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"Achoo! Achoo! Achoo!"

"Bless you." Frodo said kindly, giving the Dúnedain Ranger a handkerchief.

"Thank you." Aragorn accept the piece of cloth and blew his nose.

"Are you alright, Mr. Aragorn?" Sam asked with concern.

"Aye, just a bit of dust in the air I suspect." Aragorn answered. Legolas stopped and looked closely at his friend.

"You're a bit pale."

"I told you, I am fine. Let's keep moving. I want to reach Lothlórien by nightfall."

Frodo and Sam, as well as Legolas and Gimli, exchanged glances before trailing after the Ranger. They thought it best not to say anything more to Aragorn as he sneezed another three times. Pippin merely handed him another handkerchief.

By the time they crossed into the Lothlórien Forest the sun was casting long shadows and the night life was slowly awakening. Aragorn breathed a sigh of relief as they were welcomed by the Lord of Lothlórien Celeborn and Lady Galadriel.

They were shown to their resting place. They set about setting up their beds, which Gimli fell onto gratefully and began snoring immediately.

"You are unwell."

The voice of Lady Galadriel made Aragorn look up from where he was kneeling.

"I am fine."

"No, my friend. Not even the young Hobbits believe that."

Aragorn sighed.

"And what do you propose, my fair Lady?"

Galadriel smiled knowingly.

"You were raised in the House of Elrond. You know the practices of healing."

"That is true, and I will be fine by dawn. I just need to find some rest."

Galadriel bowed her in departure, leaving Aragorn sitting on his soft bed. If it hadn't looked appealing a few moments ago, it did now and without further hesitation, he lay down and closed his eyes.

Legolas wandered amidst the trees of Lothlórien, feeling comfortable in his surroundings. It wasn't Mirkwood, but it was familiar.

"Your friend is ailing." Celeborn joined him strolling through the forest.


"He can find rest here."

"Your offer is generous but I cannot make Aragorn stay against his will. He does not listen to me in that way."

"You must make him. I can see what is to come. He needs to regain his strength before you leave the safety of our borders."

"I will try."

Celeborn nodded.

"Find some rest, Legolas. Sleep in peace tonight."

Aragorn woke with the sun and sat up, looking at his sleeping companions. Even Legolas was still resting. The Ranger didn't want to admit this but what Lady Galadriel had said last night was true; he felt truly awful, even after a night of restful sleep. His head was aching, his limbs refused to move, and his eyes blurred in and out of focus. Aragorn gave a throaty cough, causing Legolas to stir.

"You are awake." The elf's soft voice startled Aragorn.

"I'm surprised you were not. It is almost dawn."

"I find comfort in the forest."

Aragorn nodded.

"How do you feel?"

Aragorn debated whether or not he dared share the truth, although he knew the truth had to come out eventually. Even so, he answered,

"I'm alright."

"I spoke with Celeborn last evening." Aragorn cringed, knowing what was to come. "He said you must heal before we continue."

"We do not have time to allow for healing. We must move as quickly as possible."

"There is protection here, Aragorn. 'Tis better to spend an extra day here on account of your health than to spend three camped out in the hillside where we could be surrounded by Orcs at any given moment."

Aragorn shook his head.
"No, Legolas. We will go today."

"No, we won't." Frodo spoke up. Aragorn twisted around on his bed to see the young Hobbit standing there. A thin smile spread on Legolas' lips.

"Frodo, I didn't know you were awake." Aragorn said, willing himself not to sneeze. However, the urge was too great and he let out a tremendous sneeze.

"Bless you."

"Thank you." Aragorn blew his nose before closing his eyes and leaning against the rock wall that made up the backside of his bed.

"We will not be travelling today." Frodo repeated.

"Frodo," Aragorn began, opening his eyes.

"As the ringbearer," Frodo interrupted. "I am not going anywhere today and without me, none of you are, either. You are going to rest."

Aragorn sighed again before looking at Legolas, who was biting back a laugh.

"You put him up to this, Legolas."

"I did no such thing but you are ill, Aragorn, and everyone seems to know it but yourself. Lie down and I will find the healers. They can give you something to help you sleep. Come, Frodo, let's not wake the others."

Aragorn lay down begrudgingly and watched as the Elf and Hobbit walked quietly into the woods in search of the healer.

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