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Concerning: The next date


Nami and Bo's date was AH-mazing! Nat and I got some really cute footage! Should premiere this Saturday eight. Keep Bo AWAY from the TV- we can't let him know he's being filmed. Anyway, I have a great idea for Bo's next date. She's the total opposite of Nami- sweet, innocent…but I think it'll work great! Sorry, you won't need to kidnap her- I've got it all figured out! (I should probably smash your cute blue head in for that…Kidnapping people is bad!) Just bring Bo to the Sunshine Islands by eleven (In the morning, Luke!)- make something up! I'll have a signal set out for you- you'll know it when you see it!

Mucho love and appreciation,


Bo was confused. Now, this in it's self was not a spectacular event. Bo was often confused by Luke and his crazed antics, but this… this was craziness. Luke…Luke was helping by choice. He had dragged Bo over to the group of islands known as the 'Sunshine islands' to help the bent back builder rebuild a section of the church that had been torn down by the latest storm. By choice. The idea was still sitting in Bo's mind- an incredible unlikely treasure- as a small boat took them to the Church Island. They arrived to the familiar sound of hammering. The sun reflected off a small pond that reminded him of the Goddess Tree back home. There was a small, stained glass church in the corner of the island. Off to the horizon, a castle-like structure stood morbidly linked to the churches island.

"Yo! We're here!" Luke called.

Everyone on the island- a man hammering at the church, a chubby guy by the pond, and a short girl in a blue cotton dress- looked over at them with blank looks.

The man hammering, a big brusque guy with a twisted face, waved them over. Luke approached like he had nothing to fear, but Bo walked over more slowly.

"You the kids Dale told me 'bout?"

Luke looked insulted. "Hey! I'm twenty-two years of- "

Bo covered Luke's mouth before he could stay anything stupid to insult the scary-looking man. "Yeah, were the ones."

The scary man nodded. "I'm Gannon. There's a log pile there- get started."

Bo immediately took that as a queue to drag Luke out of sight. Luke let out a sigh. "But he didn't ask us our names!" He complained.

Bo smiled to himself, hammering a log into the shifted side of the church. "I don't think he needs to."

Luke shrugged, already animatedly glancing around the island. Things went on that way for a good hour, with Bo working and Luke half-paying attention and glancing around as though he was looking around for something very important.

"YESSSS!" Luke shouted suddenly.

"What is it Luke?" Bo, who was a bit agitated by doing all Luke's work, asked.

"Oh, nothing." Luke said, although it was clear he was a lot happier. "Hey Bo. You've been working really hard! You see that girl over there?" His finger trailed the air, pointing towards the carrot-haired girl whose back was still turned to him. "Why don't you take a break by asking her if she needs any help?"

By now, you can understand the fact that Bo was really confused. Luke- wanting him to take a break? It didn't make any sense. Still, Bo was tired from working and helping the girl do some minor task sounded really good.

"Oh!" Luke shoved his hand in his pocket. "Also, take this!" A wad of green cash was shoved into Bo's hand. "Sun- I mean Dad, gave it to me."

Bo stared at the money, still confused. "Are you sure Luke?"

"One-hundred and sixty-eight percent positive! Now go!" He shoved Bo forward, probably a bit harder than he'd meant to, because Bo jerked forward.

Bo shoved the money in his pocket, approaching the girl with an uncertain demeanor. He tapped her gently on the shoulder.

'D-Do you need any help?" Bo asked.

The girl whirled around to face Bo, and Bo's heart stopped beating. She was pretty. Bo usually had very little luck with pretty girls. Either they'd ignore him, or he'd almost get them killed in a mine avalanche. He really hoped that wouldn't happen…again. She was pretty in that innocent kind of way, with small bow shaped lips. Her carrot colored hair was wispy around oval face*. A green bow with a sun charm was perched in her bangs. Her sapphire-violet eyes were wide with surprise, but they dulled down into a smile when they saw him. Her dress was evidently modest, even a bit old fashioned, but she pulled it off best she could. It was even pretty on her, with a dangling blue sash.

"Why, yes!" Her voice sounded like the tinkling of bells, if that made any sense. "Thank you."

"Welcome." He paused. "I'm Bo. You are…?"

"Alisa. Are you sure your friend and Gannon won't mind?"

"…" Luke was swinging his axe at a pile of logs with what he would call his 'EXTREME AXE-CHOPPING SKILLS!' like there was no tomorrow. "…He'll be okay."

