I stared at the giraffe with a blank look on my face. Well, I think it's blank. Blank like a sheet of white paper. Where did the stinky giraffe come up with this random theory of his? I think I wasn't really paying attention to Mikuo's explanation, or maybe I was… or maybe I was thinking about Kaito-nii being in danger. OH CRAP. THE ANIME GOT TO ME, IT FREAKING GOT TO ME.

Oh geez, that first paragraph is a bunch of gibberish. I don't even know what to talk about. This is scary, or not really scary. And I'm still talking gibberish. I think I need to take a deep breath and calm down.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Oh hey, I feel calmer now! Sorry for the barf-like paragraphs there, I am still shaken up about Len and Kaito-nii… and Mikuo calling my name for the first time. It was like I was hit by an arrow of… warmth. Actually no, not warmth, it's more like…. Squeeee. Yep, you read that right. Squeeee.

Ok, so Mikuo had completely changed our plan to something much simpler than our last one because he found out stuff about Kaito and something about bringing us a step closer to solving my hypnotism. But I thought that our plan before was actually pretty good, I mean it sounded so clever! Plus it was quicker too! Now, it might seem that our current plan is going to take longer to get rid of my hypnotism problem. Even so, I still trust that stinky giraffe that hates oranges and apparently bananas because bananas are yellow while he's yellow. Oh my, I'm talking weird again. IGNORE WHAT I JUST SAID.

As I thought about Mikuo's plan, I began to point out some of the major problems that he may or may not have figured out just yet. For example: where are we going to get the money? Or how are we going to deal with my being all psycho and harming senior citizens? I seem to have a knack for harming senior citizens when I go all cuckoo for my cocoa puffs for some odd reason. I think it's my Grandpa's fault for scaring the bejizzles out of me when I was younger. Anyways, I also wondered where we were going to stay at and how he's going to cure me.

After I asked Mikuo my questions, he just stared at me and grinned, "For that, we're just going to do it your way: wing it."

Wing it? Wow, how unoriginal! But seriously, winging it would really solve everything? And since when did I "wing" stuff?! I DO NOT WING STUFF. I DON'T EVEN HAVE ANY WINGS. I'M LIKE A CHICKEN, OR AND OSTRICH. WAIT, THOSE TWO HAVE WINGS. BUT NEVER MIND THAT, YOU GET MY POINT.

"Meiko, are you willing to lend us money for our travels?" asked Mikuo seriously. I turned to look at him in disbelief. His determined teal eyes stared straight into Meiko's scarlet ones which made Meiko glare at him.

Then she asked, "Is your name Mikuo?"

"Yes." Replied the giraffe, and before I knew it the he was on the ground rubbing his left cheek. Surprisingly, he didn't complain and asked calmly, "Whatever I did wrong, please forgive me and let me repeat the question: Will you lend Rin and I money for our traveling?"

Kaito nii's fiancé took a deep breath. "I still don't trust you. After Kaito wrote that stupid porn-I mean, because of specific reasons that I can't tell you I will lend you money because this stupid conflict in my Rin's family has gone long enough. And I have a feeling that Kaito chose you to do be the hero."

Then Meiko and giraffe went to plan the "escape" out. Without me. Terrible people I know. I don't blame them though; even I wouldn't want to plan the escape because of my previous failed escapes that lead them to not trust me to come up with ideas. While they plan things out, I just laid on my orange-peeled covered bed as I did somersaults on it. It was quite fun actually.

At one point though, I somersaulted so far off my bed that I landed on the ground with a bang to my head. Sadly, Meiko and Mikuo ignored me so I squeeed in pain as I rolled on the floor. But I did hear their plan though! We would all start leaving tomorrow at nine o'clock in the morning. At that time though, the security would be down. I wanted to pop in and say that the security actually has gotten a bit harder because of escapees and me –mainly because I put the old man in a coma and the scary increase in escapees—but I didn't want to. Mikuo did say we were going to wing it. Also I wondered where he got the conclusion of the security being weak and lazy. Even I pay attention to the security and I know that the security has gotten stronger around here.

The next part of the plan is that Meiko would give us money to help us last the next three days on the road and we would have meeting marks on cities that would allow us to visit her for information and have her more money for the next several days until we could meet her in the next town. The money part's been covered and now next for dealing with me becoming the next serial killer/psycho path of America. Mikuo came up with making me listen to loud music and having me close my eyes for the entire trip. I thought that it wasn't possible for me to do that, but to him apparently I do have the willpower to do it. Then it made me realize that he believes in me to have the willpower to do the impossible. Wait… he believes in me?! Squeee~ SQUEEEE!

