AN: Remember how I was doing that collab that put the Warblers and the ND at Sky High? Well, I haven't heard from the chick I was doing it with in forever, but I didn't want to do it alone, because that seems kind of bitchy. However, I could not get the idea of Superpowered!Glee out of my head.

And that is the story of how this story was born.

So, basically, the New Directions are a Justice League type of group. Kurt left then to join the Warblers, which is a sort of evil villian social group, because he met and fell in love with Blaine, and the evil community gives him much more respect then he ever got as a hero. This is a semi-plotted story. I mean, I have plot points, but no super-clear storyline or anything, so it's just alot of super-powered madness that ties with more super-powered madness to create a literary adventure. (Gee, I sure word grandly, don't I?)

Warnings: I don't have too much to put here, really. There will be suggestive themes and some smut (I'll change the rating once we get to a chapter where I actually write sex, but Imma make some pretty obvious hints until we get there), as well as violence and possibly a character death. (Don't freak out about that, please. I have...ways, let's say.)

Oh, and keep in mind that the first part is sort of how Finn thinks, and so the stuff about Mr. Schue and Sue is a bit biased. Also, I have no idea what goes on in Ohio politics. I made shit up.


Finn nearly jumped out of his seat at his girlfriend's voice. He had barely managed to regain composure by the time she burst through the doors to the New Directions' designated discussion area (codename: Chior room), her entire form radiating fury.

"Rachel?" he asked, his eyebrows furrowing in equal parts confusion and worry. "Is something wro-"

"Of course something's wrong!" She slammed the newspaper she had been carrying down upon the table before him with a force that was incredibly suprising for a girl of her size. She gestured to the paper, glaring at both the paper and Finn as he read it. (He felt a sense of dread before he'd even gotten in the title, as any article that made him apparently evil just by contact couldn't be good.) After he'd taken in the title, his dread was replaced with anger.

"You have got to be freaking kidding me."

Mr. Invincible has saved the city yet again! Ohio's Rebublican ways have been preserved with the capture of terroristic communist group.

Below the article title were two pictures.

One was a photo of the three members of The Council, a radical group dedicated to taking over Ohio and installing their way of running things. They have often tapped into school intercoms to try and preach their ideals, and they have stolen several million dollars from individuals funding members of the Republican party.

The other was a picture of a man whose face was covered by a mask, rather like the one in The Phantom of the Opera, who wore a dark blue suit with a long, flowing black cape. The man was looking off into the distance dramatically, with a group of twelve standing behind him, each of the six girls wearing a smiling mask, and each of the six boys wearing a frowning mask.

Finn has seen the image numerous times. Jesse sends a pre-approved picture to each newspaper and broadcasting station in Ohio every New Years. (Rachel tried that once, but several of the photos were mailed back after being defiled by sharpie.)

Finn wordlessly hands the newspaper to Artie, who has it projected on the wall by way of one of his gadgets in no time. The reactions come from all around the room.

"This is bullshit! We let the guy follow us to those idiots!"

"What? St. James said he just wanted to be there as back-up!"

"He took ALL the credit? He was knocked out the entire fight!"

"Oh HELL to the no!"

"This is obviously Rachel's fault!"

"Yeah! We all told her Schue 2.0 was playin' us."

Finn shook his head to try and clear the noise, before raising his voice.

"All right, enough! You guys, it isn't Rachel's fault. Jesse is really persuasive, and he talks a good game."

"Yeah, we know. That's why none of us believed him. Except Rachel."

"And hey, since you go along with everything Rachel says, I guess we could say that you believed him too."

Finn turned to glare at Puck and Santana, but neither of them cared, so he gave up after a second and looked back to the rest of the group.

"Look, Finn, maybe it's all a misunderstanding." Artie came forward, shyly stating his opinion. "I mean, the press is so used to Jesse and his robots saving the city. Maybe they just printed the story without asking anybody what really went down."

Sam shook his head. "Yeah, I don't know, he gave an interview and everything. Didn't mention us once." He flipped through the paper, squinting to read the small print. "Well, maybe he did, my brain doesn't really take in English all that clearly. Do we have a copy in anchient Greek?"

Quinn sighed, snatching the article away and giving it a critical once-over.

"Nope. It doesn't mention any of u-oh wait; here's something. It says that he had slight assistance from the lovely Crecendo, and that he hopes one day she will realize she is worth more then the semi-erotic semi-hero club, The Nude Discretions." She gave Rachel her best bitch glare. "How sweet of him."

Rachel grabbed the article, brightening considerably when she found her name.

"Quinn's right! He gave the press the name of my alter-ego! Quick, Finn, get a highlighter!"

Finn stared at her, a hint of betrayal on his face.


