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"My bellybutton's so...square." I said grinning from ear to ear. My bright blue eyes grew wide with curiosity as I poked my stomach to see if it did anything.

The doctor smiled at me like she understood whatever I was seeing, "Oh that bellybutton looks very unusual, most bellybuttons don't usually look like that." her dull brown eyes stared at me in sympathy, like she knew what exactly happened to me. Then she stood up and dusted herself off like she was playing in dirt or something and rubbed my little blonde head, "Well Miss Rin, I must be off now. Goodbye."

Instead of saying goodbye like most normal people would, I said, "OH MY GOODNESS! IT TURNED INTO A GIANT PICKLE!"

The doctor quickly left my room looking like the sympathy in her eyes immediately melted away as soon as I said that. When she left I blinked and I felt my sanity had returned.

Ok, you're probably wondering where I am and why I'm acting this way. I have a reason! And it's not that I'm mentally insane that I just HAD to go live in a mental hospital. So now you're wondering why I am living in one. I'm getting there! Just hold your horses, if you have any. Anyways, so, uh... Let me start the story in the next paragraph.

My story is much like Cinderella's story except I have a twin brother named Len and she doesn't. Anyways moving on, when my brother and I were young our Mom died and our Dad quickly got remarried since he started worrying about us growing up without a mother. That's when I got an evil stepmother and stepsisters named Miku and Luka. They weren't the brightest knife in the drawer (or was it sharpest?) and they weren't that pretty either. I'm just sugarcoating it right now. Several years later my Dad died because of some rare illness that no one knew how to cure, so he slowly died in peace.

Now it's just me and Len with a bunch of evil weirdos living with us. Soon my stepmother started using me as a maid, just like Cinderella, but she didn't use Len as a butler. Instead she included him as part of HER family! Can you believe that? But then I heard that Miku and Luka both have a crush on him. Not like I blame them. If I wasn't related to Len I would've had a crush on him too. But anyways, like a good brother he is, Len tried to protect me from the mistreatment I was getting by helping me out on things I was told to do. And since Len spent most of his time with me, Miku and Luka instantly got jealous and wanted me to disappear. And of course Len wouldn't let them do that, because, duh, I'm his sister.

On one unfortunate day, Luka learned how to hypnotize other people by using a pocket watch she "found" in front of a watch store. So Miku and Luka decided to start their "Make-Rin-Disappear-By-Hypnotizing-Her-Or -Something" yeah, like I said, they're not very bright even though they're older than me by two years. So then they surprisingly tricked me by saying that some random guy likes me and I totally believed them. I mean hey, I never had anyone like-like me before so I was excited. All of the sudden, they tied me down on a chair and hypnotized me. At first they couldn't think of anything for me to do. Then Miku's brain started working and said that Luka should hypnotize me to be forever mentally insane so I would live in the loony bin for life. That was a surprisingly good plan coming from the two sisters. Then they hypnotized me to become mentally insane, and I was then sent to the mental hospital. The end.

Oh and that was last year's news. Now Len is trying his hardest trying to get me out of this weird place. Six months ago I managed to break part of some of the hypnotism. Now I act insane in front of the doctors and normal people. When they leave my room I act pretty normal. I only act normal in front of Len, the few people I trust, and mental people.

"RIN, YOU HAVE A VISITOR." blared the intercom. I jumped and immediately I started to act insane again. I screamed the ABC's and clapped. Soon the intercom turned off and then the door opened and standing there was my brother Len.

Len ran towards me and hugged me tight, "Hey Rin, you ok?"

My sanity came back and I hugged him back, "Did you miss you're big sister, shorty?"

My twin brother chuckled and stepped back and measured our heights with his hand, "Yes I did. And I'm taller than you by five inches so I wouldn't be talking."

"That's 'cause you hit your growth spurt and I haven't!" I fumed punching my brother playfully. When I punched him I saw his blue eyes looking a little dull than usual and his little blonde ponytail sagging. I knew something was up. And yes his ponytail sags. It would usually tell me his emotions by the way it hangs.

I squeezed his nose, "Hey what's the matter bro'?"

He looked at me and spoke in a nasally voice, "Well I wanted to stop by before I leave."

I froze. Leave? I stopped squeezing his nose, "Why are you leaving?"

Len looked away and played with his ponytail, "Well stepmother announced we were moving to New York City and Miku and Luka wanted to leave you here... And I have to go with them."

"Well why can't you stay here in Ripley?" I asked freaking out. He's leaving? My only brother who is the only person I have left in the world is leaving?

"I can't! They have me on a leash that I can't get out of." Len reached into his pocket and pulled out a necklace. The necklace had a treble clef charm on it that kind of sparkled in the light. He moved closer to me and wrapped the necklace around me and whispered, "I'll be back in two months, just in time for Mom's Anniversary."

Then Len let go and hugged me tight again, like it would be the last time he would ever meet again. When he let go, my brother kissed me on the head and waved goodbye then he left.

I clutched my necklace and felt my tears roll down my face, "What the hell? Why am I crying?" I sniffed, "He's going to come back soon."

"RIN, YOU HAVE A NEW ROOMMATE." announced the intercom. I jumped in surprise
and then I started screaming my head off, once the intercom shut off my sanity returned. Then all of the sudden the door kicked open, and standing there was a boy with teal-colored hair.

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