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(Few Months Later; Ichika's POV)

It's been months since Charlotte and Laura's IS woke up, but we're still no closer to finding the fragment cores. I think that the first step is near, I can feel it.

(Normal POV)

"Alright class, that's all for today. Prepare yourselves for the Inter-class tournament" Yamada-sensei announced to the class.

"Hai!" They all replied with varying degrees of enthusiasm.

Yamada-sensei left the room and the students all began to leave, except for a select few.

"Phew, thank God the first day of our second year is done." Ichika slumped on his desk in exhaustion. .

"Hahahaha, don't relax just yet, Ichika" Aden laughed as he tried to cheer up his friend. Ichika always got like this whenever he was lazy.

Ichika smiled and leaned back on his seat, "Yeah, I guess you're right."

As the two friends chatted with each other, the girls made their way towards them with Yammenes in tow.

"Yammennes? What are you doing here?" Ichika asked, confused at her sudden appearance.

"I need you all to come with me; our progress so far has been too slow." She replied in an even tone.

"What do you mean slow? We're doing everything we can!" Aden said with indignation.

"Yeah, I know that, but still it's not enough." Yammennes said.

"And if it's not enough?" Laura asked as she fiddled with her combat knife (Which unnerved the others).

"Try again…" Cecilia said.

"And again…" Rin continued.

"And again." Houki finished.

"Until it's enough" They all said in a bored tone.

Seeing their lack of urgency, Yammennes felt her temper flare. "STOP IT NOW, WILL YOU? WE'RE IN A HURRY! SO LET'S GET THE **** OUT OF HERE NOW!" Yammennes shouted in annoyance.

"Right!" They all replied with slight fear.

(Normal POV; Huge Field)

"Mind telling us why we're here?" Rin asked, not seeing the point of all of them going to the field.

The others murmured in agreement. Usually they only went to the field for training or emergencies. Neither were very appealing to them.

"We're here so Ichika can summon my original form, or dragon form, whatever you want to call it" Yammennes replied.

Everybody turned towards Ichika with expectant looks.

Noticing the stares, Ichika felt nervous all of a sudden, "But, how am I supposed to do that?" He asked.

"You'll need a lot of concentration to do that, but don't worry, I'll help you. Just once we started, get a hold of yourself." Yammennes advised.

Ichika took a minute to compose himself before turning towards her again. Summoning her true from always required absolute focus and calm nerves.

"Alright. I'm ready." Ichika said.

"The others can stay back while we're doing this. Once we summon my original form, contact Chifuyu quickly and send the data and coordinates about my core. Got it?" Yammennes asked the others.

"""""Got it!"""""

Aden and the others backed off, none of them wanted to be caught in the large transformation of their not so normal friend.

"Are you ready, Ichika?" she asked.

"As much as you are." He replied.

"Let's get started."

She took a deep breath before she spoke.

"I" She stepped closer to him.

"Will" She placed her hands on his chest.

"Give you" Her eyes closed in concentration.

"My" A faint blue light started to cover the two of them.

"POWER…" Both of them started to glow a radiant blue and covered the area around them in crystalline light.

The blue light began to cover everyone's field of vision and they barely saw Yammennes dissappear into the male pilots body.

"What's happening?" Houki asked.

"They've started." Aden said. "Prepare yourselves now!"

"How long will it take for them to summon it?" Laura asked.

"I don't know, but we should keep our guards up, in case the Blood Crusade might appear." Aden said.

"Got it." They all replied.

All of them summoned their units and stood in rapt attention. Anything could happen

(Normal POV; Ichika's status)

"Arghhhh!" Ichika screamed as he felt pain envelop his body, this always happened and it never got easier no matter how many times they did it.

"Come on, Ichika! Concentrate! Clear your mind!" He faintly heard Yammennes voice though the pain. .

"Argghh! I…don't…think I….can do….this!" Ichika replied choppily, the pain was getting intense. He wouldn't be able to handle it for too long.

