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Blaine stepped into the wearhouse, smirking slightly as he noticed several of the arriving waiters and waitresses looking around in awe. Kurt had really outdone himself, though he supposed that was to be expected. He was dating a perfectionist.

He smiled as he caught sight of said perfectionist, delighting in the way he was bent over a table writing out something on a notecard, more then likely a script for one of the less socially-inclined help. He walked up behind his boyfriend, placing a hand possessively on Kurt's lower back.

"Evening, babe."

Kurt ignored him until he finished writing, before standing and turning to face him, lips pursed in annoyance.

"You're late."

Blaine scoffed playfully, wrapping his arms around Kurt's waist and dragging him close.

"Only by two minutes, Kurt. People are just now starting to get over here."

"Well yes, but I wanted you here early for a reason, Blaine. I haven't seen you all day, and perhaps I wanted a few minutes alone with you."

Blaine raised an eyebrow.

"Kurt, I thought you said you wanted me to be here so we could make sure we knew how to handle the guests, I had no idea that you had evil alterior motives." He kissed his boyfriend softly. "I'm so proud," he cooed, moving to connect their lips again, but Kurt ducked away. Blaine frowned. "Come back."

"Mmm, no," Kurt drawled. "You're too late. If you wanted kisses, you should have been on time like any good bussinessman."

"But I'm an evil bussiness man. You know I like to keep clients waiting."

"Yes," Kurt admitted, looping his arms around Blaine's neck, "but I was under the impression I was a bit more then a client. Unless you're sleeping with the mob as well?"

Blaine laughed softly.

"Please. If I was sneaking out to have affairs in the dead of night, someone," he kissed the tip of Kurt's nose, "would have noticed by now. Don't you think?"

"I am an exceptionally observant person."

Blaine laughed, kissing Kurt's cheek and hugging him tighter. Kurt sighed into the embrace, before reluctantly backing away.

"The guests will be here soon," he sighed, quickly kissing Blaine on the cheek. "I suppose it's time to put on our metaphorical masks, isn't it?"

"I guess so," Blaine agreed sadly, squeezing his boyfriend's hand. "I love you."

"I love you too," he said with a small smile.

"Wow. Are you sure we're actually in a wearhouse, Finn?"

"Yeah," Tina agreed with a sense of awe, "It's so...glamorous."

Finn wipped out the map Sam had drawn them up earlier, checking it just in case. (He had to go off the pictures, since quite a few of the words were jumbled, but that's what happens when you work with a boy who's mind was formed with the purpose of cracking codes, and therefor has a problem actually reading english.)

"Yeah, this is it."

"Damn, I never knew evil was so stylish. Maybe I should pull a Hummel and jump ship."

"Shut up, Santana," Tina monotoned. "Kurt isn't suddenly evil."

"I never said he suddenly became evil. My guess is that he was born that way. We really should have seen it coming. I mean, the guy had a shrine dedicated to Patrick Dempsey, who we all know is the cause of syphillus."

That statement recieved several blank stares, and caused a slight pause in conversation.

"Can you be born evil?" Mike questioned after a moment.

"Well, duh. Haven't you ever of that Russian demon kid who tried to kill her adoptive parents?"

"Yeah, but she was actually, like, thrity or something."

Tina raised an eyebrow at her boyfriend. He blushed slightly.

"It was also a movie."

"Guys, shut up," Finn whispered harshly. "We're undercover, remember?"

"Right," agreed Mike, quickly becoming serious. "We need to get into position before too many people have shown up. Everyone remember where they're going?"

They all nodded.

"Cool," Finn grinned. "All we have to do is listen in, figure out where Kurt is, and get out. Got it?"

"Got it."


Blaine nodded, smiling, even as he ignored everything the cyborg-esque man in front of him was saying. God, you'd think people in his line of work would be more interesting in general, but no. The last thing Blaine wanted was stock tips, because really? He had a phsycic for that.

Still, he had to keep up appearences, so robo-cop here needed to think he gave a shit.

