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Hi there. My name is Mikuo Hatsune and I used to have this mental problem. This problem I used to have was having severe hallucinations of popular YouTube characters. For example, the Annoying Orange, Charlie the Unicorn, etc.

But lately, they had disappeared. Like they were just temporary ghosts/poltergeists who just wanted to bother me for several years. Like they were just an allergy that wouldn't go away until it felt like it. Like my hallucinations...didn't like me anymore and were just bored of how I reacted.

Now that I think about it, I think I've grown attached to my hallucinations. I mean, how can you get attached to just a figment of your imagination? Well the answer is: I just don't know.

Anyways, since I'm starting to miss my hallucinations, I'm beginning to start missing Charlie the Unicorn the most.

I know, I know what you're thinking. Wasn't he the one who freaking sent me to a mental hospital to become a patient and become roommates with my ever so useless partner and retarded rabbit, Rin? Yes, he did. But that doesn't stop me from missing that old and realistic unicorn. I mean we used to be so chill back in the old days.

I would be like, "What's up, Charlie."

And he'd be like, "Nothin' much kid. Just chillin' while watching your future girlfriend come up with ideas for your guys' escape."

Then I'd be like. "The fuck man? She's not my girlfriend."

And then Charlie would give a smarty ass reply, "I never said she is your girlfriend."

So after that we would go on a cussing argument with each other while Rin turns around looking at me confusingly while I cuss out nobody that she sees.

Ah, shoot... Getting off topic here. So anyways this whole disappearance of the hallucinations thing happened on the day when I finally got Rin to start planning for our plans. But I didn't realize that they weren't there at least two days later. Wow, this sounds really confusing right now. Ok lemme give you a simple timeline.

On October 22 was the day when I came to become roommates with Rin and Kaito came to fill me in with some info. On October 24 was the day when my hallucinations disappeared but I was busy discussing things with Rin to even notice that they were gone. And then on October 26, was the day I noticed they were gone and we're nearly done completing our plans to escape. Five days later which is today, November 1st is the day that we have 99% of our plan completed. I'm not going to tell you what it is because then you won't know how clever it is until when we actually do it.

Wow, this story is going by really fast huh?

Anyways now back to the present, I am now laying on my bed just listening to the sound of Rin's breathing as she mumbled something about oranges and panties. Wait... Panties? I'm not even going to ask. Day by day, I've noticed how the staff in the mental hospital Are starting not to care about the patients here. For example, if one of the patients ran away the staff wouldn't even give a shit and just don't bother to chase them down. Now this confuses me, I don't understand what kind of mental hospital this is but I know for sure that hospitals don't let their patients escape.

As I laid on the bed while watching the moon cast it's shadows on the white wall in front of me through the barred window, I heard a little whimper coming from the right side of the bedroom. The side that smelled of oranges. I sat up on bed and looked over Rin's way to see what was up with her. From the way she sounded then, she had a nightmare because she had all these sniffles and little cries calling out to some boy named "Len". Which by the way made me feel weird inside when I heard her say another guy's name other than mine. It makes me want to punch a baby. To express my anger, I searched around the smooth, white floor for something to throw. Once I finally found something, I threw it at her head and then she immediately sat up straight while looking around to see what was going on. Then she turned towards me and glared straight into my soul.


"What do you want?" she growled while she clenched her white blankets.

I ran my hand through my teal hair, "You woke me up from all that sniffling and crying while you were sleeping. Did you have a nightmare?"

The moon reflected off of Rin's face and I noticed that her deep blue eyes softened and her shoulders relaxed. She nodded, "Yeah, I did. I don't remember what it was exactly but I'm glad you woke me up... I think it was really scary." she fidgeted a little and started twirling her white bow, "Can I, uh, sleep with you?"

Woah... What?

Sleep with me?

Now that really woke me up that night, and I was already wide awake.

I really wanted to say, 'Oh the poor baby is afraid of the big, bad, scary nightmare to come eat her up?' but somehow I felt that this wasn't the time to make fun of her. I scratched my head feeling unsure what I should do. So I said this as I turned my back to her, "You can do whatever you want to do, I don't care."

Her face brightened up and she grabbed her pillow with her then jumped into my bed. I felt her arms wrap around my body and her breath on my back. It was the most uncomfortable but comfortable moment I have ever felt in my entire life. I had this weird feeling in my stomach and it felt really good. The feeling was sort of growing as Rin kept on snuggling against me for comfort and breathing on that little part of my back. The rabbit rubbed her face on my back and I felt her grin, "You have some very good points about you, giraffe."

"Right back at ya." I replied back as I put the blanket on my roommate feeling like that's what I should do. As we laid there we soon drifted off to what seemed like five minutes, I soon woke up with myself against the wall and a woman with scarlet, flaming eyes and short brown hair putting me against it. Also adding the big bazookas up against my face that were sort of suffocating me.

The woman growled, "You didn't do anything to Rin did you?"

Still half-asleep I asked while trying to talk in her bazookas, "What are you talking about?"

She banged me against the wall giving my head a throbbing feeling. Then she replied, "You know what I was talking about. You were sleeping with my precious Rin!"

Before I could say anything I saw Rin getting up while rubbing her eyes and then she asked groggily, "Meiko, what are you doing here?"

And this was when everything gets messed up.

Oh hey while I was writing this, I was also texting to the guy I like ( he texted me first! :DD) so I felt sort of romantic and had that weird feeling in the bottom of my stomach just like Mikuo. I dunno if my happiness and loveyness showed but I was really happy and insanely tired(I stayed up till four D:) while writing this :) and that was today

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