"Just concentrate! I know you can do it! You won't be able to reach this far if this test will just bring you down! Think about it!" Yammennes said, louder and clearer this time around .


Ichika strugglled through the pain and tried to concentrate. It took every inch of his being to keep himself from fainting from the stress.

'Just a little more' He thought desparately.

A gigantic dragon appeared in the field, it's body was covered in white crystals and it's form radiated a bluish haze. Everybody became speechless at the awe inspiring sight. (A/N: Check my profile for this :D)

"Thank you Ichika." Yammennes panted, laying the boy down on the field as he lost conciousness. "Aden, did you get the data we needed?"

"Yes, I got it. I'm contacting Orimura-sensei now."



"Orimura-sensei, this is Aden. We summoned Yammennes' original form now and I managed to get the data, sending it to you now."

"Alright, I got it. Commence the search now!" she ordered.

"Got it." He replied before cutting the line.

"Yammennes' core is located in a place called the Silentera Canyon." Aden read through the data sent back to him. "Yammennes, do you know where it is?"

"Yes, it's in Gelkmaros, we'll require a dimensional rift in order to ." She replied as she prepared the necessary steps.

"I'll open one for you but I can only keep it open for a day at most, you'll need to do this quickly." She focused on the rifts appearance before the space around them began to contort, it was comparable to a piece of cloth being ripped open at the seams..

"Got it!"

All of them did a small prayer before going through the tear, who knows what they'll encounter once they crossed the boundary.

(Normal POV; in the middle of the woods)

"Are we near?" Rin asked.

"No, not yet, we're still 5000 miles from the coordinates." Aden said. "Let's move faster."

"Right! Let's go!" All of them put on a burst of speed and headed to the destination, no one wanted to spend any more time here than necessary.

(6 hours later)

"Here we are." Aden said.

"A cave?" Rin asked.

In front of them stood a cave with jutting rocks at the edges. All of them gulped as they noticed the faint traces of blood on some of it's sharp edges.

"Yeah, never seen that before." Ichika deadpanned. "Knowing our luck, it's probably haunted."

Aden turned towards Ichika with a "don't jinx it" look on his face.

"Let's just go in" Rin said.

All of them went through the entrance and into the inner caverns of the cave. The surrounding area was covered in a cold mist and made seeing too far difficult.

"Really, this place is kinda creepy." Cecilia said, shivering from both the cold and the thick atmosphere.

"I agree." Houki was shivering even more than Cecilia, it was obvious she was nervous .

"I remember, when we were kids Houki always held onto me and said "Kyaaaah~ Ichika, I'm scared!" whenever we went to a haunted house " Ichika chuckled as he remembered.

Houki blushed red as she raised up her dual katanas.


With obvious rage, she smashed down both blades and tried to take off the unfortunate boys head.

"Woah! I was just kidding!" Ichika boosted to the side and barely managed to dodge the oncoming attack. "Calm down, Houki!"

The angry girl ignored his pleas and continued to try and take of his cranium much to the consternation of her fellow group members.

After a few minutes of waching the lovers spat, the group had had enough.

"Stop it! We need to do this as quickly as we can. Who knows what'll happen if we keep screwing around?" Aden's voice had a slight tone of annoyance to it.

The two of them nodded their head's in embarassment before they all continued on their way to the end of the cave.

After nearly an hour of walking, they managed to reach the end of the path and into an open space.

The area was huge open space lit by some kind of ethereal light. Various stalagmites of different sizes and colors dotted the walls. Overall, it had a very mystical feel that made them all pause in awe.

"Woah, this is cool" Rin said as she saw the wide space with different lightings.

"Yeah." Ichika agreed in amazement .

The quiet moment was broken when Aden saw something that nearly made his eyes bug out."Ichika, over there!" Aden pointed to a small spherical object.

Both of them made their way towards it and started to investgate it for anysigns of being their core.

"Is this it?" Ichika asked as he inspected the core.

