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Chap. 12: Imprisoned


"This is a long letter leader girl." I grumbled as I finished. Bubbles lips shook a bit. As if wanting to cry more.

"That's not the point!" Bubbles cried. "There's still people out there who might not like that we all fell for Jocovini men." She said. I bit my lip, it was the first time we all agreed that we did fall for them and I could tell Blossom was thinking it through. I could actually see the gears running as she frowned deeply and let me tell you something I only saw that face only in one occasion.

When Aunt Emma's lawyer gave us the letter telling, no not telling us but pleading us to come here and look for whatever Mom left behind.


We all jumped and I silently cursed myself for getting all scared. I was not a scared kid anymore and I was not going to let anyone come between me and my happiness, I let that happened when I wanted to be a USA soldier. I let Aunt Emma convince to work for the Townsville Police Force. I wasn't going to let some fry-er…ah! Friar to scare me into leaving my happiness, this time I was setting my foot down.

"Hello?" leader girl asked as she answered. She frowned and put it on loud speaker. "Is on loud speaker Mr. Lightwood." She said. I frowned, Mr. Lightwood? How did he…? Oh right Blossom thought it will be smart that she should tell someone our plans.

"Beatrice, Bianca, and Belle," He began quickly sounding afraid and guilty.

"Uhm that's not our name…" I began.

"Listen!" he ordered sounding afraid. "I am so sorry I ever gave you that letter, I am so sorry."

"What are you talking about?" leader girl asked sounding a little annoyed.

"Do you remember the letter I gave you that was from Emma?"

"Yes." Bubbles said.

"That was not from her, listen, I was ordered to give it to you. A man gave it to me all he told me was that he is a Great Falcon from Cittá Ville. He bribed me telling me that this was a letter from him but he had it made as if it was from Emma. I tried for days to contact you but I found out that he might own the hotel that you are staying so he might be interfering with my calls…"

"Who are you talking about?" Blossom asked sounding a little scared.

"Go away Beatrice take your sisters and come back to-"


"Blossom…?" Bubbles asked, her face was pale with fear and she began sobbing more.


We all turned and saw men dressed in black breaking in through the balcony near the living room area.

"What the…?" I began and suddenly one of the men hit me so hard I stumble over and fell head first to the floor. The last thing I remembered was Blossom's agonized groan and Bubbles terrified shriek.

What's going on? What's going on? I thought wildly. The room suddenly began spinning and I felt my eyes give away.

Stay awake! Stay awake! I ordered myself but I suddenly fell into a deep sleep.


Cittá Ville, 1350

Palazzo Marcello was filled with the laughter of Patrizio Marcello's children, Carmine and Camellia Marcello. It took a few months of great work but Patrizio finally found happiness in Simonetta Vespucci. Simonetta had long and wavy chestnut brown hair and wide beautiful chocolate brown eyes that seemed to warm one's heart. Patrizio and Simonetta fell in love when he went to visit the Vespucci in Vienna, Italy. Patrizio proposed to her and they both came back, determine to heal Cittá Ville after a tragedy that broke the hearts of many Cittáians.

Camellia was the pride and joy of the Marcello couple. She was graceful and lovely and she was intelligent. She caught the eye of the Ubertini and Jocovini nobles but Camellia refused to acknowledge them and asked her father, the newly King of Cittá Ville if she could leave her hometown and go to Florence where she could study and learn more. Patrizio was saddened but allowed his beloved daughter to go away with a Florence Maestro and with a nurse or bambinaia.

If Camellia was the Marcello's light then Carmine took the roll of the wild child. He was a favorite to the bitter Queen Alfosina, his grandmother who outlived her husband. She will tell him tales of his dead Uncle Pancrazio who died for a worthless Ubertini girl. Queen Alfosina rotted his innocent heart and told him how the Ubertini and Jocovini were worthless and fools who did not deserve their high status. He began despising Beniamino Ubertini's son, Baldomero and Benvolino Jocovini's son, Guillermo. He led raids against them and killed some members of the noble families. Patrizio and Simonetta did not know what to do with him. They were lucky that they were in power or their only son would have been hanged. Alas, Patrizio could not stand his son and banished him. Carmine left Cittá Ville and went to Pisa.

Patrizio was growing old to the point that he was in his death bed. He had no heir to the throne, his daughter would not be welcomed to the throne since she left Cittá Ville and that is frowned upon, also he did not want an Ubertini to hold the throne (for he was an only child and his distant cousin, Rosalinda Marcello married Jorge Ubertini, they were dead and that meant leaving Beniamino the throne) for they were still feuding against the Jocovini and if they held power than they will eliminate the Jocovini bringing chaos…

"Il mio re," said one of his loyal servants. "There is a young lad who wishes to see you."

