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Chap. 13: Crushed


I don't know if my sisters were able to sleep but I couldn't. I stayed awake. I tried to put all the puzzle pieces together yet I was so afraid for my sisters that I couldn't think straight. I heard Buttercup saying a bunch of curses under her breath but what hurt me more was that my little sister, Bubbles was silently sobbing.

Brick, I thought with an agonized sigh, I want to see you again. I bit my lip, whoever this sick man was he wouldn't let us out so easily.

"Think of a plan," I murmured. "Think of a plan…"

"I HATE this!" I heard Buttercup scream. "WHEN HE COMES BACK I WILL, I WILL…" she stopped and I heard her breathing quicken.

"Buttercup?" I asked sounded stunned. I heard Buttercup hiccupping up a sob.

"Cam down," I whispered and I heard Buttercup struggling against the rope.

"I am calm," she said in a dangerous tone. "I am just afraid leader girl." She said with a tired sigh. "I have dealt with millions of cases that men often kill women because of lovesickness…and if this man was so hurt by Mom then he wouldn't hesitate to kill us."

"We have to think of a plan," I said. "There has to be a way out of here."

"I doubt it leader girl." Buttercup said with a small groan. "Whoever the guy is he won't let us go away so easily."

"That's it!" I said as soon as I realized that was we needed to do.

"What?" I heard Bubbles ask in a raspy voice.

"Not getting away so easily…?" Buttercup answered questioningly.

"No," I said. "We have to figure out he is and then we use it against him." I said.

"No offense leader girl," Buttercup said with a small sigh. "I think that will be a bit hard, we can't see and all we know is that we are in a prison cell where some friar died."

"Under Palazzo Marcello," Bubbles said quietly. I began thinking maybe the man wasn't so mysterious after all.

"Coco, Mario togliere le corded a loro!" The man ordered. I felt one of the men take away the ropes. I quickly took the blindfold away and I saw that we were in a dimly lit prison cell that looked like it has not been used for centuries. It looked like something of a medieval movie. "Nice to have sight back isn't it?" I heard the man ask. I quickly looked for the source of the voice.

It was Signore Marcello.

"Signore Marcello!" I gasped. He grinned darkly and came in front of the prison cell. "You are behind all this?" I asked through my teeth. Signore Marcello shrugged as if it was not big deal.

"More or less signorina," He said. Buttercup began banging the metal prison bars.

"I demand you to let us out!" Buttercup yelled.

"Why?" Bubbles asked as she was starting to cry. "I thought you were our friend!" she said looking sad. Signore Marcello narrowed his eyes at her making Bubbles step back towards the prison wall. Signore Marcello laughed.

"Why?" He asked sounding amused. "You cursed Ubertinis started this feud! Did you know Belinda was never meant to come to Cittá Ville? She lived in Arezzo but she wanted to come back making the feud stronger than ever!"

"But how did you find out?" I snapped. "The feud has nothing to do with a Marcello!" I yelled and Signore Marcello laughed darkly.

"Belinda, Belinda, Belinda," he taunted. I felt my face get red with anger.

"That's NOT my name!" I yelled as I started banging the metal prison bars. I hated how he compared me with her. I wasn't Belinda Ubertini I didn't want her fate.

"Just tell us how you know of the feud!" Buttercup yelled. Signore Marcello looked at Buttercup with narrowed eyes.

"I found out by Catalina, she and I were very close." He began as he looked at me. "She was very smart, she had traced her roots here and when she realized that the Professor and she were distant cousins she worked closely by him to track down the story of Belinda Ubertini. The closer she worked with him, the more she fell in love. I heard her say that she liked him when Rosa saw them leaving towards the ruins of Palazzo Ubertini. Jonathan always had the luck, he was handsome and he was smart. Even Rosa liked him better than me, her real brother when we were young, and most of all he had Mother's love." He said and then he banged the metal walls making us jump back.

"You were jealous of our father and you loved our mother?" I heard Bubbles ask in a silent voice. Signore Marcello chuckled.

"Of course, Catalina was the last straw. She chose him over me and for that Jonathan paid." He said and grinned wickedly.

"No," Bubbles gasped as she realized that Signore Marcello was the one that killed our father. He began laughing darkly.

"Yes, I killed Jonathan in the fire and you know what the most hilarious part was? They blamed it in Miguel Joto!" He said as he laughed. "Of course what is even more hilarious is that Nina and Rosa thought they were ending the curse by tricking you," he said as he looked at me. "Into marrying Antonio in the same way Benito and Belinda married." I began sobbing I suddenly felt my sisters' hands supporting me.