"This must be it…" Aden answered him.

Aden pulled out his communicator before contacting Yammennes about the core.

They waited a few seconds before Yammennes appeared before them.

She ignored their surprised looks and turned to the core to examine it.

"Is this it?" Ichika asked her.

"Yes, this is it." She extended her hands and concentrated one the large spheroid. "I'll need to make it smaller, then we can leave.

"This might take a few seconds. Keep an eye out, the Blood Crusade could be near. " She said as she lowered the cores mass and volume t more acceptable limits..

All of them stood around her in preparation for possible attacks.

"There, it's done now. Let's move out!" Yammennes said as she handed the core to Ichika and disappeared.

All of them breathed a sigh of relief, the mission was over and there were no problems so far, all that's left is to go back.

"Alright let's—LOOK OUT!" Aden shouted as he saw a blast coming towards their direction.



Everyone separated and scattered as the blast impacted, smoke filled their visions and made it hard to see anyhting.

"Is everybody alright?" Laura yelled through the smoke.

Another blast impacted near where she was, nearly taking off her leg armor.

"You aren't going anywhere, kids" A cocky female voice hissed out.

"You people again…" Laura said in a bitter tone.


More blasts impacted the area and sound of collapsing debris soon filled everyone's ears.

"Come on! We gotta get out of here now!" Aden yelled through the smoke. "This place is going to crash!"

"Is the core okay!" Houki replied, shouting.

"It's with Ichika, we have to get out of here now!" Cecilia replied.

Aden quickly charged to the three agressors and quickly used the Aerial snare to bind them in place.

"Let's go!" He yelled to the others.

"Move out!" Laura shouted as they burst off out of the cave.

All of them moved through the cave as fast as they could, falling rocks and stalagmites impeding them the entire way as they tried to escape

"Move faster guys!" Aden said as he evaded the falling rocks.

They moved until they saw the cave entrance, just a little more till freedom.


Aden turned back and saw Laura pinned under a huge rock. Thankfully, her shield protected her from most of the impact.

"Laura!" Aden shouted as he doubled back and helped her up.

Aden struggled to lift off the rock to no avail.

"Just go! I'll be fine!" Laura yelled at him.

"Not a chance in hell!" He put as much power as he could and managed to lift the rock enough for her to slip through.

"Get up! We're getting out of here!" Aden grabbed onto her and used a flash of speed to catch up with the others

"We're nearly there!" Ichika shouted.

Debris started to fall over the entrance, blocking their only escape route out.

"Keep going!"


"*Pant* *Pant* Is everybody alright?"

Ichika looked around the area, all of them were bruised and their armor was dented but they were very much alive.

"Whew, I thought we we were going to be buried alive there" Houki was relieved.

"Anyway, we better get going now, the rift might close before we get there." Charlotte reminded them of their current objective.

"Right. Let's-"

*BANG!* A blast came towards their ground.

"I told you kids, you ain't going anywhere" Richelle said.

"Ichika, you guys go now. I'll handle this." Aden said as he covers his eyes from the explosion.

"What? No, I won't let that happen." Ichika insisted.


"NO! I'm not leaving you here!" Ichika said.


Suddenly Laura grabbed Aden.

"What?" Aden asked.

"We're moving out." She replied.

"We gotta go! Let's MOVE!" Houki shouted and blasted off.

"Let's go!" Laura said and launched off with Aden.

"Get back here!" Sybelle shouted and followed them.

(2 Hours Left , In the middle of the woods)

"2 hours left before the rift closes! We're still 500 miles away, we gotta move faster!" Aden said.

*BANG**BANG**BANG* Random bullets raining anywhere.

"Ugh!" Laura dropped to her knees, barely dodged the shot to her head.

"Laura!" Aden called.

"Don't worry about me, I can move." She replied.

"Let's move." Aden said and grabbed her off.

(1 hour left)

"100 miles left, we're nearly there!" Aden said.