Alisa gave a quick nod. "Do you mind helping me out by picking some flowers to brighten the church?"

Bo nodded. Seemed easy enough. They began to walk around the small island, erratically leaning down to pick flowers. A few moments passed with no words and Bo searched his brain for something to say.

"So…" Alisa said, thankfully interrupting both his train of thought and the silence. "Where are you and your friend from?"

"Castanet. His dad, my employer, is the carpenter over there."

Alisa looked up from her small bouquet, surprise decorating her dainty features. "Really? Castanet's so big! It's hard to imagine living there. Is it pretty?" She asked, her face growing dreamy.

"Um…well, yeah, very." I leaned down to pick one of the wildflowers growing from the ground. "The flowers there don't grow this wild. We have to harvest them, grow them in flower pots instead. A lot of varieties of flowers grow there though."


Bo looked up, surprised when Alisa didn't say anything to his flower rant. She was staring at him, her cheeks slightly pink. In turn, Bo flushed as well, which is when she seemed to wake up a bit. Her cheeks turned even pinker.

"Sorry…You just know an awful lot about flowers…that's surprising."

"Oh." Bo felt embarrassed.

Flowers weren't exactly manly. It wasn't his fault he rather liked going out and watering them, watching their beautiful petals blossom. Alisa did manage to smile at him comforting-like, but she seemed to shy for words. She was very unlike his last-week mistake, Nami, who he hadn't spoken to since embarrassingly holding in a mine avalanche. He thought she had left a few days ago, but he'd been avoiding the Inn anyways. Quiet was okay. It was nice to be left in silence for a moment, in contrast to Luke's constant chatter. Moments passed, blurring into minutes. When Bo looked up, she noticed that the field was clear of flowers. Both his own and Alisa's hands were filled.

"What now?" Bo asked politely.

A serene smile danced on Alisa's face. "Put in them in the church, of course! After that, I'm not really sure."

The sunlight danced off her face and Bo had the sudden urge to tuck one of his wild flowers into her hair. She's really, really pretty. That's when he noticed Alisa was already moving towards the church. Idiot! He scolded himself, scrambling after her. They both entered the church, Alisa first and Bo still scrambling after her. The priestess set her handful of wildflowers in a small vase on one of the window stills. She motioned him to her, pointing to a vase on the opposite window still as hers. Bo looked down at her- she was thankfully shorter than him- and smiled. He couldn't get over how pretty she was- he lived on an island where the majority of the girls were three to six years older than him. He couldn't exactly crush on one of those girls. Bo had the sudden urge to tuck one of those flowers into her carrot-colored hair.

He cleared his throat. "Um…right. Vase."

He tucked the flowers into the vase- not Alisa's hair. Since when did he have Luke-like reckless impulses? Tucking a flower into a girl's hair- especially a girl who he just met- was not appropriate. Yet he still kept one small flower in his hand. Alisa pretended not to notice.

"What do you want us to do now?" Bo asked politely, trying to keep the awkwardness from the air.

"Well…doesn't your friend still need you?"

"NO!" Luke shouted from the other side of the wall, causing them both to jump. "You can keep him!"

Alisa cracked a smile. "So, I'm guessing he doesn't want you back?"

"I guess not." Bo tried not to sound insulted. "Is there anything else I can do…?"

"Yeah…Um…Actually…A girl…reminded me of this special place…I've been a little scared to go by myself…so I was wondering if we could go together?"

Bo stared at her for a second. Was she asking him on a date…? He subconsciously began twirling the flower in his hand.

"Um… Yeah. Yeah, sure." Bo decided with a soft smile. "We can grab a little lunch and get up there in a flash."

Alisa smiled at him, tentatively taking his hand. "C'mon then. We have a long way to walk.

Turns out, Alisa was right. The location was on a place called Animal island, and it was taking forever to get there. Bo carried the lunch that they had gotten, the small daisy that he was still carrying tucked inside. Alisa led him up a beaten hiking path, walking with confident steps. Bo, however, was beginning to run out of breath when Alisa stopped abruptly.

"Here we are!" She said cheerily.

Bo looked around, seeing a flat plain like all the others. Until he saw the ocean. They must've been pretty far up, because you could see the dots that made up the Sunshine Islands. The ocean seemed incredible wide and expansive, a sparking blue sky reflecting on the ground below.

"It's beautiful." Bo whispered.