He observed the room out of the corner of his eye, his focus lingering on Kurt, dancing sandwitched between Nick and Jeff. He clenched his fists, trying to ignore the jealousy pooling in his stomach. He needs to go down there and get him, right now. He can tell Trent to oversee the party, and then he'll take Kurt back home, and tie him to the bed, and not let him leave for a year. Except to, you know, use the bathroom and bathe, but showers would be supervised, because he knows Jeff has a knack for scaling walls and finding ways to wherever he shouldn't be.

He forced his fists to unclench, soothed slightly from the lovely idea of keeping Kurt all to himself. Still, better Nick and Jeff then someone dangerous, he reminded himself. Of course, Jeff chose that moment to allow his hands to wander.

Blaine's eyes flashed, and a red beam shot out from them, effectively setting Jeff's suit on fire. He turned back to the cyborg sitting across from him, smiling politely.

"I'm terribly sorry, but I have something to attend to at the moment. Thank you for your input."

He was pressed against Kurt's back in less then a second.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" he growled.

Kurt giggled softly, grinding back into him.

"I don't know what you're talking about. Do you need me to point out the other Warblers? Since you've apparently decided to dance with your employees? Jeff's the one literally smoking, and Nick is trying to put him out. Trent's over at the dj station, and-"

"Kurt," Blaine groaned, causing a little smirk to form on the half-devil's face. "I'm not really in the mood for playing games."

"No? Well then," he rolled his ass back against Blaine's crotch, before turning around and facing him fondling the edge of his tie. "What are you in the mood for?"

Tina wove between people at the edge of the dance floor, too concerned with getting bumped in to to risk moving more towards the center of the throng of dancing villians. She'd always imagined evil do-ers would have shady luncheons or something, but the party was pretty astounding. Hell, Santana might have a point about changing sides.

Or atleast trying to befriend Jesse St. James, because he probably had cool parties all the time.

She shook her head to clear her thoughts. She's being awful, she knows, thinking about random things when she should be focusing on finding Kurt. It's hard though, because she's short, and really the only one who can even try to look. Finn can't get anywhere efficiently now that he's the size of a peanut, Mike's stuffed himself inside an airvent above the bussiness tables to see if he can overhear anything important, so it would be impossible for him to see Kurt unless he entered his exact line of vision, and Santana...well, she probably ended up sneaking food and hiding somewhere to watch some fight or another.

Wait. She can just run up to the platforms overlooking the rooms, and try to spot Kurt from up there. She rolls her eyes at herself, and turns on her heel to go fing the stairs.

He's being seduced.

It's not hard to see, and if he's honest, he doesn't know how to feel about it. Kurt, his Kurt, is grinding up against him, whispering innuendos he doesn't even try to conceal, and it's a hell of alot more fun then he was having five minutes ago with the damn robot watching Kurt do the same to Jeff. Oh, hell, was Kurt talking like this to Jeff? It's ridiculous to think that there was anything behind it, but Kurt very well might have for the benifit of those surrounding. Was he thinking he'd keep Kurt tied to the bed for a year? Cause fuck that, he wouldn't leave for the next decade.

He knows why this is all happening, of course. Kurt has a (very well concealed) kinky side, and he wouldn't put it past him to enjoy flaunting his ability to grind on one of the most powerful villians (though he usually denied that being a proper label for himself and his Warblers) in America, but this isn't about sexual desire. Or well, maybe it is, but as dark as Kurt can be, he has his heart set on his fairytale, with his perfect prince and the adoration of everyone. Now, Blaine puts alot into being the perfect boyfriend (at being perfect at everything, if he's honest), but he gets the feeling that Kurt's ideals don't involve his secret, Shakesperian romance staying secret forever. The thrill of those first few weeks before they were actually together, when they were playing Romeo and Julius were fun, exciting, thrilling even. Then the past four months had occured, and they'd been in the honeymoon stage for the majority of that time.

Now though, Kurt wanted everyone to know how much they were in love. And that teriffies Blaine. Kurt's all he has, if you look past all the material things, and there's no way he wants to risk losing that. He himself is nearly indistructable, but Kurt, as powerful as he is, wouldn't be too hard to kill, if it was gone about in the right way. If people knew how much he loved him, there's no telling how many would try to go after Kurt to get to him.