"Let him come," Patrizio said. Suddenly a man with bronze colored hair and with wide chocolate brown eyes that reminded him of his dear wife Simonetta's eyes came in. He looked like he was 18 and despised his hair and eyes he looked like his son Pancrazio, with a wild yet tame look in his eyes.

"Il mio re," he said with a bow. Patrizio looked at him curiously, who was he? Why did he look like Pancrazio and Simonetta?

"Rise," Patrizio ordered and the young man rose and looked at him. "May I know your name?"

"Paciano Marcello." He said and Patrizio's eyes widen. "I am the son of Carmine Marcello, he was not able to come since you have banished him but he wanted me to come instead."

"You are Carmine's son?" Patrizio asked shocked. The boy, Paciano nodded.

"He has seen me every now and then," Paciano began. "He told me how his uncle, Pancrazio died and how his grandmother Alfosina told him that the Ubertini and Jocovini killed him."

"That is not true!" Patrizio cried but Paciano held his hand.

"I know," he said. "I have spoken mostly to Guillermo and Bella Jocovini since I was not able to track Beniamino Ubertini's children." Paciano said and Patrizio realized that Paciano was more like him than Carmine ever was. He was diplomatic and polite…

"You have learn of the feud am I right?" Patrizio asked. Paciano nodded again.

"I am well aware of it and I have learned not be bias. My father revolved around his grandmother's, I daresay, ridiculous beliefs."

"You are correct," Patrizio said and tilted his head, he was slightly amused at Paciano's behavior, he has not seen a man more bound to his morals as this boy who was beginning to seem more like a man or a Marcello falcon. "Yet why have you come? You do not have to stay and hear bickering Lords over and over, go away and find peace."

"I will not do so, il mio re," Paciano said. "I wish to stay by your side, not for the riches and title but to help and be your eyes and ears since you seem bound by sickness in this bed."

"Do you truly want to be at my side?"

"Yes il mio re, there is nothing I wish more than stand aside my grandfather."

"You seem more like me than Carmine or even my beloved Camellia. You remind me of Pancrazio and you have your grandmother Simonetta's eyes."

"T-thank you, il mio re." Paciano said as he began having a warm feeling inside his chest. He has lived a terrible life. He was not affected by the plague as his dear mother, Claudia and his father barely visited him in Pisa. He was always told by his Aunt that he was destined to be greater than his father who was a wild Prince from the east. His Aunt practically raised him when his mother died when he was 5. Yet his Aunt also had children and it felt wrong to Paciano that he was taking food and space away from them even though they opened their doors to him. When his Uncle (his mother's sister's husband) died he barely found work and that was when his Aunt revealed to him that he was the rightful heir to a throne in a small city-state called Cittá Ville.

"Claudia, your mother, has often told me this ridiculous and scandalous tale how your father met her when he arrived here in Pisa. 'He arrived in a great and majestic horse,' she will say. 'He told me he was a banished prince and that he wished to rest.' Next thing you know your mother fell in love! She was foolish to mess with him. When she told him of you he said he will give you his name and guess what? He did! He gave you his name but no more than that! He left the very next leaving your mother heartbroken and destroyed inside!" his Aunt will say full of anger for his father but then her eyes and composure soften as she took young Paciano in her arms. "Yet you will never do that to any girl will you? You will stay true to your love and the morals that your mother taught you. You will not be bias, you will patient and polite like a noble man or a prince!"

"From this day forth," Patrizio began bringing Paciano back to the present. "You shall be treated as my grandson! You will be heir to the Cittáian throne for I see that the truth is on your side." He said as he took Paciano in his arms.


For many years Cittá Ville was at a great peace, the feud was slowly forgotten and Paciano ruled as good and truthfully as his grandfather Patrizio. He was sad that the Ubertini house has almost disappeared. There wasn't an heir to Ubertini noble title and many people who once supported them began getting nervous. What if the Jocovini or the Marcello claimed their Ubertini Lord's land? The answer came in Beniamino's oldest grandson Alessandro Uccello who found out his real name is Ubertini. He came back along his young brother Leonardo Uccello (who refused to change his name back to Ubertini) to take the Ubertini land back to their rightful heir. Paciano, who was the same age as Alessandro Ubertini decided to let him reclaim his lands only if he agreed to join a new league that Paciano was forming in order for Cittá Ville's upper class to talk about their problems and methods to solve it. Alessandro agreed and with Guillermo agreed as well as other families. Peace seemed to pass through the city. Everyone was happy and when the fall of monarchy happened in the early 19th century everyone seemed at peace.