"Isn't it?" Alisa plopped down on the ground. "It's crazy what the Harvest Goddess can do."

"The Harvest Goddess?" Bo asked, sitting down besides her.

Bo knew Alisa was a priestess; he had met her on the island pacifically for the church after all. It hadn't occurred to him that the goddess was a big part of her life. He felt a tiny twinge of disappointment. Strange.

"Yeah." Alisa thumbed her bottom lip. "I mean, she must've have had some part in this- creating the beautiful ocean. She does so much to bless her people."

Bo shrugged. "I guess your right, I don't think about her much."

Alisa giggled. "I think I get a bit too much time to think about her. She is my hero."

He nodded, begging to unpack their lunches. He put out, giving them each a sandwich from the diner. "I can understand that."

"That's…good. Not many people do."

They both took a bite from their food, chatting idly with each other. Nothing important was passed between them, just unimportant words and small smiles. Then something dropped on the top of Bo's head. He looked up, cursing quietly under his breath. Rain.


"It's raining, I know." She let out a small smile. "It doesn't really bug me."

"It doesn't…?" Bo tried to keep the surprise out of his voice. Most people were bothered by the rain. Even Luke couldn't stand to go out when the sky was just too cloudy.

"Well…no. Besides- it's only sprinkling. It can't hurt us."

Bo smiled, diminishing the last of his sandwich. Out of the corner of his eye, Bo spotted the flower he had inexplicably carried to the mountain top. Bo got up, offering his hand to Alisa. In a flourish of reckless, Luke-like behavior, Bo pulled the flower from his fingers and tucked it into Alisa's hair. I've been spending way to much time with Luke. Bo thought with a small smile. Alisa blushed, her already pink cheeks flushing about eighty degrees pinker.

"I've always wanted to dance in the rain." Bo said simply, without a preamble.

Alisa smiled. "I have too."

With no further words- there seemed no need for anymore- Bo put his hands across Alisa's back. Her back, mind you. Good goddess, she was a nun! Her arms went around his neck, and Bo blushed at his own thoughts. They began to sway back and forth. Bo's eyes met Alisa's and they both burst out laughing.

"This is silly." Alisa said, smile clear across her lips. "Swaying is a bit overrated."

"I couldn't agree more."

Bo was feeling giddy, part happy and part high on BLT. Bringing himself closer to Alisa, he tried to begin to lead. Bo wasn't a great dancer- he learned everything he knew from Luke, which told you something about his skills. Alisa didn't seem to mind. He led them forward, then back. They began to move in a square. He could almost hear the music. The rain began to go harder around them, but neither of them was paying attention to it. The couple whirled around, the soft sound of Alisa's laughter providing them enough music to dance to. Bo whirled Alisa out to arm-length, before whirling her back and into his arms. They stood there for a moment, just looking at each other. Don't do something stupid. Bo warned himself as his heart began to beat faster. Alisa smiled, small and nervous. Bo could smell her sweet, natural rosemary sent. Don't be stupid, Bo. You don't want to do something crazy, like…like kissing her. The minute he thought it- the thought of his lips touching hers, he wanted it to happen. Idiot. He swallowed, rolling her back out of his grasp. The rain fell around them as they twirled, steps blurring into twirls and twirls into laughs. The world turned into a blur of raindrops and Alisa's carrot colored hair. They stopped momentarily, like the song had just ended.

"You're sopping wet." Bo laughed, flipping a strand of sopping wet hair from her face.

"You are too!" The young women protested. "Look at your hair!"

Bo ran his hand through his hair, spiking it up, and laughed. The rain was pouring down around them, hitting the stones on the ground with a fierce sound. Alisa's hair was drooping around her, the green bow in her hair tipped to the side, and the flower Bo had perched behind her ear drooping. Her blue dress stuck to her skin, but her sapphire-violet eyes sparkled.

"We should probably get out of the rain now." Bo said, letting go of Alisa, who he hadn't noticed he was holding.

Luke was probably getting anxious to leave, and although Alisa said sprinkling couldn't hurt anyone, pouring rain probably could.

Alisa lifted up a sopping wet sleeve. "Yeah, that might be a good idea." She sounded disappointed. "It's been fun, but I don't want Nathan to get worried."

Bo smiled, grabbed his and Alisa's picnic basket, and began the trek down the hiking trail. Before he left, he could've sworn he saw something familiar glittering from the tree.

A video camera.

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