"Oh, nevermind, I always keep one on me in case of emergencies. It's just that I only have orange left, and I would have preffered pink, but orange is brighter anyway."

"Rachel! You can't be serious!"

She was obviously quite serious, as she began to look around for a hard surface. Finn valiantly ignored Puck's gestures to his crotch, and instead made a very heroic grab for the highlighter.

"Finn! Let go!"

"No way, Rach. He's a total jackass who used us for publicity!"

"And then he mentioned me. Which means the press will now keep an eye out for me, and since I'm the leader of this group, that means they'll be keeping an eye out for all of you as well!"

Thankfully, before the protests about Rachel's supposed leadership position began (and there would have been many), the large screen covering over half of the North wall came to life, and the face of their beloved leader appeared.

"Mr. Schue! Do you have any news? Missions? Food you need taken off your hands?"

The digital face offered Finn a quick laugh, before becoming serious again.

"I'm afraid not, kids. Now, I know things have been looking pretty dark lately-"

"No shit," mumbled Puck, but Mr. Schue didn't bother with more then a slight pause and frozen smile before continuing.

"-but, things have to get worse before they get better. Things have been getting worse and worse for us-"

"You mean us as in us right? Since you don't actually do anything."

"-but I think they're about to get better." He paused a minute, allowing himself a bright smile. "Guys, I've finally managed to hack into Sue's computer, and I think I figured out where the next big Warbler robbery is going to take place!"

There were skeptical looks shot at Schuester from all around the room, but Finn couldn't help himself from feeling confident. Sure, Mr. Schue had made a few mistakes in the past, but they weren't actually his fault, it was all Sue's. She was a devil in an expensive track suit, always causing Mr. Schue strife.

Besides, any chance at taking down the Warblers was a chance he would take. Those harmonizing bastards had stolen his little brother over to the dark side, tricked him into joining their evil circle.

He wanted his brother back. They'd really just gotten to the place they should be when Kurt was persuaded to the evil side, and it was totally his fault. If he had just been nicer to Kurt in the first place, none of this would have happened. Sure, it had been a little creepy that Kurt had tried to get those nickels with the little buffalo penis banned form being used as currency in all registered bussinesses in Ohio because they freaked Finn out, or the time he had stayed up three nights straight to paint over every bit of graffitti in Lima because Finn got frustrated trying to read it, or the time he had decorated the entire New Directions headquarters for the Superbowl because he'd overheard Finn talking about it. (Actually, that one had been kind of cool. It was just that the kid was a month early...)

Still, he really should have just sat him down and said, very nicely, that there was no chance of them ever becoming an item. Instead, he'd ignored the awkwardness and made sure to talk about how much he loved various baked goods whenever Kurt was around. He'd even hugged him once or twice, if Kurt pulled out the big guns and made cheesecake brownies. (Which, admittably, he shouldn't have done, as it could be misinterpreted. After all, the container he gave them in was heart-shaped...)

No, he let Kurt think they were getting closer then he wanted them to get. (Not that there's anything wrong with Kurt, it's just...Finn likes boobs.) He let himself get awkward, and then he took it out on Kurt, and caused a huge rift that kept them far from friends for a while.

But he had been fixing it! He told Kurt that they could be brothers. He'd have been the best big brother, and he was so ready to be.

Then that damn Blaine Anderson came along...

Blaine Anderson sat at his desk, glaring at the newspaper his secretary had rushed to him over an hour ago. Fucking Jesse St. James.

Did Blaine agree with The Council's agenda? Most definitely not. Did he still take it as a personal offense that some idiot in a damn cape, hell-bent on saving Ohio (why anyone was so after Ohio, of all states, he never has figured out) captured three of his associates? Completely.

He has put his heart and soul into turning The Warblers into the most sucessful alliance of crime lords outside of Miami for the past three years. He'd been a mere fourteen when he'd left home, flying out of his bedroom window into the dead of night. In November. In Ohio. It was not a pleasent flight.

It was worth it though, all of it. Look where he was now. He was the head of The Warblers, a group he'd built from the ground up. He'd gained enough money over the last few years to basically buy anything he wanted, not that he bothered, other then the penthouse, seeing as you can't actually steal an apartment. He'd collected thirteen boys with incredible potential, helped them work out how to go about the whole 'evil' thing, and then, once they were ready, he really started his bussiness.

He's like a pimp, really, only he rents boys out for mischief making and violence instead of sex. If the mafia needs someone intimidated and don't want to be connected, Blaine's got Trent ready to go. If one of the crazies up in Gotham want to keep the Bat and his little boyfriend off their trail, Jeff and Nick will journey over and start blowing random shit up and causing all sorts of trouble. If someone has enough money, Blaine's even been known to go out on a mission or two, because yeah, even though he's the glorified 'customer relations' guy, he's hands-down the most powerful.