Yet the curse was not forgotten. Many remember it since it is like a lumbering shadow. Even in the most peaceful of the eras the Ubertini and Jocovini clashed and suddenly the Marcello joined too. They have not forgotten that the Ubertinis and Jocovinis killed their prince, while the Ubertini could not forget that the Jocovini and Marcello killed their lady, while the Jocovini could not forget that the Ubertini and Marcello killed their fellow Eagle.

It was a fight that needed to stop.

And that meant in betrayal, agony and mystery.



I winced loudly as I realized that my stomach hurt a lot. I started trembling as I remembered that the penthouse has been broken in. I opened my eyes…trying to be brave and I was hoping I was lying on the penthouse's wooden floor.

I couldn't see.

"What-?" I began and I realized my hands were tied and my feet were too. I began shaking and I felt that I was in rough floor and I was lying down. My mouth was covered (I was annoyed that I had not realized it sooner) "HELP!" I cried but the only thing that came out was "Hhhheeeeeffffppppp!" Where were we? Why would someone take us away this way? I felt my heart racing, my face began to sweat and I was shaking terribly. "Bfffuuussssoooommm…." I groaned. "Buuufffffeeerrrcuuuppp!" I cried.

"Mmmm!" I heard someone else groan. "Bubbfffeeess!" I heard them say. I began shaking my head, there had to be a way for me to see…!

"Coco, Mario!" someone yelled and I felt my heart stop in fear. Whoever this person was, they knew us better than we known them. "Togliere le calze dalle loro bocche!" he said. It was a man's voice. I heard someone screaming angrily and then the floor began vibrating as I heard stomps. I suddenly felt a man's hands taking away the cloth from my mouth but not the blindfold.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" I heard Buttercup snarl. I heard the main man chuckle darkly, even darker than Butch (which was saying a lot)

"Buttercup Ubertini," he said. "You are just as head-strong as Catalina." I felt my heart stop. He knew our Mother.

"Who are you?" I heard Blossom say, her voice took a rare ice tone.

"You know me," he said. "Think Belinda, think."

"That is not my name!" Blossom shrieked clearly annoyed. "That's hers." She snarled and I felt my heart stop. Blossom ever hardly acted like Buttercup (she looked down in Buttercup's behavior) but at that point Blossom sounded worst than Buttercup.

"Yet you will share her fate," the man said as he chuckled with dark humor. "You along with your sisters,"

"Leave them alone." She said in a dangerous tone. The man began laughing evilly that sent chills into my spine (and the rest of me)

Suddenly I heard his footsteps fade away.

"COME BACK!" I sobbed. "LET US LEAVE!" I cried. I wanted to go back to Boomer, to my Boomer.

"LET US GO YOU MOTHER F-CKING B-TCH!" Buttercup began yelling and she added a few more curses. After a while she stopped yelling and I felt that she was stomping her feet. I began shaking, why will someone do us any harm?

"Don't worry," I heard Blossom said in a dangerous tone, one that sounded as if she was trying to be strong but she also sounded…guilty.

"Don't worry? Don't worry?" Buttercup shrieked. "How can I NOT worry leader girl? We're far away from the Hotel and I bet there isn't a single person who can hear us and those are your words of wisdom? What the h-ll is wrong with you?" she yelled.

"STOP IT!" I sobbed and I suddenly felt guilty I yelled at them. I never dared to yell at my older sisters, I never even got mad at them but now I was pushed to a limit. We were kidnapped, we had no idea who did it in the first place and the only thing my sisters were doing were fighting.

"She's right." Blossom began obviously trying to think of a plan. "We have to think of a way to get out of here."

"If you haven't noticed leader girl," Buttercup began sounding exasperated. "We are tied and by the looks of it we are in a soundproof room."

"The smell of this place is…" Blossom began and even without being able to see I could tell she was tilting her head. "It smells like it is underground." Suddenly there was a sound it was the squeaking of metal…just like if we were in a cell. I heard someone coming in and I heard my sisters stiffen.

"Ubertinis," He said and he sounded darkly amused.

"Shut up and tell us why you came." Buttercup snarled. Suddenly there was a loud slap. I felt my heart stop as I heard a groan.

"More respect girl." I heard him demand. "Or otherwise you will be the next victim of the Queen."

"The Queen?" I heard Blossom ask sounding confused and annoyed. I heard the man laugh.

"Do you not know why Friar Lorenzo, the original friar die?" he asked Blossom sounding stunned yet darkly amused. Blossom or Buttercup didn't say anything. He laughed his evil and annoying laugh that made me shake with terror. "Friar Lorenzo didn't have a happy ending he must have suffered even more than Benito, Belinda, and Pancrazio." He said as if the coincidence with Blossom's eyes and name was a twisted irony. "The mother of Pancrazio was so angry that her son died she had the friar imprisoned right here," he said. "The cells under Palazzo Marcello, he died here." I started trembling and a sob escape my lips. He so cruel! Why will he imprison us here where a poor and friendly friar died?

