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Chapter 15: Completed


I woke up by the rays of the early sunshine…and the snoring of a bear in its hibernation.

Oh wait is Butch. For a minute there I thought I was stuck in a cave with a really big bear. I yawned and looked at where I was. For a moment the memory of our night together hit me and I could tell I was red.

I didn't mean for that night to happen but it did. It was my first time…when I woke up that morning I felt like everything had a glow to it. Everything looked more cheerful and I felt as if there wasn't a reason to being mad or angry…I laughed as I remembered.

"I love your laugh." I heard Butch mumbled. I turned and saw him perfectly awake. I shrugged as if it was no big deal but I felt my heart skip a beat. He grinned as he realized that my heart was beating faster and faster. I lay back again, not wanting to do anything.

"Why you came late?" I asked and I heard Butch groan.

"This is the reason why I never had long-lasting relationships." He grumbled. I threw a pillow at him.

"Oh so I am not going to be long-lasting?" I said gritting my teeth. "You know what? I'll leave right now!" I said and got up.

"Buttercup!" Butch said and I slammed the door of his room. I stomped all the way towards his green Mercedes. "You can't seriously drive with one hand." He yelled.

"I don't care!" I yelled back. I suddenly yelped when I felt Butch's tight grip in my bad arm. "LET GO!" I cried. Butch rolled his eyes but suddenly began kissing me with such force and passion that just melted me in the spot.

"I don't want to let go," he began softly and I looked up at him (since he was taller than me) I gritted my teeth. Why did every time when I asked something from him that he will always do the opposite?

"You're hurting me." I said. Butch let go but his dark green eyes that reflected my own, full of green fire and determination.

Except I was determine to leave him and he was determine make me stay with him.

"Am I hurting you now?" he asked as he kissed my cheek.

"I'm not long-lasting." I said through my teeth. He rolled his eyes but took out a small case from his pocket. I looked it curiously. He opened it and it showed a ring. The ring was white gold (I have been in way too many shopping trips with my bubbly sister to not recognize white gold when I see it) it had a light green emerald surrounded by dark green jades. Butch placed it slowly in my finger and kissed my lips.

"You are going to stay with me or I am going to personally hunt you down." He murmured and I laughed.

"Really?" I asked and Butch grinned.

"I swear for as long as I breathe." He said as he held his hand up. I rolled my eyes but laughed again, he always made me so happy!

"That is a long time." I said and Butch's grin faltered.


"I'm kidding, sometimes I might think that when you annoy the cr-p out of me." I began but smiled and held my up while wiggling my fingers. "But I will take that risk."

"Me too," He said as he kissed me again. "Not saying that I won't enjoy it."

"Taking risks?" I murmured as his face was close to mine. He grinned wider.

"That too but making you annoyed."

"Of course you'll like that." I murmured and he laughed.



I woke up eagerly, for some reason reality didn't feel real anymore but like a dream, instead of waking up from a dream I was waking up to a dream. I saw Boomer sleeping quietly, his blond hair a mess and his body in a relaxed position. I quickly changed (thankfully we got back our clothes from the hotel) and decided to make breakfast. I didn't know about the rest of my siblings but I was starving. I couldn't get enough food yesterday, I ate twice the food I was use too and I even ate fruit while my sisters and I were watching the movie.

It must have been the nerves and fears of the other day. It really messed me up.


"Buttercup!" I heard Butch say. "You can't seriously drive with one hand." He yelled. I quickly looked up from my bowl of eggs and saw Buttercup stomping her way to his green Mercedes. I frowned, what was happening now?

"I don't care!" she yelled back with her back turned from him and she suddenly yelped when Butch grabbed her bad arm. "LET GO!" she cried. I could tell Butch wasn't going to let go that easily and he kissed her. I squealed and turned around feeling my cheeks turning hot until I felt they were going to fall off. I quickly ran towards Boomer's room, opening quickly his door to find an even more embarrassing sight. He was dressing, I found him in his underwear and I felt my cheeks even more hot than before.

"B-B-Boomer!" I stuttered and quickly covered my eyes with my hands. "S-s-sorry! I s-s-should have knocked!" I said. Suddenly I heard him laughing, utterly lost I decided to take away my hands from my face and I saw him with his pants on but no shirt.

"What?" he asked finally when he calmed down. I bit my lip.

"I didn't knock and I found you like that…" I began but he just placed his hands around my waist.

"You're forgiven because I love you so much," He said as he kissed me gently. I smiled he always seemed to accept me any way. I could have been the most horrible dancer (which I am not, I leave that to Blossom) and he will say that he loves me.

