Kiseki: Welcome aboard to the 'Dreamship', dear fans! This is where the Dex Holders that all of us love (including Wally!) will be doing parodies from various kinds of songs! Oh, Topaz(Sinnoh), Soul(Johto) and Silvia(Johto) will be joining too.

=All fanatics unite!=

Silvia: I can't believe I can sing with Ani-chan~!

Silver: Hey... -.-

Red: Hey, why don't we ask for the opinions from the fans? ._.

Fanatics: WHOOTS! XD *waves an infinite number of banners containing the Dex Holders' names*

Dex Holders: O_O''

Blue: Well well, so that's a yes then! :D

Gold: So, which song will we be doing first? :)

Ruby: I think it's always best to do a romantic one...? 0.o

=Ruby fangirls faint=

Sapphire: I think an action-packed one! :D

Emerald: You and your wild ways again... ==

Dia: Will there be any food involved too? :o

Pearl: *smacks Dia on the head* Will you stop thinking about food!

Platinum: Hee hee! ^^

Entourageshippers: Aww!

Kiseki: Well, I have a box here and I shall let my OC, Megumi to pick a ball inside the box. A group's name will be written on it. The chosen group will have the privilege to choose a song they want to do a parody of.

Crystal: Can you give us some examples of the groupings?

Megumi: Um, here's a list.

-Kanto (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow)

-Johto (Gold, Silver, Crystal, Soul, Silvia*)

-Hoenn (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Wally*)

-Sinnoh (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Topaz)

-Unova (Black, White, Cheren, Bianca)

-By elemental types (Grass, Fire, Water, Others)

-By various kinds of shippings

Everyone (except the fans) sweatdropped at the last example.

Black: Wait! Why does Silvia and Wally senpai got a '*' beside their names?

Wally: She's in charge of finding the songs as well as the settings. She can choose not to do a parody.

Green: Don't tell me you're like Blue...

Yellow: I guess we'll do it for the fanatics' sake then...

=Yellow fangirls rejoice!=

Kiseki: So, Megumi, what's the group that was chosen?

Megumi: Um... 'Johto'.

Topaz: So what song will they be performing?

Kiseki: I'll decide on the first song. In future it'll be the reviewer's decision.

Fanatics: YAY~! XD

White: All right! So what's the first song already?

Kiseki: Hmm hmm... Alluring Secret ~Black Vow~ by the famous Kagamine Twins: Rin and Len!

Rin + Len fans: HURRAH~~! XD

Bianca: ! Since when do they...?

Cheren: Kiseki-san must have forgotten to mention this: The parodies we'll be doing are the opening/ endings themes of various animes. Vocaloid songs are accepted too.

Gold: Kiseki-san never told us anything about these! D:

Megumi: Cause you'll be singing their songs.

Crystal: Well then... let's just get started on this parody! ;D

Silver: ... I hate my life. -.-

Silvia: Stop sulking, Ani-chan~! Game... START! ^o^

With that, the Johto Dex Holders went to prepare for their first parody.

A/N: Seriously? What is this? As you can see, I'm trying to come out with ways to overcome this disease called 'Writer's Block'. So if I were to have random thoughts which lead to random story scenarios, then I might start writing. (Was trying to see if this works)

Please give a name of the song you wanted me to write by stating it in your review/ comment(for my FB viewers). Give me the group/ pairing that you wanted and give a clear description of who you wanted each character to be. This is an example:


Composed by: _

Characters: (The blanks are to be filled in with the names of the Dex Holders.)

Region/ Elemental/ Shipping name: _



Etc etc.

Brief song description: (If the song doesn't have a story behind it, then just state the genre)


I WILL ONLY ACCEPT JAPANESE SONGS.NO YAOI/ HENTAI please. Shounen-ai is slightly negotiatable(?).

I will only accept the best 3 reviews/ song suggestions that you guys pick! Thanks~

PS: Slivia will be a future character from my Pokesupe saga. She's the genderbent of Silver. Soul is a gameverse character. Topaz and Megumi are my OCs for the saga too.