Kiseki: We got a request!

Dex Holders: *listens, praying that it won't be their turn*

Megumi: *takes request slip out of Kiseki's hands and read out loud*

Song: The Homework Never Ends

Composed by: Innocent Key

Region/ Elemental/ Shipping name: Fire-Type Pokedex Holders

Characters: 5

(1) Black as Cirno

(2) Pearl as Kaguya

(3) Gold as Mokou

(4) Sapphire as Rumia

(5) Green (boy) as Sakuya

Brief song description: It's the end of summer! But wait... What's this? It seems some Youkai, Immortals, and Fairies didn't do their homework! So, when Sakuya locks them in a room, while being forced to assist the younger ones while they finish their homework, Cirno is confused when it comes to math, and Mokou and Kaguya can't help but fight! In the end, no one but Rumia, who had gotten much help, was finished with their homework.

XD lol. I thought this song would go well with the Fire-Type Dex Holders... And one last thing: the help 'Rumia' got to finish her homework (we all know Sapphire can't do it by herself.) would be from Crystal and Prof. Birch.

Kiseki: Oh, I forgot to mention. Parody styles may vary depending on song. Since the lyrics of this song are mostly dialogues, I think it'll be quite short.

Fire Dex Holders: WTH?

Gold: I'm gonna perform again? O.O"

Gold Fans: YAY~! XD

Silvia: HUH? Ani-chan's not inside! D:

Silver: Yes!

Silvia: Ani-chan! Where did you ran to last time?

Silver: Not telling.

*same rules apply for audiences: No photography or filming is allowed for now*

31 August 2011


[It was the last day of summer for the Dex Holders from the Ultimate Fire Team. They had been playing each day and it looks like they totally forgot to do…]

"So what are we gonna do tomorrow~?" Black asked the other Dex Holders.

"Aren't ya going to do the homework?" Sapphire stated.

"Now that you say it, today is August 31st…" Pearl started to sweat.

"WH-WHAT DID YOU SAY!" Gold exclaimed.

[…yup, they forgot to do their summer holiday homework.

Now, all of them were being locked in the room by Green, who wanted them to finish their homework asap.]

"All of you are not going to leave this room until your summer homeworks are finished." Green glared at the 4 of them, making sure they obey his instructions.

"H-Hai!" So they began to rush their last minute work at 8pm.


"This homework is incredibly white!" Sapphire stared at the pile of papers with her eyes wide—all the questions were undone! That's why it's white!

"There's no time to move your mouth!" Black shouted at the only female in the group. "Someone let me copy maths!"

"I don't have time to do it! Why don't you use the abacus instead?" Pearl replied as he threw the calculating device without looking up towards Black…

…only to be crashed into Gold's head.

"Wait, don't you have it buried in your head?" Black asked with his finger pointed at Gold's head where the abacus landed.

All of them sweatdropped. Black thought the abacus was originally in Gold's head.

"Pearl…" Gold muttered with his body shaking. "…I'M GONNA KILL YOU!"

"Can we make it a Black and White day?" Pearl imaged himself in a knight suit with a sword, fighting. [Agencyshippers, calm down.]

"Hmm… Is 3 + 1 = 8?" Black asked with drowsy eyes.


Black's Musha must had popped from it's Pokeball and began to eat its trainer's thoughts.

Green, who had been quiet all this while, watched them silently from a corner in the room.

"At this rate, they'll never finish it." He sighed.

He walked towards the juniors. "Ah well, for the moment, calm down and do your homework." He tried to encourage them.

"You're right…" Gold stuttered. "We're in a tight spot…"

Pearl took the opportunity and took Gold's notebook away. "I 'll doodle in Gold's notebook while he's not looking~" The blonde looked at the book under himself with snickering eyes.

Gold turned around, only to find Pearl doodling on the first page of his notebook.

"Ah… in that case, I'll take care of you first!" His amber eyes started to flare up.

"Go on, try it, you wouldn't dare~" Pearl teased as he whistled.

"Oh really?" Gold looked down, his expression hidden. Unknown to the others, he used his billiard cue and hit a Pokeball open. A Typlosion materialized from the half red-white ball.

"…EXPLOTARO! BLAST BURN!" Gold ordered his Pokemon with it's inferno blazing from it's back. The flames then became bigger and aimed towards Pearl, who just barely avoided the ultimate fire attack. "…damn, don't dodge it!"

"Why would I be so stupid to let myself get hit?" Pearl gave a victory smile, only to realise that there's something burning on his hand.

"Ahhh! My notebook's burning!" He shrieked. "How am I going to continue my homework like this!"

"Hahaha! You're still worrying about homework? How pathetic." The tables have turned to Gold's favour.


The room was now covered in a soot colour by the courtesy of Gold's Fire Pokemon.