Rin, stop it.

You're getting your hopes up.

Just stop.

Rin, you do NOT like the giraffe.

He's an ass of a giraffe that only trusts you.

That's it.

Nothing more.

And you have mutual feelings for him too.

Now that my mental problem has somehow been covered and so did everything else apparently, Meiko got up and left but still doesn't trust Mikuo in sleeping in the same room as me. I don't blame her. Neither do me and Len's magical kitty bananas. His kitty bananas are delicious. He makes them into looking like kitties and-

Oops, getting off topic here! Then we both fell asleep in separate beds, but I fell asleep with that lingering feeling about Mikuo's security theory. But somehow I crawled back into Mikuo's bed without him even knowing. It doesn't mean that I like him or anything! I even proved it earlier too! It's just that I was afraid of getting bad dreams again! Yeah, that's right. Totally right, it's even right on. I snuggled against him and clutched on his black and white plaid shirt in the dark and slowly closed my eyes.

Then I dreamt.

I saw myself in the Wizard of Oz scenery and my companions were Meiko as the Tin Can Man, Len as the Cowardly Lion (I must do say that he looked ÜBER cute in it), and Kaito-nii… naked with a long blue scarf covering his elephant. I mean literally. His wang was an elephant making elephant noises whenever Kaito laughed. Yeah, my dreams were weird. Anyways, we had just defeated the Wicked Witch of the West—which was a two-headed witch that consisted of Luka and he meanie butt mom—and we were going to visit the Wizard of Oz to have our wishes granted.

Let's pause here. I wonder why Miku wasn't part of the two-headed witch thing. She's evil right? There's a reason why Cinderella's story had two mean stepsisters. But I don't know that reason. So it isn't relevant to me.

Continuing on, then we went to go see Oz, but it surprisingly turned out to be Mikuo. As we talked, I noticed that there was something wrong with Mikuo. Like he was… I really can't put my finger on it but I feel like he wasn't himself. It was odd. Way too odd. I spoke up and asked, "Oz, sir, is there something odd with you?"

Then Mikuo did the creepiest ever. He turned towards me with an eerie smile on his face and then… his eyes just went blank. His eyes looked like it had no light in it, like his were glazed over…like he himself was hypnotized himself. He replied in a monotone voice, "I am fine Rin, don't cry, I will help you. Help you. Help you."

His voice kept repeating the same words over and over again to the point that I started screaming and apparently I screamed out loud as I dreamt because I felt something shake me awake. I opened my eyes and my cheeks felt wet. Mikuo stared at me with a worried look but jokingly said, "Did you orgasm that hard?"

Tears started to brim my eyes again and then Mikuo quickly stuttered realizing he went out of line and started hugging me. My stomach tightened up again and he spoke softly, "Whatever happened in that nightmare, it's not real and I'll… protect you. Don't worry and go back to sleep."

For some reason, I felt like this was his first time trying to comfort someone. I clutched on his shirt and before I knew it I sort of slobbered all over it as I cried. Mikuo shook a little, wanting to kick me off of him but he didn't and soon enough I fell back asleep again. When I woke up, Mikuo and Meiko were already discussing things and he already changed his shirt to a purple striped, thin, sweater. Woops.

Meiko already noticed me and gave me a gentle smile, "You ready to go, Rin?"

I nodded. I wanted to get out of here, and now I can! But when I got up, I realized something. Something really horrible that I buckled down on the floor and feeling like I won't be able to get up. Mikuo was the first to come over to me to help me up. I gulped. I knew that there was something strange with Mikuo's conclusion with the security being stupid and weakening, and the dream proved my suspicions.

I looked up at Mikuo with a fear look and I asked, "Where did you come up with the conclusion with the security weakening?"

"What are you talking about," Mikuo replied laughing nervously, "Haven't you noticed it being lazier than before?"

No I haven't. I did notice that the security being more high than usual. I shook my head, "Mikuo, the security isn't becoming lazier. In fact, it's becoming stronger."

I stared at him straight in the eyes and for the first time, I noticed his eyes were dilated. Panic grew inside me and I grabbed his wrist to check his pulse: it was very steady, too steady for it to be normal. I looked at him again, "Mikuo, I'm sorry to say this… but I think you're hypnotized too."

DUN DUN DUN! I don't think there's a bunch of comedy in this one but whatever, I need to start off the plot anyways. At first when I started this story, I did not expect Mikuo to be hypnotized too, or maybe he isn't, it was sort of all-in-the-moment thing. What's going to happen now? This is what happens when I watch The Mentalist!

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