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Episode 1: The Reply

"I wasn't expecting a reply. Thanks." The girl has a goofy smile on her face as if she's flattered. She's about to be crushed. "Should I read it now? Right here?" I nod. What else can I do?

As she opens the letter, I wait for the reaction I know is coming. She's going to be hurt that I didn't write a mushy letter back. This girl just needs to get it in her head, though, that I have no interest. What better way to make it stick than make it public?

When the other girl grabs the paper from her hands and starts reading it, Oh Ha Ni seems rather quiet. I thought she would at least say something. I was wrong, though. I guess she's just weird.

Then that one boy comes in, all angry and pumped-up. What's his name again? Bong Joon Gu. Right. He's in the same class as Oh Ha Ni. "What the hell are you doing?" he says. He reminds me of a rooster, with a body full of testosterone and hair like that. Or Elvis. As he grabs the letter and starts reading, I speak.

"It's unfortunate this happened. But-" I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing. I know this is hurting Oh Ha Ni, but I don't really seem to care.

"But?" says her friend.

"But what?" says the other.

I look straight at Oh Ha Ni. Her eyes make contact with mine. "I absolutely hate stupid girls," I say. I turn to walk away because I honestly have nothing else to say.

All of a sudden I hear, "Where the hell are you going?" and turn around to find Bong Joon Gu glaring at me. He walks over and points to Oh Ha Ni. "Apologize," he says. Is he serious? No one can command me to do anything, let alone him. The thought alone is actually rather humorous. "You're laughing?" he says, looking incredulous. "Is this funny to you?"

The humor is wearing off a bit. I'm getting bored. "Do you mind moving?" I ask. I start to move away, but he stops me.

"Are you deaf? I told you to apologize!" He must really like this girl. I can't imagine why. Perhaps it's because he knows he won't accomplish anything in life either. When I think about it that way, it kind of makes sense. But still. Regardless, the humor is back. I can feel a smirk start to form on my face.

"What do I have to apologize for? For correcting her mistakes?"

"This little bastard," he chuckles. I guess he can't believe someone like me exists. He's yelling at me now. "Hey, hey, hey!" He's got my attention now, if only because I'm curious what he'll try and do. He starts waving the letter in my face. "Do you only see mistakes in this? You should be looking at the substance of it, not the words. The feelings she put into it." This makes this whole thing even funnier. Feelings? He should know I don't care about feelings. Not hers anyway. Or anyone else's in this room. He notices the smile on my face. "You punk. You're going to keep on doing that, huh?"

He hands the letter off to someone and starts primping himself like he's going to try to fight me. "Let's do this," he says. This just keeps getting better and better. "Don't just stand there. Come at me," he says. Why would anyone do this much for someone else who isn't even family? I can't begin to understand it. And why would he choose her out of all the girls at this school? There are definitely ones that are prettier. They don't really appeal to me, but I've heard others say they're nice-looking.

I'm not surprised when he interrupts my thinking with an attempted punch. It was too easy to see coming. And yet he's still surprised that I avoided it. One would think that by this point he would understand that I just have no interest in whatever it is we're doing right now. He starts cackling like a hyena. "Did you see that?" he asks anyone who's listening. "What? Scared? Are you scared?" He keeps pecking the air around me like some sort of bird. I'm thinking more and more that he's a rooster in disguise. Or maybe he's epileptic and he's having a seizure. "Hey, come on, bring it! You scared?"

Students start to clear a space when they hear an angry, authoritative voice ask, "Bring what?" The vice-principal walks out with an infuriated look on his face. "Bong Joon Gu, you! Come into my office right now!" He waves a big stick around. It reminds me of Teddy Roosevelt.

"But vice-principal, that isn't it. Please hear me out!" Bong Joon Go is pleading. This is just too good.

"Listen to what?" the man says. He turns to me and a smile slides across his face. His whole disposition changes when he addresses me. He says, "Seung Jo, don't worry about this and just go study." Little does he know that I never do. "Don't hang around with this fool." At this point, said fool is fixing that hair of his. How does he think that looks attractive? Does it just attract other stupid people? Well, no. It can't work like that, because he's not the one Oh Ha Ni gave her love letter to.

I point to the chart with the grades on it and start explaining the way the grades are laid out. I look straight at Bong Joon Gu when I say the next part. "You guys are violet. You are the bad apples of the school. That's what the principal said." The vice-principal looks flustered but I continue. "There are 50 spots for study hall this month. They're just numbers. But I'm sure you realize that those numbers represent the top 50 students, right?" I glance over my shoulder at Oh Ha Ni. She looks pathetic. "I don't know how you can sit there laughing writing such useless things when that list is right there." I ask the next question just to dig in deeper. "Are you stupid or just thick-skinned?" She bites her lip at that remark. "Regrettably, whether a girl is stupid or thick-skinned, I hate them."

Oh Ha Ni looks absolutely battered. Good. Maybe now she won't bother me anymore. I walk off up the stairs honestly not caring what she's thinking.

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