"This has already gone out of my control." Green sighed, resting his face on his right hand as the background was filled with voices like:

"I'll never forgive you for this, I swear it!"

"Now I'll get revenge and fill your notebook with more doodles~!"

"I would like to eat a bowl of cookies!"

Wait. That was Black's voice?

Even Black has started to behave strangely!


[So what do we have now:

-Gold burnt Pearl's notebook

-Pearl doodling Gold's notebook

-Black's sudden crave for cookies

-Green's helplessness

Wait, where did Sapphire go to?"]


"Stop!" Gold tugged on one side of his notebook as Pearl continued to doodle on the second page. "…Huh? You're not bad at drawing…"

Pearl held the notebook he doodled on up high enough for everyone to see. "Tadah~! My masterpiece!"

Gold, Black and Green stared at the held item.

On the page was a well-drawn Taurina Omega robot in 3D format. Everyone was speechless.

"Pearl… I didn't know you had the potential to be an artist…" Black stared at the drawing in awe.

"Well, not when my homework's burnt by a certain someone." Pearl glared at Gold.

Gold returned the glare. "And mine's filled with your doodles*artwork*! (Man I can't bear to erase this off…)"

"When will this be over?" Black yawned.

"Wait a little, it's 4.00am." Green announced.

The Dex Holders grunted.


Green murmured to himself as he managed to get those hot-blooded juniors of his to settle down on their homework.

In spite of everything, time keeps going.

Pencil scratches could be heard.

But it's much slower than usual.

Flipping of paper became the default background music at 4.50am.

Could it be that they called me for the simple reason to stop time?

10 minutes had passed but the clock showed that only half a minute passed…

Ahhh… I'm sorry for them, but I think my work is done…

Green started to doze off along with the boys. With that, the clock's hand started to move faster and faster…

The next morning

1st September 2011

"Did you finish your homework yet?" Green asked the Dex Holders.

They sighed in defeat. "Of course we couldn't finish everything…"

"I finished everything already~!" All heads turned to Sapphire, who was missing last night.

"WHAT? Wild girl has finished her homework!" All exclaimed.

"How on earth?" Black asked in disbelief.

Sapphire scratched her cheeks with a finger. "Well, I climbed out of the window…"

"The window?" Pearl asked.

"Ya. It wasn't locked and seeing the room so chaotic, I just climbed outside so that I can concentrate better. I wanted to find Papa (Prof. Birch for the clueless) to help me with the kanji but I couldn't find him. It was then I happened to see Chris senpai and she assisted me with the kanji that I couldn't read."

All eyes turned to Green, who was backing away from the group. He made a mental note that he ensure all doors and windows were locked the next time. Wait, they would suffocate that way…

"Super Serious Gal helped you for real?" Gold shed tears and sulked at a corner with Black's Musha trying to eat away his thoughts.

Pearl smacked Gold on the head with a paper fan just like he always did with Dia. "That's not the main point!" He then faced Sapphire. "Quickly! Let us copy the answers now!"

-END of Parody-

After the scenes

Kiseki: So how did you like the performance?

Audience: AWESOME!

Gold: At least I sacrificed my beauty sleep for the sake of this parody!

Gold fanatics: KYAAAAA~! XD

Dia: Pearl, I didn't know you can draw Taurina Omega! Can I have that drawing?

Pearl: I took drawing classes just for that model of yours Dia! I don't think Kiseki-san allows you to have it…


Pearl: =="

Dia: D:

Platinum: Kiseki-san would not be that bad, since all of you worked hard for this…

Ruby: Woah, Wild Gal got the least screening time! Are you slacking or something?

Sapphire: 'course not! We were actually doing those questions on the spot kays? Right Black?

Black: Yeah! It was hard!

Blue: Still you all did a great job~! I wonder when will it be my turn to do a parody~?

Green: … Noisy Woman…

Silver: *glares*

Silvia: A~ ni~ chan~! *jumps from behind and tackles Silver to the ground*

Green: Just one thing…

ALL(EVERYONE who is on the Dreamship): ?


Audience: *takes out camera and took photos of the 5 Dex Holders, since it's prohibited to use any electronic devices when the parody film is being played*

Gold+Pearl: Too much flashlights…

Sapphire+Green: Argh! This thing is so girly!

Black: You said we can take these off after the audience had finished viewing our parody film!

Kiseki: Oh yeah. I forgot you 5 were wearing those skirts since last night until now.

Everyone (except the Ultimate Fire Team): *faints*

A/N: Gosh, this was really short compared to the previous one! So, I wonder which song will be the next parody for me to do? I accept 2 more requests by the end of this Tuesday. If those songs are interesting and I have more time to write, I'll continue accepting, but may update at a slower rate, since I have another Pokemon Special fanfic I need to update soon.

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