"Brick…Brick…" I sobbed. "Did h-h-he k-k-know?" I cried. Signore Marcello laughed along with Coco and Mario, I almost forgot about them. They were hardly making any noise but they looked at us with dark amusement, as if we were fools.

Which in a horrible twisted way we were fools,

"Of course," Signore Marcello said as if we were discussing what to eat over dinner. "He found out when I was telling Rosa about the arrival of three Ubertini girls from our sister city in America. You should have seen his face! He was disgusted by the idea of course but then he began listening to our plan after he met you."

"SHUT UP!" I yelled banging on the metal bars. "I HATE YOU, BASTARD!" I began sobbing and I felt Bubbles holding me back. She was sobbing too and I saw Buttercup looking at Signore Marcello with pure hatred.

"YOU IDOIT SHUT THE H-LL UP!" Buttercup began yelling at the top of her lungs, her face was red…the only time I saw ever saw her like that was when she saw that Mitch Meyers was cheating on her when she wanted to say yes to him and be his girlfriend. I backed away from Signore Marcello until I accidently hit the wall, the pain killing me from the inside out.

"Blossom!" Bubbles cried and I began sobbing. Brick…he was playing with me…he was with me only to end a stupid curse…I was a pawn…an idiot…a fool…

"Leader girl," Buttercup whispered. I didn't answer her, I felt as if my heart was ripped into pieces. My head was throbbing with pain…

"Brick never loved you," Signore Marcello said in a dark voice. "A Jocovini and an Ubertini were never meant to love each other…"

"SHUT-" Buttercup began.

"I almost forget," he began sounding innocent. "Adrian and Alejandro did it without being asked to." He snickered. "I didn't even know about their feelings until they began showing up in the Hotel!" I looked at my sisters and they looked like the life was drained right out of them. Buttercup paled while Bubbles started to cry more.

"No…" Bubbles said shaking her head trying to deny everything. I suddenly felt protective of my sisters, they needed their strong sister, they needed to get away from here…

"Of course that didn't stop them to hurt you even more and the most ironic thing of all," he began looking at us with a dark smirk. Buttercup just stood there as if waiting for the final wave, her strong yet soft face looking like rock itself. Bubbles looked like the world was ending, yet I was sure Butch and Boomer didn't know Nina and Rosa's plan…

"Brick Jocovini fell in love with you." He said as he laughed, as it was the most hilarious and yet the most expected thing in the world. He looked at the men behind him and began barking orders to them. They suddenly began spreading something around the prison cell. "Just like his' brothers fell in love with your sisters."

"What are you doing?" Buttercup snarled, her face looking alert. Signore Marcello grinned.

"Ending the Ubertinis once and for all,"



I did not believe this psychopath! I simply refused to believe that Butch or even his brothers will dare to hurt us…

Yet Signore Marcello was sounding so sure, as if it was true what he was saying.

It couldn't be, it couldn't be, it couldn't be…

"What are you doing?" I snarled. If leader girl actually believed this idiot then I was stepping up, I had to, someone had to stay sane and Bubbles wasn't helping.

"Ending the Ubertinis once and for all," he said and I blinked. Did he mean…?

"What?" I asked. Was this man serious? Was he actually going through this…? I looked at him in the eye the way Bianca Keane will. This man was serious.

Ah h-ll, I thought.

"I am ending the curse," he said with a dark twinkle in his eye. "The Ubertinis have always left Cittá Ville; Belinda, Beniamino and Tomasia, Alessandro and his brother Leonardo, and your ancestor Bella." He said full with disgust. "I believe is time for the Ubertinis to leave eternally from Cittá Ville."

"You wouldn't dare," I snapped. Signore Marcellos grinned darkly.

"That is where you are wrong Ubertini," he said and I saw Blossom's head snap up. Her soft pink eyes looking like light yet dangerous flames.

"I HATE YOU!" she yelled. "The curse won't end in the hands of a Marcello." She snarled. "Your family's role wasn't important, they just pushed Benito and Belinda but they will never be as important as the Jocovini or Ubertini." Shut up, I thought but I stayed in my place. I didn't want to look like I was defending this guy!

"SILENCE!" Signore Marcello yelled. "My family is more important that yours." He said and suddenly began yelling orders at Mario and Coco who began lighting a match.