"Thank you." I said. Boomer raised an eyebrow.

"I thought I was a man," he began. "Isn't there a limitation to how many thank you' I get?" he asked and I giggled.

"Well the silly rules don't apply to us." I said with a grin. Boomer grinned too.

"Nope," he said and then he quickly left. I tilted my head. What was he doing know? "Aren't you a bit curious to know where I was?" he asked and I giggled a bit.

"Of course, I asked you yesterday remember?" I asked. Boomer smiled gently, his dark blue eyes shining like sapphires brought to light as he came closer to me.

"Well we are after all living together," he began and brought a small velvet case from his pocket. "Why don't we make it official?"

"…with a box?" I asked as I frowned a bit. Boomer chuckled.

"No," he said and went down to his knees as he looked up at me. "You are the most beautiful and caring woman I ever met," he said with a sigh of admiration. "Bubbles Ubertini, will you marry me?" he asked and I began tearing. He was so perfect…the thought of being together was the best thing that will ever happen to me.

"Yes!" I cried and began giving him kisses on his cheeks. "I love you so much!" I said and Boomer grabbed me gently and began kissing me in the lips.

"Me too." He murmured and stopped kissing me and took the ring and placed it gently and carefully in my finger. It was white gold in it was carved two delicate paintbrushes as small sapphires were placed around the ring, in the middle was a aquamarine…it was beautiful and unique.

Just like us.

"I love it." I said as I looked at the ring, it was perfect just like him.

"I love you." He said with a small grin. I smiled and hugged him.

"Me too," I said and he kissed my forehead. "Does this interrupt our trip?" I asked playfully and Boomer chuckled.

"No," he said and grinned widely at me. "I was planning for it to be our Honeymoon trip."



Argh, I thought as my head throbbed with pain. As much as I tried not to show any signs of pain, it was impossible not to feel it.

"It still hurts." I groaned. If I didn't tell the doctor any sooner I am sure my legs will fall off in their own. The old Cittáian doctor chuckled.

"Is normal," he analyzed as he felt my ankles and knees. "That means you are recovering feeling in the legs and that they are healing." He said with his heavy Italian accent. I nodded, I was glad that I he didn't suggest the use of a wheelchair. I had to walk. I was too nervous and jittery to stay seated for a long period of time.

"So I can walk?" I asked. He shrugged.

"Yes however with great difficulty, you need to walk slower and I am concerned about your vomiting. That isn't normal. Were your ribs broken?"

"Uhm...I don't think so." I said as I put some pressure in my stomach. I didn't feel any pain. The doctor frowned.

"I won't subscribe anything yet," he said. "Come back in a month, sooner if your legs have any problems but the latest I expect you is in two months."

"Sure." I said and the doctor nodded and dismissed me. I walked over the small waiting area where Brick was. He stood up and kissed my forehead.

"How was the appointment?" he asked. I smiled a bit.

"He said that I was fine," I said and Brick raised an eyebrow.

"That was all?" he asked. I nodded and Brick crossed his hands.

"…Your legs?"

"They were healing."

"And the vomiting?"

"Nerves," I grumbled. I didn't want to tell him 'I don't know' it was like telling him I needed to stay in bed because I wasn't done dying.

"Are you sure?" he asked as he held my hand. I nodded.

"I'm fine," I said with a smile. "Everything is over."




"Good," Brick said as he kissed my forehead. He looked relieved. "It is a bit late, isn't it?" he asked. We walked outside to find the setting sun, a beautiful yet sad sight since it was the ending of an afternoon. I bit my lip as I heard my stomach growl. "Hungry?" he asked sounding amused.

"Yes." I said with a small smile. Brick smiled too.

"Good because we have somewhere special to go." He said as he led me to his red Mercedes. I looked at him confused.

"Where are we going?" I asked. He smiled as he kissed my forehead.

"Don't worry Blossom," he said. "Don't you trust me?"

"Of course," I said feeling hurt that he asked about that. Of course I trusted him! How could I not?

"Then don't worry." He said with a chuckle. "Or you'll have gray hair." He said and I stuck my tongue out at him in a childish matter. He laughed and started the engine and started to drive towards the isolated Santini home…or at least I hoped so.


"Where are you driving Brick?" I asked as I looked towards the road, was this one the same road towards the Santini home? It was night already, the moon was behind the clouds and the road seemed to stretch for miles.


"Hello?" Brick asked. He quickly began talking in Italian sounding as if he wanted to hurry someone. I looked at him confused, he stopped the car quickly.