Atleast he was, until a little over a month ago. He's pretty sure Kurt has him beat, atleast potentially.

Actually, he should probably call Kurt and check that he wasn't having any trouble setting up tonight's function. The last thing he wanted was for his boyfriend of four months to get so stressed that he started stomping around and raising hell. Literally. Having a devil for a mother meant that Kurt had quite a few special abilities.

One of which, was the ability to set people on fire.

He quickly grabbed his phone.

"Yes...Blaine, I know, there hasn't been one incident...Well yes, but Jeff deserved that...His hair isn't that great anyway; it looks better singed!...Fine, fine, I'll send him and Nick off to pick up some oreos or something...Love you too...bye."

Kurt sighed contently, hanging up his ridiculously expensive phone. Blaine was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

Blaine recognized his talent. Sure, he was usually kept away from the big stuff out of Blaine's irrational fear of losing him. (Whether he underestimated Kurt's abilities and thought he'd end up dead if he did more then rob a low-security bank, or if he had let Wes' cynical self convince him that Kurt would end up thinking he was better then Blaine and The Warblers and leave him was yet to be determined.)

Still, Blaine was sweet, and he'd do anything to protect him. Not that he really needed protection in most cases, but it was nice to have someone who put him first. Other then his father, and now Blaine, nobody ever has. People have cared, but not enough.

So yes, he'd gone over to the dark side. It's actually very classy, more so then the so-called 'heros' he used to work with, always at each other's throats. He has to say, The Warblers are really much nicer then one would expect from hardened thieves and murderers. (Not that he was hanging around a group of serial killers. The Warblers only killed if it would make their lives easier. If someone stayed out of their way, they wouldn't be killed. Simple.)

Kurt nodded to himself. He did miss his old friends, he did, but he was so much better off where he was. He'd made his choice, and he was sticking with it.

"New Directions, please gather around!"

Everyone remained as they were, ignoring Rachel completely. She huffed, before opening her mouth, emitting a scream that started softly, before rapidly increasing until it was unbearably loud, and several of the lighter members of the New Directions Assorted Heros Squad had to hand on to their chairs to avoid flying into the walls. (The furniture had all been nailed down long ago, mostly for the prevention of Rachel's voice blowing them away.)

"Now that I have your undivided attention," Rachel began, immediately stopping her scream and launching in to her presentation, "I have an idea I'd like to run by you."

There was some grumbling from several of the assembled heros, but nobody tried to stop her. She smiled brightly.

"Thank you for your cooperation. I have come to the conclusion that it would benifit us as a whole if we sent a specialized fragment of the team to check on the possible Warbler gathering. I feel that, in order to avoid traps and unecessary confusion, we should designate a small task force, leaving others to come to the rescue in the event that the force is either trapped of defeated."

"That," Puck began, a considering look on his face, "is actually not a bad idea."

"It would also keep Jesse of our trail, especially if Rachel stayed behind," Artie added, and then sent Rachel a slightly apologetic smile. "He seems to be able to track you, I suspect by scent."

"Well," Rachel started, frowning. "I was actually thinking that the best option would be to send Finn and myself-"

"Oh, no way in hell, Hobbit. That's not a task force, that's a date."

Rachel glared at Santana.

"I've got to say, she has a point. Besides, what are you and Finn going to do? You scream, Rachel. That's not really a power made for espionage."

"Sam's right," agreed Tina, gaining yet another glare from Rachel, but bravely ignoring it, seeing as Santana was pleased by the concert, and far scarier then Rachel. The girl had claws, and Tina wasn't using that as a fancy way to say sassy. "I mean, you yell, Finn shrinks, and you both wear neons. Don't you think you'll stand out?"

"Hey now," Finn interviened. "The only part of my outfit that's neon is the cape, and I was thinking of changing that anyway. There's no way I'm not going. You guys, Kurt could be there, okay? I could sneak in at the size of a toy soldier, listen in on their conversation! I'm not letting my little brother down, okay? I've done that enough." He sighed, searching his friends' faces with his eyes. "Please, I can get him back, I know I can. He just needs to hear me tell him I miss him. Then, he'll come back."

"That's very sweet, Finn. And your dedication is why you'll be the perfect partner in this stake-out!"

"Oh no," Quinn stood. "There is no way you're going, alright? This probably isn't worth all the stress, but on the off chance that there is something going on, something that involves Kurt, then I think it should be a priority to create the best team, not the one that gets you the most glory. Finn, Mike, Tina and Santana should go."

Rachel sighed.

"Quinn, I know it's really hard for you to believe this, but I do care about Kurt, and-"

"Rachel, she's right."

Everyone stared at Finn, most with surprise. Rachel's jaw dropped.

"But, Finn-"

He turned away from her.