"What are you doing?" Bubbles squeaked stepping back and hit her back in to the wall. I narrowed my eyes, this man was doing just like the villains in the fr—king movies.

He was destroying the prison cells.

"Ending this." He said and suddenly the walls were coming down.

It was like in one of those apocalyptic movies with bridges and famous buildings coming down and crushed against each other.

But this was much worst, we barely had any room to run, we were stuck and suddenly I felt afraid in its true essence. My heart was beating uncontrollably, I felt sweaty and I started to shake.

We were about to die.

"NO!" I heard leader girl yell. I looked at her and she was banging the walls. I just wanted to stare at her, we were about to die without any hope whatsoever, tortured mentally and locked in…and all she could do was bang the wall. "THAT IS NOT ME!" she sobbed and I looked up and I wanted to curse myself for being so stupid that we were dying with some peace (as in, minus Signore Marcello) up in the wall was a newly cleaned wall (by the bastard no less) and there was an old carving of a man holding a dead woman in his arms, his face in agony and her face still, with Italian writings in the side.

Without any doubt that was leader girl and captain boy. I gritted my teeth, how dare Signore Marcello do that to Blossom? Then I looked at Bubbles mumbling…

"It is from the Friar," she whispered.

"NO!" I yelled. Turning and began banging the prison bars as hard as I could and receiving nasty cuts in the way. "I won't let it be," I shouted as the pillars were colliding against each other and the ground was shaking terribly. It won't on for a few minutes and I saw Blossom and Bubbles banging shaking the prison bars until the old metal began breaking apart.

"Let's go!" Leader girl yelled and we began running towards the nearest exit. I heard Bubbles running desperately towards us and the exit. Yet it wasn't very easy, I heard Bubbles scream as a piece of marble landed next to her and Blossom was nowhere in sight.

"This is the Cittáian Police Force, is there anyone there?"I heard someone yell desperately, their heavy Italian accent ruining their English. Focus, I ordered myself.

"Bubbles, Blossom!" I yelled. "And I am Buttercup Ubertini!"

"Stay there signorinas," The voice ordered. I wanted to roll my eyes but my heart stopped as I saw that the stairs have been destroyed.

"Buttercup we're saved!" Bubbles said as we found shelter in a fallen rock. I shook my head trying to look for my red haired sister.

"BLOSSOM!" I yelled looking desperately.

"Signorinas Ubertini?" I heard someone yell.

"Over here!" I yelled but I was still looking for my sister. Where was she?

"Buttercup where is Blossom?" I heard Bubbles ask.

"I don't know." I said and I saw Arthur coming towards us. We were saved, I felt suddenly happy that he found us.

"Signorinas," he said and I looked at him through narrowed eyes. "Come with me NOW!" he yelled as the prison cells were falling back to the underground.

"NO!" I yelled. "I'm not going anywhere, my other sister is missing!" I said but pushed Bubbles toward him. "Take her, Arthur!" I ordered him. He narrowed his eyes at me but nodded and took Bubbles. Bubbles began crying, her blue eyes were wide.

"Buttercup!" she cried as Arthur was pulled up towards the entrance to the prison cells.

"GO!" I yelled and I was about to turn when I some other police idiot grabbed. "NO!" I yelled and began shaking him off yet the guy had an iron grip. He wouldn't let me go! "LET ME GO YOU IDIOT, MY SISTER IS MISSING! LET ME GO!" I yelled but I was pulled up.

Without leader girl…without my older sister,

"NO!" I yelled one last time.



I wanted to cry, I didn't want to leave my sisters behind me but Buttercup was able to push me towards Arturo and I had no choice to watch as my green eyed sister tried to save my red haired sister.

"NO!" I heard someone yell. I looked down and saw Buttercup being pulled up towards us.

"No!" I whispered, the police wouldn't allow Buttercup down in the prison cells. Suddenly the moonlight hit my face causing me to flinch.

"Bubbles!" I heard Boomer say and I looked up to see my Boomer. I quickly hugged him and began crying. "Is okay," he murmured. "You're safe now, here with me." He said and I started to shake my head as I sobbed.

"B-B-Bl-Blossom…" I sobbed and Boomer quickly looked up. Buttercup was being held by the police and Butch as she tried to jump and find Blossom.

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" she yelled and suddenly I saw Brick ordering the police. They all nodded and he was quickly sent down as he was tied to a rope. "Brick," Buttercup yelled and suddenly we all looked down and saw Brick looking up. "Find her!" Buttercup cried and Butch began hugging her, both out love and the fact that he didn't Buttercup to go down herself.