Still, he has an extremely possessive nature, especially when it comes to his Kurt. In all honesty, he has no idea if he'll be able to keep the facade up forever. Plus, the fact that his boyfriend wants everyone to know about them, and that he's denying him just freaks him out. He's terrified of losing Kurt, anyone who really knew him (which is probably only Kurt, Nick, Jeff, Trent, and his secretary Shelby) could advocate for that fact. Would keeping Kurt as his secret be more dangerous to his relationship then it would be helpful? He couldn't seem to decide.

So, he'll settle for sending the damn mixed signals he knows he always sends. He'll let Kurt gring against him as he holds his hips. He'll nip at that neck until Kurt becomes a puddle, and he'll prevent others from coming between them.

But he won't kiss him, atleast not sweetly.

And he most certainly won't tell him he loves him on the middle of the dancefloor.

Because self control is one of the many characteristics he prides himself on.

Tina finally manages to find a good vantage point. It's annoying that it took this long, but she'd had to abandon the stairs twice and retry when some of the larger guests had made their way down. Still, so long as she made it in the end.

It only took her a few seconds before she was whipping out her phone to text the others Kurt's location. (Thank God for Artie, and his willingness to work for three weeks to make her a phone that would turn invisible, even though it was hell when she lost it.)

Finn jumped on top of his phone as soon as it started buzzing. After being knocked off by the vibrations, and then climbing back up, he scrambled across the buttons to reach the touch screen. He grinned when he saw the text from Tina.

He was finally, finally about to make it up to his little brother. He'd be a hero, just like his dad.

Man, his mom was going to be proud.

It took Mike a minute to untangle himself, but once he did, his phone was out. He allowed himself a smile at the message. He'd always felt bad for not actually speaking out and telling everyone how ridiculous the whole Sam thing was, and really, he liked Kurt. He was the only one besides Tina (and sometimes Sam and Artie) who listened to his ideas. He'd even helped him make a power-point to help pitch the idea of adding Dance Dance Revolution to guys game night, and that was really nice, since he never went. (Actually, Mike didn't suppose they'd ever actually invited him, and now he feels worse.)

It should be okay though. They'll save him.

Santana got the text and rolled her eyes. She'd seen Kurt ages ago, but if she were honest, he didn't seem to be having too hard a time, sandwiched between that tall blonde and the shorter guy with nice hair. She frowned slightly at Tina's location -that was nowhere near where she'd seen him earlier, but whatever- and quickly shot down from the ceiling and tackled Hummel.

Kurt was having an exceptionally lovely time. Blaine was close to giving in, he could feel it. He smirked when he heard his boyfriend groan as he rolled his hips particularly hard, and he turned in Blaine's arms to take advantage of the moment.

"Kiss me?" he asked, pouting his lips slightly, the way he knew drove Blaine mad.

"You're trying to manipulate me," Blaine accused with a glare, though Kurt noticed the way he swallowed nervously, and he made a smiled.

"Is it working?"


Oh, Blaine was going to kiss him, right in front of everyone, and if he could just have that, then he could probably get everyone to pretend the entire underworld knew they were together, and Blaine, paranoid as he is, would believe them, and then he'd have something to work with.

"Dear God!"

Blaine immediately redirected his attention, turning towards the commotion breaking out across the dance floor. Kurt resisted stomping his foot in aggravation, and instead focused on Blaine's face. He was concentrating, probably using x-ray vision, and his face hardened at whatever he saw.

"What is it?"

"Irish just got jumped."

