Just Fat

By: Sammy Jo

Mogadishu, Somalia

She was inevitably trapped within that camp. The confines of the camp were covered in the desert's dirt. Ziva David was curled into a ball in the farthest corner of the room. At first she prayed for someone to come in and rescue her but now all she prayed for was death. She wanted them to just be done with her and kill her. She couldn't stand living her life this way. She wanted to experience sweet, blissful death. Her head was hidden in her arms and she was starving. They had not fed her for two weeks. She felt sick to her stomach and every other minute she could hear her stomach grumble. She hoped that one of Saleem's men would bring her food. Her head suddenly shot up at the sound of the door to her cell creaking open. Her breath hitched in her throat and her body quaked with fear. She was somewhat relieved when it wasn't Saleem. It was Khamud. For a terrorist he was a kind man. He was the one who would sneak her food. He would apologize for not being able to come more often but Ziva understood that he couldn't always slip past the guards. Khamud saw that Ziva was crying and rushed to her.

"Hush child." The man soothed as he crouched down to her. "I have brought you food. It's okay."

"No." She said in a whimpering voice. "No, it's not. Why won't you kill me? Please."

He listened as her pleading voice held so much pain. He may have been a terrorist but he still had somewhat of a soul. He felt so bad for the young Israeli agent.

"Hey, I am not going to do that, okay? Now, can you tell me your name?"


"Ziva, hi. I brought you bread and some stew. I hope this helps."

She nodded weakly and grabbed the stew as she cried. She ate quickly. She knew she had to. She could not savor it for the man had to leave soon. She allowed the warmth to consume her as she ate. Then Khamud presented something she had craved for the entire time she was there. Water. She snatched the water from Khamud and consumed over half.

"Slow down, Ziva. You can be slow. Saleem will not be back for another hour. You have time."

She nodded, understanding what he was saying. He handed her more of the food and watched her as she eat. Ziva felt some of her pain stop. Khamud looked into her eyes and took the empty food bowl and bottle from her.

"How many times?" He asked.

He had asked this every time. He was referring to how many times she had been raped. Ziva held up her index finger on one hand and the first two fingers on her other hand. She had been raped twelve times in the last two weeks. Khamud closed his eyes and shook his head.

"I'm so sorry. If I could get you out of this place, I would."

Ziva felt as though she were going insane. Terrorists are never like this but why was Khamud like this.


"Why what?"

"Why are you being so nice to me?"

"I am a nice guy." He lied.

"Tell me the truth!" Ziva yelled, standing to her feet.

"Ziva, be quiet!" He hissed, trying to keep her from alerting the guards on the outside of the camp.

"No!" She shouted. "Tell me!"

Just then Khamud lost it. He punched her in the face to keep her quiet. She staggered to the ground and Khamud ran out. After a while Ziva sat up, holding her hand to her face. She felt her face throb due to the punch. After about twenty minutes after, Saleem busted into the room, dragging Khamud's dead body behind him.

"Are you happy now, you bitch? Your little supplier is dead. Now, you will pay."

Ziva closed her eyes tightly shut. She prayed for Saleem to pull out his gun or his knife and just end her suffering right there. But she knew that Saleem was much too smart for that. She knew that in order for her to suffer she had to stay alive. Saleem tossed Khamud's leg away and gripped Ziva by her blood-matted hair. He dragged her towards the filthy table and pulled out the torch. The torch was something she never looked forward to but she had a feeling it was coming. Saleem shoved her to the ground and ripped off the olive green jacket she wore. It was the only thing that covered her torso. Ziva then tried to fight back, still containing the will to fight. She smacked Saleem but he was not at all intimidated. He only slapped her back, his hit much harder than hers. He then had her pinned, his knees pressing down her thighs. This forced her legs apart. He pressed the torch into her flesh, giving her mid-torso a second degree burn. But even the torch was more preferable than what he had done back before he had started raping her. He had actually used water boarding on her. She thought she might have just died right then. Ziva was snapped out of her flashback when she felt Saleem push into her. It was official. He was raping her yet again. She laid there as he continued raping her. He thrust into her harder, inflicting more pain yet she resisted the urge to scream out in sheer agony and anguish. What Ziva didn't know was that this rape would change the rest of her life.