eat the moment he realized that his hands were tangled in silky brunette hair, as was Shusei's in his messy blonde locks.

That and he found himself taking delight in how delicious Shusei had turned out to be. He was sure he was going to crave this for some time to come.

The broke apart in need for air and their eyes met. Hotsuma felt Shusei's thumb come up to brush away some spit that had escaped to the corner of his mouth.

"I should skip meals more often, shouldn't I?"

Hotsuma resisted the urge to punch his friend in the face, and Shusei flashed him a quick smile before delicately picking up the nearly forgotten plate of cake and sliding a small piece into his mouth before returning the favor.

A/N: This is ridiculously old. I remember watching the anime and thinking that it was gawd-awful and that the pacing and stuff was just so off. But if I gained anything out of watching it, I think I unconsciously ship these two. If anything, they should've been the main pairing – I certainly remember them having more face-time than the actual main pairing. But anyway, thanks for reading, hope you liked it!