"Brick?" I asked feeling slightly annoyed that he stopped the car. I was still fearful of the dark it was in the dark where Signore Marcello held us captive toying with us and making us doubt our love. I bit my lip as I tried to forget that. Signore Marcello was gone now.

"Ugh!" he said looking frustrated with his red eyes beginning to look like flames. "Sorry but the car is out of gas." He said and got out the car. I quickly got out with him.

"Do you have anymore?" I asked and Brick raised an eyebrow as he opened up to see the motor.

"Of course," he said. "I'm not Butch." He said with a chuckle. I rolled my eyes but we were the most responsible out of our siblings. He had a point there. He began putting the gas in when I suddenly felt the need to…

"Blossom!" Brick said worriedly. I started throwing up.

"Ah…" I moaned as I threw up Bubbles' bacon. I suddenly felt his hand in my shoulders and him moving my hair so I wouldn't throw up on it.

"You're okay Blossom?" He asked once it was over. I nodded my head. I could hear him growl. "If it wasn't for Signore Marcello then this would have never happened to you…" he said when he saw my healing stitches in the back of my leg. I shook my head it was my fault, for not focusing on where I was going when the rock nearly killed me but I didn't want argue with him.

"I'm fine Brick," I said when I cleaned myself with the little tissues I had in my back pocket. Brick looked at me and nodded slightly. He led me to the car seat and since I didn't want to worry him more I sat down, the dizziness fading away. He kissed my forehead gently but I saw him looking as if he wanted to kill himself. I bit my lip as I look away from him. He was guilty and I felt guilty for making him feeling guilty. Suddenly I felt his hand on my hand I turned to see his handsome face. His red eyes making me stay in place and not move a muscle.

"Are you sure you're not going to get carsick?" Brick asked. I nodded I wanted to get home as soon as possible.

"I told you I'm fine Brick." I said sounding much more sure than I felt. Brick tensed but nodded again. I knew he won't let the subject down so easily if I threw up or fell down (like this morning) again. I sighed he made me feel like I was a delicate china doll! "Is okay, is normal for someone to fall down or throw up after they had…an accident."

"You know that it wasn't an accident." He said through his teeth. I groaned.

"Call it whatever you want but it's still true, you can't expect me to be perfectly fine after all this." I said. Brick rolled his eyes.

"Of course not! If it was up to me I would have left you in our bed."

"But I hate staying-"

"Very well," he said ending the subject. I crossed my arms, he didn't even let me finish! He was acting completely irritable! "The point is I feel angry that I was not there to protect you!" he nearly yelled. I jumped, I never heard him raised his voice. "I was not there…" he said more softly. "That is what is killing me, you are the most important thing in the world to me and I almost let you…" he didn't finish. I blinked I didn't realize how much damage I caused him…or Signore Marcello did when he kidnapped us. I looked at him and saw a tear leaving his blazing red eyes. I wiped away and kissed his cheek.

"It's over." I said. Brick looked at me confused and I could feel my face warming up. "I mean this nightmare," I said and he chuckled. "I'm fine and that is all that counts and I am not mad that you weren't there. It wasn't your fault."

"I know but I should have stopped him before he did any of this."

"Brick…" I said and held his hand. "Can we forget that ever happened? Is not only hurting all of us but Rosa and then it will hurt Nina," I said and Brick looked at the road and back at me.

"Fine," He said as he kissed me softly. "Just because I always hate looking back, I will rather look at our future."

"Our future?" I asked. "I can barely stand the present!" He laughed at my choice of words. I wanted to smile, talking to him this way made everything feel normal, as if the bad stuff never happened.

"That is because you are 'hurt', silly." He quoted with a little irritation in his voice. I could tell he was trying to please me by pretending nothing ever happened. He began to smile though as he started the car.

"Uh huh," I said as I began to close my eyes. The dizziness was coming back all of a sudden, I wished the doctor would have subscribe me for medicine since it became unbearable but for some odd reason it didn't feel like I was sick. I was perfectly fine.

"So you are not interested in our future?" He asked. I smiled at him and I saw him look a little confused.

"Of course it interests me," I said as I held his hand. "Is just that I felt dizzy again but go on, please?" I asked and he raised an eyebrow at me but ended up with a chuckle.

"I was thinking in about making you move here." He said. I blinked. What about my friends in Townsville? Then I looked down, I realized that I never felt truly at home there as I felt here.

"Go on." I said with a bright smile. "I like the sound of that."

"I can't," Brick said. He grinned mysteriously at me. "Rosa is helping with a big part."

"Which is?" I asked, my turn to raise my eyebrow. Brick quickly kissed my forehead before I could snap at him for being so irresponsible while driving the car.