"Why do you keep us here?" I sobbed.

"Because you three are just like her," he sneered. "Just like Catalina. I loved her, she was the most beautiful, smart, and determine woman I ever seen yet she chose the Ubertini over me. I who offered her peace from the cursed feud but she wanted to go to the middle of everything. You will pay for her mistake."

"Are you kidding me?" I heard Buttercup. "You took us away from the Hotel and brought us here just because the girl of your dreams turned you down?"

"Of course," He said. "That and so I can laugh at your father, what would I give to go back and time and stop myself from burning him and his house to the ground." I began screaming.

"YOU KILLED HIM? YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR MIND!" I shrieked. The man began laughing.

"Good night, signorinas." He said and I heard the metal screech as he closed the cells.


Cittá Ville, 1300

Queen Alfosina chuckled darkly as she saw the friar imprisoned, yet the friar wasn't fighting he was very quiet.

I am doing this for you Pancrazio, The Queen thought.

"You should have stuck to staying at your monastery friar." The Queen snarled at the Friar. She had him taken to the cells under the palace she wanted him near so she can torture him for leading Pancrazio to his death for the Ubertini b-tch. The friar didn't say anything. "Say something!" The Queen shrieked. She had her private army lead her down to the cells and she wasn't too fond of the cells, the least the friar could do was to answer the Queen when she has chose to honor him with her presence.

"La regina," the friar said without turning to meet the Queen's face. "What do you want me to say?"

"Why did you do it?" The Queen said sounding sad and tired. "Why did you help Benito Jocovini and Belinda Ubertini?"

"Their love was true." The friar said as he turned. The Queen gritted her teeth. "They deserved each other."

"NO!" The Queen shrieked. "They did NOT! Their families hated each other. Belinda Ubertini was supposed to marry my son!"

"You are wrong," The friar said. "Their love is eternal and their love will live on even after death, regina."

"What do you mean friar?" The Queen snarled.

"Is not over," he said. "A Jocovini man and an Ubertini maiden will, fall in love and you nor your son, won't be there to stop them." The friar said and the Queen angrily punched the cell's metal bar doors.

"I will not be there," The Queen agreed distastefully. "Yet I will do anything in my power to prevent another love like this. I will do it." She said and left the friar to die in prison.


"La mia regina!" the guards cried as they quickly took over Queen Alfosina's throne room. The Queen was suddenly glad that her husband was away with Patrizio. He will never agree to her ambitious plan to prevent another Jocovini man to fall in love with an Ubertini maiden.

"Yes?" she asked.

"The friar he has died!" the guards said. The Queen raised her eyes but didn't know why that something was getting workup for.

"Then bury him there, I am not sure why you are so worked up about that." The Queen said as she drank her wine.

"He has written something evil and he was carving something!" the guard said. The Queen gritted her teeth but ordered the guard to lead her down to the cell. The Queen held her head high, she was sure the friar will not be so foolish as to curse her palace.

Two families shall change their name,

The other shall fade away,

One has the eyes open,

While the others are in the dark,

The children with peculiar eyes in both feuding families,

Their lesson yet has to be learn,

Through tears of years of yearn,

Yet they must rise before their hatred and see what is even more above,

And that is love.

The Queen gritted her teeth but her heart stopped when she saw the carving in the cell wall. She was sure the friar had no artistic abilities but there was a master piece in front of her.

There was a man, his hair was all over the place and he looked strong with his body well built. He was in his knees holding a woman who was beautiful, her long hair all over the place yet her eyes were closed and she looked…dead. The man looked like he was in agony there were even some tears on his eyes as he looked down at the woman.

"Erase this unholy writings and this drawing from the wall!" she ordered and the guards looked at each other uneasily.

"It is holy," one of the guards stuttered. "The friar has done it himself."

"Curse you friar Lorenzo!" Queen Alfosina shrieked. "Yet you should have no peace as long as I convince my children, my grandchildren, and if He wills it my great-grandchildren to hate those cursed families!" she yelled and had the guards close the cell.


Queen Alfosina's hatred eventually led to the ruin of Palazzo Marcello, the grand palace was in a fire when Patrizio took the throne and then when Paciano took the throne the palace was falling apart. The Queen silently cursed Friar Lorenzo for all the destruction and the fading power of the Marcello.

"Is his fault," The Queen said as her dying breath. Patrizio looked at her confused but the Queen was no longer able to tell what she meant.