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Chap. 1: Beginning

"Bianca, Belle," Beatrice began sounding somewhat nervous. She was no trespasser and it showed for her discomfort was great. Yet the curiosity of her sisters and her need to protect her younger sisters made her come to the most beautiful and haunting of the rooms in their huge house.

"Come on Beatrice!" Belle, the short blonde and blue eyed sister began. "We need to know." She pleaded with her older redhead hazel-eyed sister.

"But this is wrong." Beatrice began but her tomboy sister chuckled.

"That's the reason why we got to do this, leader girl." Bianca said with dark amusement and she dragged her sister in to the room without further notice. She had shoulder-length dark hair and bright green eyes.

The room looked like a huge study. The walls had light yellow Italian wallpaper lined with delicate vines. The room was mainly covered in white sheets of fabric but you were able to see bits of pieces of the old study. There was two walls filled with bookcases that rivaled the library, another wall had a wooden desk and a chair that had two pictures. Beatrice walked over the desk and a tear fell down her cheek. The first picture showed a newly married couple. The man had dark hair (like Bianca's) and he had dark eyes with a light yet square face, he wore a tuxedo and he was smiling with happiness. The woman had strawberry blond hair with gray eyes that were both serious and caring. She had a long classic yet beautiful bridal gown and she was beaming with happiness.

"Is Mom," Belle sobbed as she put a hand over her mouth. Both of her older sisters nodded.

Bianca picked up the second one, it showed the same couple, perhaps a bit older (though not by much) and they were happier, if that was possible. The man held a newborn child with dark hair and bright green eyes. The woman held the smallest child, which was a blonde haired child with bright blue eyes and she held the oldest child which had auburn red hair but the newborn had her eyes closed.

"Is us." Bianca said. Beatrice looked around and saw that her mother kept another small piece of furniture.

It was a safe.

It wasn't big but it was barely hidden by a plain sheet of fabric. Beatrice walked towards it and she saw that the safe was locked shut. Beatrice silently cursed herself of course her mother will be smart enough to keep her most valued possessions under lock…

"Look!" Belle cried as she saw a box full of notebooks with the initials of K.K.

"Diaries," Beatrice analyzed and she began breathing faster as soon as she saw that she was finally able to meet her mother through her diaries. She took out the oldest notebook she saw and frowned when she saw that it was dated nearly 6 years back. Bea however took the notebook that had a sticky note in its pages…

"No way," Bianca growled as she looked through the hallway.

"What?" Belle whispered nervously.

"Is Aunt Emma," Bianca said as she referred to their old care taker.

"Everyone be quiet!" Beatrice ordered and they stayed silent. The footsteps came closer and closer, the girl's heart beats ran quicker and quicker until finally…the footsteps faded away. Beatrice sighed, beginning to relax at last. "We should go," she whispered. Her sisters nodded and they quietly sneaked away, one by one into the dark hallway of the Museum-like old mansion that belonged to their Aunt Emma.



I have finally traced back my family! This thing with tracing back family was a lot more interesting than I thought. Aunt Emma never told me about this great-great grandfather who owned a very successful business in London! I guess I should have known, the Keane family was always known for their keen sense in business! Uncle Erick had that sense too, that was before he left to the Heavens. Aunt Emma though was not too fond of this family research for she said that I must not look backwards but forwards.

I finally found out what was her discomfort in all this.

The Keane family was never pure British as my ancestors always presume but we had one ancestor who belonged to an Italian noble family, the Ubertini. Our branch is direct, the rest of the Ubertini were slaughtered in the late 1300's. There were only two living Ubertinis at the time, twins in fact, a boy named Baldomero and a girl named Bella Ubertini. The Ubertini twins were separated once their parents the General and Lady Ubertini were killed in a mysterious fire. Baldomero was raised in Rome, Italy thus starting the Uccello family line to protect his family while Bella was raised in London thus beginning the Keane line (what did a K had to do with a U last name…you tell me, perhaps she married a Keane) That was where our family derived from then, from Bella Ubertini.

I must continue my research…what caused the death of the General and Lady Ubertini? Why do I have the feeling that Aunt Emma is hiding something…something dark?


Beatrice sucked in a breath. Her Mother's diary was worst than any scary story (even though she did not believe in anything Bianca made up) she quickly closed her Mother's diary and put it on her drawer. She yawned for it was late, nearly three hours past midnight. She took went to the covers and fell into a deep sleep.



Beatrice yawned and frowned at her alarm. She hated being awakened from a peaceful sleep but she hated more to miss her job in the law firm. She put on her plain black suit and went downstairs to meet her Aunt and sisters.

Breakfast was ready and she smiled as she saw her young sister, Belle cooking up breakfast like a professional chef. Even though she was making eggs and bacon, a very normal breakfast, somehow Belle made it seem like one of the Iron Chefs cooked it themselves. Bianca however was still stretching, she had a job in the Police force and she was constantly complaining that there was no action in their fair city, Townsville.

"You should be glad," Aunt Emma said with a small scowl. "That you do not have to risk your life everyday like the officers do in the big cities." She said when Bianca complained in front of her. Beatrice chuckled but she quieted before her hot-tempered sister got her.

"Good morning Bea!" Belle cried. Beatrice smiled as soon as her sister gave her a plate.

"You are very happy this morning Belle," Bea said. Belle laughed.

"She probably saw Henry." Bianca grumbled. Bea laughed as Belle blushed deep red.

"Why do you always assume is Henry?" Belle grumbled but she wasn't very good at being mad at her sisters, she just loved her crazy sisters too much.

"When isn't it Henry?" Bianca said as she stuffed her food into her mouth. Bea rolled her eyes at Bianca's messy eating habits but Bianca couldn't care less.

"Whatever." Belle grumbled as she put a plate for herself. "Where's Aunt?" she asked. Bea and Bianca looked at each other and then they got up and went to their Aunt's room. The three sisters went to their grand-Aunt's bedroom and saw her asleep. Until yesterday, they had no idea how their mother or father looked and always assume that their Aunt was an older version of their mother but they saw that it wasn't true. K. Keane was more beautiful and happy while Emma Keane was stern and plain- looking.

"She's sleeping." Belle said with a sigh but Bea looked at her Aunt more closely. Her Aunt always got up on this hour, and she insisted to every one of her nieces (even Bianca) to wake up at this hour. Though medicine wasn't Bea's forte she still knew some things that rivaled the school nurse's knowledge.

"No…" Bea whispered and Bianca quickly checked along her sister. Bianca didn't hear a heartbeat she then checked her pulse…nothing.

"She's dead." Bianca said in shock stepping back from her Aunt's body.