Title: Jealousy

Rated: K+

Summary: Kanda doesn't want to admit he's jealous, nor couldn't shake that thought of seeing her with another man. Drabble Kanda x femLavi


He's not jealous…he's not jealous…. he's not jealous…

That was what Yuu Kanda repeated in his head whenever he stole one glance at her with another man.

It's been one thing after another when he caught a few guys, single Finders and Exorcists, checking Lavi out. He caught them staring at her buttocks when she wears tight jeans or a mini skirt, and also the guys looking towards her cleavage. Even though it angered Kanda, he just ignored (or tried to) and doesn't want Lavi or anyone get the wrong idea.

A chuckle snapped him out of Kanda's thoughts and have him gaze back at her with a man, a Finder. Lavi was the one who let out the chuckle as the Finder said something that Kanda didn't care so much about. He saw the Finder's lips moving and didn't quite hear what he was saying, and Lavi seemed….amused? of what the guy was saying. Kanda averted his glance with a "Che!"

"Jealous, aren't we?"

Kanda glowered at the commenter. "Shut it, Moyashi!"

Allen rolled his eyes. "How many times….forget it! Like you have any good memories of how many times I've told you that my name is Allen!"


Allen released an aggravated sigh. "Why not just tell her?"

"Tell her what?" Kanda cocked an eyebrow.

"Isn't it obvious? Heard from Lenalee that you really like Lavi," Allen remarked.


"If you won't tell her, some other guy may sweep her off her feet….."

"Che! Leave me alone and go flirt with Lenalee or something!"

When Kanda retorted at the white-haired boy, Allen had already started to walk away to the other side of the canteen. The Japanese male released another scoff and couldn't help to hear the red maiden's giggle. From the corner of his eye behind him, Lavi walked side by side with the Finder, her hand wrapped around the Finder's arm towards the canteen exit. Kanda gritted his teeth irritably and clenched his fist as he sat there mentally banging his head against the table and cursing under his breath.


Kanda stood in front of the door to Lavi and Bookman's room. He was to settle the matter with Lavi once and for all if she was seeing that Finder who she doesn't deserve…. Wait. His head turned to the side as he heard a familiar, yet concern voice.

"Yuu, what are you doing here?"

Kanda eyed Lavi from head to toe with narrowed eyes. Her hair was in a loose ponytail and rested over the left side of her shoulder, her bangs were brushed to the sides of her face and a dark headband adorned on her head. Her black eye patch was slightly seen behind her bangs. She wore a dark choker with a silver heart in the middle and held a few folders with files and a couple of books over her chest, which Kanda cursed mentally that he was unable to see her cleavage and whacked himself for thinking such perverted things. She wore a white top with loose frills wrapped around on her chest and bit below her shoulders. The top revealed a bit of midriff; a buttoned up dark skirt and nylons on her legs. Black buckled heeled boots that reached a bit over her ankles adorned on her feet.

Kanda released an awkward cough at the silence and seeing Lavi staring at him wanting him to answer her question. "You're….not with that….guy today?" Lavi gave him a quizzical look.

"That….Finder you were talking to…"

"Marc? We were just discussing over history since he seemed intrigued," the redhead replied plainly.


Lavi smiled seeing an indifferent, though slightly annoyed look on Kanda's face before opening the door. She winked at him then closed the door after.


Kanda stared blankly at the door only to blink a couple times and muse in his thoughts.


Chii-kun: I know Kanda was OOC….just a fun drabble… .lol