We suddenly heard no sounds from the falling pillars and the crushing sounds from rocks.

"NO! NO!" We all heard Brick yell angrily.


Cittá Ville, 20 years ago

"The walls need to be polished more, brother." Jonathan said and Ricardo nodded yet he wanted to slap his 'brother' and run away with their beloved Catalina. Catalina's strawberry blond hair was in a ponytail and her gray eyes blazed with energy. She looked delicate and fragile as she was copying the strange carvings from the prison cell wall.

"The words are covered in…dust and thick dirt." Catalina said as she observed the wall carvings. She was glad that Ricardo had taken her and Jonathan to the prison cell where the Friar was held. She left some flowers for him. It was terrible what the Queen did to him how she let him die in prison.

"I do not believe it…" Jonathan said as he looked in awe at the writings in the wall. Catalina's eyes widen as she read the Italian carvings. They were barely legible and it was up them two to fill the blanks.

"Is a prophecy…" Catalina murmured. Jonathan nodded.

"This is the 'curse' that Mother and Jamario Jocovini were speaking off. We found it." He said as he put his arm around Catalina.

"Look!" Ricardo said for he wanted Catalina's attention. Catalina's eyes widen as she saw a beautiful and detailed carving of a man and a woman in an eternal embrace.

"Is beautiful," she murmured and gave a smile to Ricardo.

Ricardo's heart began to beat faster as Catalina smiled at him, a smile of appreciation for him. He knew that he loved her there. She was the most important being in the world.



Some say that I died.

My heart stopped beating for 3 minutes,

Some say 4.

But the moment I felt my body being crushed by the rock into a shallow hole which was ironically like a grave for me, I knew I died.

It was like a slap from fate, I was trying terribly to stay away from Belinda Ubertini's fate when it caught up to me in the most terrifying moment in my life.

I was dead.

Just like her.



"Blossom!" I yelled as soon as I went down the rope (firefighter style…except I was sure there was a less painful way to go down) and ran towards Brick. He found her…he found her! I saw her red hair…

"BUTTERCUP!" I heard Butch yell. I ignored him since I wanted to look for my older sister. I knew I annoyed her, I knew I was like a pest for her, but I couldn't stand it if I lost her. She was more than a sister to me. She was always there when I needed her and she always knew what to do.

I couldn't lose her. I couldn't.

I stopped as I got near Brick. The sight…they were…

I heard gasps behind me and I felt Butch's hand holding mine.

"He knew," I heard Bubbles whisper in a sad and defeated voice. Her voice full of emotion and I heard her sob quietly as she hugged Boomer.

"Brick…" I heard Butch said to his older red haired brother.

Brick was holding Blossom's limp body. His red hair all over the place, his eyes fixed on Blossom. He didn't even look at us but I saw tears streaming from his face. Blossom was lying in his arms, her face pale and her eyes clothes. Her red hair was all over the place too but her face was looking up while his was looking at hers.

"Blossom," he said.

There was no answer.

"Blossom!" he began yelling sounding desperate.

There was no answer.

"Butch…" I began stepping back and he turned towards me. He looked at me worried and I knew he should be. I felt tears streaming from face, I felt my body shaking.

"Buttercup," he began and held me tight. I began shaking my head. "She will…"

"Blossom!" Brick yelled again. He began crying as he held her tighter. I heard Bubbles' heartbroken sobs from behind me. "NO!" he yelled.



I wanted to hide, I wanted to go back and time and make us stay away from Cittá Ville.

No, I thought, if it weren't Mr. Lightwood we would have never met them.

I began sobbing as I realized that they were in the same position as the carvings in the prison cell wall which managed to survive the explosion and was in back of them. Suddenly Buttercup was yelling a bunch of cuss words to Signore Marcello and I felt like I was dead too. I loved my older sister, she knew what was best for us and she loved us. She was more important than my arm or leg…

She didn't deserve to die…

"Wearen'tthem…" I heard a small voice say. All of us looked at Brick and he started to laugh. I saw Blossom, her eyes barely open and her face was to Brick's.

"Blossom!" Buttercup and I said at the same time. I wanted to jump with happiness, she wasn't dead!

"Chiamare l'ambulanza!" I heard Boomer yell.

"No," I heard Brick tell her softly. "We aren't them."

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