"You can't escape from us!" Richelle said.

"You think so?" Ichika asked as he charged and casted Lightning Slash that released electric shocks each slash.

"GAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!" Richelle fell and crash to the ground

"One down, two to go." Ichika said.

"Wow…" Charlotte said.

"Let's move." Ichika said and took off.

(20 minutes later)

"We're here." Aden said.

"Alright girls, you go in first, we'll take care of here. They might've followed us." Ichika said.

"Take care guys…" They said and entered the rift.

Moments have passed Tifa and Sybelle arrived with a crashing arrival.

"Hand us the core or die." Sybelle said.

"That's it. We will die first before you can get your hands with it" Aden taunted.

"Fool" Tifa said and charged towards Aden.

"You." Aden replied and used his Shadow Technique: Explosion of Rage that grabbed Tifa, crashed to the ground and threw back in the woods.

"Tifa!" Sybelle shouted. "You…"

"Ichika, take care of her. I don't have enough shield energy left." Aden said.

"Alright, this won't take longer." Ichika said.

"Good Luck" Aden said and entered the rift.

"Well, it's you and me now, Sybelle." Ichika said.

"Hah, you won't make it alive out here." She said.

"I don't think so…"

(10 minutes left, outside Gelkmaros. In front of the dimensional rift)

"Come on Ichika! Where are you?" Aden can't calm down. "I shouldn't have left him alone there."

"Don't worry, have some faith in him. He can do it" Laura said.

"I know that, but in his status, Kaluva isn't 100% fitted yet. That would take months to be perfectly fitted." Aden said.

"We all know about that, all we can do is hope and pray for him." Charlotte said. "Ichika, please make it" she thought.

(5 minutes left)

"I'm going in!" Aden said.

"Don't! Travelling in that rift takes 5 minutes; this rift has barely 5 minutes left to stand." Laura said.

(1 minute left)

"Come on Ichika! Where the hell are you?" Aden can't seem to calm down.

"Calm down!" Houki said.

"How should I calm down if Ichika has 1 minute left in that rift?" he asked.

"Just… Just please shut the hell up and stop fighting! Nothing will happen if you keep on arguing!" Charlotte shouted, first time, crying. "You're not the only one who's worried about him! I do more than anyone of you!"

"Char…" Cecilia said.

(10 seconds)

No sign of Ichika.

(5 seconds)

The rift is nearly going to disappear.

(3 seconds)

Dashing sounds can be heard in the rift.

(2 seconds)

Light appeared in it.

(1 second)

Something got out.

(0 seconds)

The rift disappeared.

"Ichika!" Charlotte shouted as he saw Ichika got out of the rift in time, but he's just heading forward.

"What do you think he's doing?" Rin asked.

*CRASH* something crashed on the mountain near them.

"Let's check it out." Houki said.

(Ichika's POV)

"Ah, crap. That hurts. Thank God I made it. Triple Ignition Boost is kinda hard to control" I said and stood up.

"ICHIKA!" Charlotte shouted, running towards me and hugged me.

"Umm, Char? You okay?" I ask her.

"BAKA! You're making me worry again." She replied crying.

"Idiot, don't do that again okay? You're making us worry to death" Aden said.

"Yeah, I'm sorry. I had a hard time against Sybelle. She's different among Tifa and Richelle." I said. "Anyway, let's get back to the academy now."

(Few hours later; Academy gate)

"How did your mission go?" Orimura-sensei asked.

"Went well, Orimura-sensei. Mission Accomplished." Ichika said as he handed out Yammennes' Core.

"Good, we're going to examine it in the lab. Report everything to me tomorrow, for now, get some rest, I know you had a hard time today." She said. "In my order, Leave!"

"Hai!" they saluted and left.

(2 Days Later; Normal POV; Charlotte's Room)


Charlotte opened the door and saw Laura outside.

"Oh, Hi Laura. What's gotten you here?" Charlotte greeted.