"Is a surprise," He said. "You'll see."


I was beginning to believe that Brick had gotten us lost somehow when we suddenly arrive at a festive scene. Brick stopped the car as I saw a huge castle-like building in front of us. It was medieval-type, with beautiful painted glass windows and huge gardens full with lilies, roses and olive trees. There was millions of twinkling candles leading to the huge wooden door which was opened.

"Where are we?" I asked confused. Brick chuckled as he opened the car door and helped me out.

"You'll see." Brick said and he led me inside. Inside was even more dazzling and beautiful. It looked like a ballroom from a fairytale with its beautiful arches, columns and brass-yellow floors. The ballroom was decorated with white streamers, a couple of white balloons tapped to the walls and knotted gracefully with floral arrangements in the tables. The floral arrangements were mostly white roses with a couple of pink blossoms and a single crimson red rose. Golden eagles and silver owls were everywhere, intertwined as the eagle and owl were flying gracefully together. Dozens of people were here, dressed as if was a formal occasion, I saw Rosa at the heart of it all with Nina, who was sitting with other older women and men. Rosa smiled as soon as she saw us.

"Brick and Blossom!" she said and led us to a backroom. "I thought you weren't going to make it!" she said and frowned once she saw what we were wearing. "Good thing I asked a favor from your siblings or…" she didn't finish her sentence but told Brick to go to a room while she carefully led me to another.

"Rosa what is happening now?" I asked and she laughed. She was wearing a pearl gray dress that made her look younger. The gray in her light brown hair was still there but it didn't matter, Rosa was beautiful nonetheless and she looked like a queen.

"It was Brick's idea." She said with a small smile. "Of course he couldn't plan all this by himself, he was taking care of you so he asked me, dear." She said and we came into a small room where Buttercup and Bubbles were waiting. Bubbles looked at me.

"What happened to you?" Bubbles asked.

"Threw up in the road," I said as my face felt hot. "I'm okay though." I said making sure I sounded convincing. Buttercup rolled her eyes.

"It doesn't matter. We have to help you look…"

"Pretty!" Bubbles said with a giggle and I frowned as I was sat down in the chair.


I coughed as Bubbles applied the perfume. Hopefully she and Rosa were done. Buttercup hardly helped but she passed the occasional makeup bottle…when she knew what Rosa and Bubbles were talking about.

"Ready!" Bubbles sang. Rosa smiled and with my sisters, she led me to the ballroom where everyone seemed to be waiting. Brick was at the other side with Butch and Boomer. I saw everyone's eyes on us…especially me. I immediately regretted letting Bubbles dress me. I was wearing a soft pink dress, it went as high as my knees I was wearing high heels that matched. Rosa managed to pull up my hair in gentle waves with half of it braided. I bet that I looked better than I described.

"Rosa what is happening?" I asked. I saw people chuckle as they sensed my confusion and the undeniable nerves in my voice. I saw Pablo Uccello as he made his way towards us. He looked handsome in his tuxedo and he smiled once he saw me.

"This is your wedding, dear." Rosa said with a smile. My eyes widen as I stared at everything, it wasn't a simple party then.

"Oh." was all I could say. Pablo held my hand, in the way a father does as he leads his daughter to her newly husband. We walked slowly towards the other side where Brick was.

"Blossom," He said. I looked at him and saw him with a soft and remembering smile. He looked down and then chuckled. "You remind of both of them, I am sure that both of them are so happy of what you did. You brought peace." He said and looked at Brick. I saw him smile to Pablo.

"Thank you for being here Signore Uccello," Brick said and Pablo nodded.

"After Nina, her closest family is me and I will make sure she is happy. It is what both Catalina and Jonathan would have wanted." Pablo said handed me to Brick. I smiled at him as he gently kissed my forehead making me feel loved and protected. He twirled me towards a familiar face that belonged to Brother Lorenzo along with a few other monks.

"Fratello Lorenzo," Rosa said as she looked at him. Brother Lorenzo smiled politely at her.

"Sei qui per tradurre le mie parole, sorella mio nuovo?" He asked. Rosa's serious face turned gentle.

"Si," she said sounding certain. Brother Lorenzo smiled and looked at us.

"He is asking her to translate," Brick said, I felt my face getting hot. I could tell I had a confused face before, if I was to stay here then I had to learn Italian.

"She had accepted." Boomer said and I saw him next to Bubbles who smiled.

"Thanks Rosa," Buttercup said next to Butch. Suddenly the friar looked at all six of us. He began to raise his hands and he started to talk, his feathery voice becoming louder yet remaining friendly and soft.