"Rachel, I love you, but I love Kurt too. He's my little brother, and I screwed him over, we all did. We ignored him, Rachel, we pushed him to the side. Plus, we totally didn't believe him about not having an affair with Sam."

"Yeah, I never actually got an apology from any of you for that. Except Artie."

"Oh yeah? Well, sorry then, bro. If it helps, I always figured you and Kurt were both too bottom-y for it to actually work."

"Thanks, Puck."

"Getting back on track," Rachel interuppted loudly, before turning to Finn, "I can help make things right, Finn. I'm needed on this mission!"

"I just, I really think Quinn's picks for the team are better for this...specific mission. I mean, you're so good at stopping crime and stuff, but this is a stake-out, so the whole orange and pink outfit might kinda draw attention. Santana wears all black, and with the cat-girl thing-"

"It's leopard-woman, shrinky-dink."

"-Leopard-woman thing, she's got all of this natural sneakyness. I can get too small for anyone to notice, and Mike can twist his body so that it fits in all sorts of hidden places."

"What about Tina? She has blue hair!"

"Rachel, she dissapears."

"Fine," she huffed. "If you can't appreciate my unique talents in spying, then it's your loss."


"No, it's fine Finn. You're just trying to do what's best. Besides, I'm sure this is just another one of Mr. Schue's mistakes."

Finn sighed, watching her storm out. He really didn't want to hurt her feelings, and if there were different circumstances he'd back her up all the way, but he just couldn't let himself not do the best he could. Kurt was his brother.

"Alright. Mike, Tina, Santana? We leave in an hour."

Blaine thanked one of his assistants (he thinks the guy's name is Richard, but he can't be sure) and grabbed the keys out of the man's hands. (Richard, or whatever his name was, had to be atleast five years older then him, and he gains intense satisfaction from that.)

He had promised Kurt he'd meet him ten minutes before the party, so that they could meet and great people as they came in, so as to make bussiness connections and whatnot. He was excited. There'd be old clients, potential clients, and of course all members of The Warblers. He'd even convinced his secretary Shelby to attend.

Of course, there was also the fact that Kurt made sure there was a high-end dresscode, and Blaine was incredibly eager to see whatever outfit he'd come up with.

He also needed to keep an eye on him, because he was pretty sure Riddler had a bit of homosexual in him, and the last thing he needed was to find his boyfriend drugged with question mark hickeys all over. Poor Thad never had gotten over it when the same happened to him at last year's Christmas party. If Gotham's evil underground didn't make up about fifty percent of his clientel, then invites wouldn't even go near that city. Too uncivalized, for the most part, especially that green-haired fellow, though he did have a sweet girlfriend...

No, nobody will touch his boyfriend. Tonight, Kurt would not be leaving his sight.

Kurt hummed to himself, fixing his hair in the bathroom mirror. Perfect.

Blaine should be arriving any minute now, and the party would start whithin the hour. He'd done a fabulous job with the venue, especially considering the fact that the event was being held in a wearhouse on the shady side of town. He'd even pulled off the cabaret theme, complete with a stage and tables all decorated in soft blues, rich purples and deep reds. There was a fire-escape type balcony that overlooked the room that he'd reserved for bussiness, and a room connecting had been flooded with neon lights and fog machines, perfect for a Trent DJed dance party.

He'd completely outdone himself.

He'd show Blaine how well he could handle himself when surrounded by some of the most evil people on the planet. Tonight, he'd not let anything get in the way of proving himself.

Puck was quite enjoying the Playboy he was reading. Or atleast he was, until a small, tanned hand covered Miss January. He looked up slowly, a dangerous expression on his face.

"The hell do you want?"

Rachel was unfazed.

"I need your help, Noah."

He raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah? What with?"

She took a deep breath.

"We have to go check out the tip Mr. Schue gave us."

He turned his head to the side.

"What's in it for me?"

"A sense of pride in knowing that you're doing the right thing?"

He just stared at her blankly. She sighed.

"And I'll borrow Finn's key to Schue's office and accidentally leave it on your desk?"

He shrugged with a smirk.


She nodded.

"Great, but remember, we absolutely have to be the heros, alright?"

"Well duh," he scoffed. "It's not like we could do any less. The Puckasaurus never gets his ass beat."

Rachel smiled.

Tonight, she'd be the biggest hero of all.

AN: What do ya'll think? I know that I haven't even revealed everyone's powers, but most of them are going to have a backstory in the third chapter. (It's supposed to be a bit like A CHORUS LINE, with several of them telling their own story, but that's all I can say at the moment, as anything else would be spoilery. I'm proud of Tina's, though.

The only one's I haven't decided on are Mercedes and Mr. Schue. I have no idea what to do with either of them, power-wise.

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