"Umm, Charlotte, is Ichika there?" she asked.

"No, he's not here. He left along with Aden to fix the field." Charlotte said.

"Good, can I talk to you for a moment?" Laura asked.

"Sure, come in." she said and let her in the room.

"What's the problem? You look like you have a deep thought." Charlotte asked while closing the door.

"I noticed that Aden and Tatenashi are getting close to each other…" Laura replied while sitting on the bed.

"Oh? I noticed it too…" Charlotte said.

"What should I do?" she asked her.

"Why don't you have a talk to him when he's free?" Charlotte suggested.

"Hmm, I don't think I can have a talk, since he had been very busy these times…" Laura said.

"Hmm, you got a point…"

(Normal POV; Field)

"Nee, Ichika, I've been noticing that Laura's avoiding me these times." Aden said.

"Eh? I think you must've done something wrong or something she doesn't like. Or maybe…" Ichika stopped.

"Maybe what?" Aden asked.

"Maybe she's jealous" Ichika said.

"JEALOUS? Why the hell would you think she's jealous? And where is she jealous?" Aden asked.

"Dude, don't be so brain-dead. Think about whom you're with in these past days when she's avoiding you." Ichika said while fixing the holed portion of the field.

"Hmmm, I really don't know." Aden said while fixing the field equipments.

"Tch, take your sweet time to think." Ichika advised.

(Normal POV; The next day)


"Uhmmmm, 5 minutes." Laura said while rolling on the bed. "I don't wanna get up, nothing awaits me outside"

"Oi, get up now. You'll catch headache if you'll stay on bed for too long" Regine threatened.

"Alright, alright" she said and got up from bed.

(Few hours later; Charlotte's POV; dining hall)

"I think it's better to talk to him as soon as possible" I said to her while digging out my food.

"But, where can I find him?" she said.

"Hmm, think of a place where he is always there…" I suggested.

"Where he is always huh… Ah! I know where!" she replied.

"Where could that be?" I asked her.

"Where the higher ups of the organization stays, the Operatives Headquarters! That's the only place." She said.

"Cool, then go there now and fix this" I said and gave her a big grin.

"Thanks much, sis" she said and left the dining hall.

(Laura's POV; Hallway)

"This time, I'll make it for sure" I said while walking to the meeting room of the headquarters.

Finally, I arrived and tried to open the door. Then I heard a *Bang* sound from inside, like someone tripped off.

"Aden, are you-" I stopped from what I've seen.

I saw Aden on top of Tatenashi and papers scatter all over the room. His face is nearly an inch from hers, like they're gonna…

"Laura?" he asked.

I didn't reply and quickly banged the door close and ran away outside the headquarters crying while removing my eye patch to let my tears flow out completely.

I didn't notice that I'm in the garden within the pond now. I sat down on a bench, still crying. My heart was crushed, and I felt like it bleeds like hell.

"Why! Why is this happening to me?" I shouted crying. "I failed on Ichika, now, also with him? Is this why I am branded as a failure?"

I kept on crying, thinking how low I am failing always.

"Laura!" I heard his voice again.

I stood up and prepared to leave, but he caught my arms.

"Laura, please, you misunderstood what you've seen. She's just-"

"No! I won't accept any explanations from you now!" I said crying. He saw through my gold eye filled with tears and felt what I feel inside.

"Laura, are you jealous?"

"Yes, I am!" I quickly replied.

"Then, I'll step down from my position." He said straight.

"What?" I was taken aback.

"I'll step down from being a Noble Operative to an Operative" he continued.

"Why?" I asked him.

"Because I think this is the only solution to our problems." He said while holding my shoulders. I blushed slightly.

"You know that I can leave…" I said.

"No. I don't want you to leave. I won't exchange you for her. You're the one that I love, not her. So please…" he begged.

I didn't reply, instead, I started to leave.

"Laura, wait!"

"Give me time to think, I cannot answer you right now, after what you've done to me…" I said and left.

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