"Family, friends, and Cittáian citizens we gather here today to re-unite Brick and Blossom Jocovini," Rosa translated a little low for us. I felt my face get hotter as I realized that some people did not know about my marriage with Brick…well that makes two of us. I didn't even know I was getting married that day!

"For many centuries we all knew that such union is impossible due to their hatred for each other however time has sealed the wounds of the past." Rosa said as Brother Lorenzo looked at us with an admiring smile. "I cannot find the words that describe Mr. and Mrs. Jocovini just that their love has triumph over suspicion and an ancient curse. They have brought peace to Cittá Ville, no? You can feel the ghosts of the past rejoicing with happiness with a love just like theirs."

Brick held my hand tighter and I smiled. Suddenly there was a flash as if coming from a camera. I chuckled as I realized that it was Maestro. He quickly winked at me.

"Today, we celebrate the love of Brick and Blossom Jocovini and of their siblings." Rosa said and I looked confused and quickly noticed the color in my sisters' faces and pride in Brick's brothers. I took a look in their hands and I was shocked to see rings there as well. Brother Lorenzo seemed unsurprised but glad for all of us. Brick suddenly took out a ring from the pillow of a boy who was standing next to Rosa. He looked familiar, he couldn't be more than 5 years old but he had eyes that were bluer than sapphires. They looked like dark amethysts. He had a soft pale face and dark brown hair that seemed to make him look more like an angel.

"This is for you," Brick said as he held my hand and gently placed a ring in my finger. It was a soft brown gold making it look like polished bronze, with a diamond in the middle and carved golden eagles with small rubies in their eyes and white gold owls (making them look like silver) with small pink diamonds in their eyes circling the ring. "I figured to make it official, since the rings that were given to us were never meant to be in our hands." He said with a grin. I felt my eyes tearing up the ring symbolized everything we've been fighting for.

Brown gold symbolizing the Marcello family, we never would have been together if it wasn't for Rosa. She was the tie between our families.

Diamonds always have been used to symbolize marriage.

Golden eagles with ruby eyes meant Brick, my Brick.

Silver (or white gold) owls with pink eyes meant me.

The ring had everything and was absolutely perfect.

"This is why you came so late?" I asked with a small laugh. Everyone else did laugh too and Brick smiled as he kissed full of passion and love.

"Of course," He said. "I had it made by the best gold smiths and jewelers while you were at the Hotel to get your stuff." He said and I remembered when I left him to go with Buttercup and Bubbles to the Hotel when we were…kidnapped.

"Time to celebrate!" Buttercup said and Butch laughed as well as everyone else.


Brick took me out to dance, I tried pushing him away. I was such a terrible dancer and a clumsy one at that.

"You were pretty afraid of water too." He said as he gently pushed me towards a dance. I bit my lip, he won there but I was still a terrible dancer. He led me in a soft and gentle dance that seemed to melt away my fear. I quickly began to relax and let my feet copy his, he suddenly realized my comfort and spun me around making me a little dizzy but I laughed it off.

"Brick," I heard someone say behind us. Brick and I looked at the woman with graying strawberry blond hair and soft clear blue-green eyes. She had a kind face and she reminded me of Mom, well the only picture we saw of her.

"Mom," Brick with a smile. Behind her was a man with graying black hair and fierce dark eyes who were gentle and sharp at the same time. He smiled too. "Dad, you came." He said. We left the dance floor to sit in an empty table while Pablo was dancing with Rosa and our siblings with each other.

"Of course son," The man said. He didn't look like any of the Jocovini brothers but he had their strength. "Why will we miss your wedding? You've finally settled down." He said with a knowing grin that I found familiar to Butch. The same dark twinkle in their eyes and the same smile.

"You must be Catalina's daughter," Brick's mom said with a gentle smile as she ignored her husband and eldest son. "I'm so happy to see you well, dear." She said and looked at Brick with a playful smile.

"You chose well," she teased. Brick chuckled.

"Thanks Mom." He said and he held my hand. "Her name is Blossom, Blossom this is my Mom, Maria Jocovini and he's my Dad, Santiago Santini." He said introducing us. I smiled at them

"Good to meet you Blossom. Finally there is someone who will settle him down, even though I was more worried about Butch than him." he said with a smile as he saw Butch and Buttercup dancing. Suddenly he turned towards us with a confused expression. "So what is all this I hear, son? Some people are talking about a curse…what is that about Brick?" he asked. Brick and I looked at each other with a nervous smile.

"Long story Dad." Brick said. "Why don't we enjoy the party instead?" he asked avoiding the question perfectly as he poured wine into our glasses.

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