Rory Flannigan didn't want much. Friends would be nice, and a girlfriend even better, but that was about it. He'd even settle for aquaintences, and to be honest, that's why he was where he was. He'd recieved an invite exactly two weeks and four days ago, and he'd been counting down the days to this party ever since. He doesn't get invited places much, and even when he'd tried being friends with the New Directions they weren't too nice. Not that they were really mean, except for Santana, but they really only liked him for his powers, and not who he was. He thinks Sam might have liked him, because he tried to talk to him about bagpipes that one time, but other then that he was pretty much ignored. He wasn't even invited to guy's game night, even after Finn had said they could be friends. He thought it might have been something you had to earn by being in the group for a while, since Kurt looked the youngest other then him and he didn't go, but the other boy had just looked at him sadly and said that no, it wasn't that, since he had been there longer then any of the guys besides Finn and Artie.

He'd ended up just leaving after Finn and Puck had taken him on a mission and then went to get pizza after without bothering to tell him where they were going. He only got a call wondering where he was a few days later, and Finn started off by saying "Hey buddy, we were starting to wonder where you went. The next mission we're going on is in a few days, and we don't really have enough people to pull it off-"

He wanted to go, but his mum insitsed that he find different friends. He hadn't left the house for that entire weekend.

He'd eventually given up, but then the invitation came, and his mum had been so excited for him. His mum was actually the one to drive him to the Anderson Co. Headquarters, which was the adress listed, since he was only fifteen and a bit afraid of the bus. He'd met Flint soon after he'd arrived. The guy was tall, taller then him and nearly as tall as Finn, but he was very nice. He said he'd been given the job of watching out for him. On the ride to the actual party (which had a location Flint said 'the boss' hadn't wanted him riding through alone) he'd learned all about how Kurt had ended up dating the head of 'evil incorperated' and had apparently taken a special interest in him. His hopes for friendship had returned.

Of course, right now he was most concerned with getting whoever had just landed on his head off, but even that doesn't really seem like an unreasonable wish, if you ask him.

There was alot of commotion around him, most of it laughter, but he wasn't really hearing, just flailing and trying to cover his eyes, because whoever was on him had claws.

Blaine was seeing red. Literally, because he was trying to shoot the damn cat-girl off of his guest, but mostly figuratively, because he knew exactly who that cat girl was affiliated with. Damn Finn Hudson and the New Directions, and he'd like to not murder in front of his clients, but he just might at this point. They are just so frickin dramatic.

He finally managed to hit the Latina, sending her flying towards a wall. She was snatched out of mid-air as a hand, attatched to an arm that suddenly seemed to be about twenty feet long, grabbed her. Blaine followed the arm down to the person it belonged to, dressed all in black and masked completely, looking very similar to a ninja, despite the red beaded bracelet adorning his wrist.


Within seconds, Trent launched Jeff into the air, where he missed the girl by about a foot. Luke, one of the other Warblers, who had the remarkable ability to transform into any animal, quickly to the form of a cheetah, rushing through the crowd after the boy and cat woman.

Blaine observed the fight for a moment, as did the rest of the guests, hooting and hollering at the welcome violence. He was distraced when he heard Kurt hiss his name, and looked down to see him at Rory's side.

"Blaine, he's bleeding. Can we just call this off and get him some help?"

"Don't worry about it," he replied with a grim smile. "These guys have been following St. James around for ages. If we capture some of these idiots, he might be willing to negotiate. Just go ahead and take Irish back to headquarters."

"But Blaine, what if someone gets hurt?"

"Aw, baby, the Warblers and I will be fine." Blaine smiled, kneeling down beside him to kiss his forhead. It was so sweet of Kurt to be concerned. "If it really bothers you though, you can just wait in the car."

"I don actually think I'm that injured-"

"Quiet, Rory, you can't think from shock."

"But I-"

"Stop talking, you'll make it worse." Kurt put his hand over the younger boy's mouth, shaking his head when he tried to speak again, and turned to Blaine with a terribly fake smile.

"Honey, I really think it's for the best if we just kick them out, instead of taking them as hostages. I mean, they could get loose, or overhear something important, or-"

"Sweetheart," Blaine cut him off, frowning at the fast, nervous tone he was taking on. "What's the matter? There's no reason to be so upset. If it's because they're messing up your party? I'll throw you a new one, I promise. We can even-" He paused as they ducked to avoid Nick flying by. "-get that fancy sound system thingy you wanted. Besides, everyone's enjoying the violence anyway."

"No, I know, I just think that they aren't worth it, I mean, we'll have to feed them, and who knows how expensive that will be, and-"

Their conversation was cut off as cheering erupted around them. Kurt's eyes widened as Flint came forward with Santana's limp body over one shoulder and Mike's over the other.

"We got 'em, sir. Threw the girl into the guy and knocked 'em both out."

Nick stepped forward, his hands gripping something unseen and his jaw set as he struggled with it.

"I bumped into whoever this is after ninja-boy sent me flying. I'm pretty sure it's a girl."

"Yeah, and I got the midgit here," Luke added, Holding Finn up in one hand. "He just dropped down and started pulling at Jeff's hair."

"It's always my damn hair," Jeff mumbled.

"Good job, guys. Let's get these guys back to headquarters, alright? I think the party's dying down anyway." It was a bit of ironic wording, seeing as several other fights had broken out and there actually were several bodies decorating the floor, but what's to be expected from a group of criminals?

Blaine looked over to where Kurt and Rory were, but his boyfriend was gone. Rory, who was now standing just fine, though he had several scratches covering his face and his clothing was torn and slightly bloodstained, just shrugged.

"Said something about drawing a bath for him and yourself." The boy grinned cheekily. "Have fun with tha."

Blaine raised his eyebrows, a smile spreading across his face. He turned back to the Warblers.

"Change in plans. You boys go ahead and get these guys set up in the hostage quarters, and I'll go home and, um, discuss with Kurt the best possible way to contact St. James."

There were several eye-rolls and smirks at that, but no one said anything outright. Nick snorted with laughter, but let it go and instead moved to grab Rory's arm and lead him out to the cars.

They were all out in the parking lot, with three of their four captives already bound and gagged in the back of Flint's armored hummer, when Finn managed to scramble out of Luke's grasp.

"Ow! The damn thing bit me!"

As soon as the minute boy's feet hit the ground, he grew until he towered over all of the Warblers. (With the exception of Flint, who is only an inch or two shorter.)

All of the boys took a fighting stance, and Finn quickly punched Luke in the jaw. Flint stepped forward to grab him, but Finn managed to duck down enough to head-but him in the stomach. He advanced on Blaine, but was stopped when Rory's foot shot out, hitting him square in the groin with an exceptional amount of power. Finn doubled over with a howl of pain, and Trent and Nick were immediately tying his wrists together.

Blaine laughed, patting Rory on the shoulder.

"Nice kick. You play soccer?"

"Oh yeah," Rory said entusiastically. "I was on my school team back ome."

Blaine took a second to consider the boy. He didn't really need another Warbler, but Kurt had put alot into making sure this boy came to the party, and really, the kid seemed sweet and pretty eager to please.

"You know what, why don't you call your parents and see if you can sleep over or something? I think I might just have a proposition for you, and besides, we wouldn't want to worry your family with the scratches and all."

Rory looked at him with an almost embarassing amount of awe.

"Oh, thank you, Blaine Anderson. I'll be sure to do ya proud."

Blaine nodded, sending Nick a thankful look as he reached out to lead the boy to his and Jeff's car.

Blaine took a moment to shoot Finn a mildly disgusted look, before opening the door to his car.

"I assume you boys can handle it from here?"

The remaining Warblers nodded.

Finn finally lifted his head from the ground.

"I'll, I'll kill you, I mean it. You're either going to let my brother go, or die."

Blaine laughed, along with several of the other boys.

"Well, I guess I'll have to watch out then, because I can't let go of someone I don't have."

And on that note, he slammed the door and sped off, heading home to his boyfriend and what was hopefully a less then innocent tub bath.

AN: So, yeah, Blaine doesn't actually know that Kurt was a part of the New Directions. He knows he was fighting for good, and whoever he worked with didn't appreciate him, but Kurt tries to keep his connections to the semi-fail group of heros secret. (Not that he's the only one with secrets in that relationship. Blainers has some family issues, and mega bonus points if you can guess in somewhat the right direction in regaurds to that story.)

I added Rory. Because I like Rory.

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