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Title: Watch

Pen Name: amandac3

Characters: Jasper

Disclaimer: Rated M for graphic images of a sexual nature and language.

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"Room 9 tonight, Jasper." Garrett tells me as he unhooks the navy blue and silver braided rope from the stanchion and ushers me through. I push the heavy chenille curtains to the side and step into the dimly lit hallway. There are doors lining the entire length of the corridor, each in pairs set next to each other. One for me, one for them.

I open the door and step into the small square room. I flip the light switch and the room is illuminated in a soft pale glow. I've never been in this particular room. Its walls are painted a deep purple with a collage of black and white pictures of obscure body parts adorning the walls. The side of a breast. The arch of a foot. The curve of a neck. The slope of a lower back. The bend of a knee.

Situated in the center of the room in front of a large pane of slightly tinted glass is a grey leather chair that looks obscenely comfortable. It really looks like more of an oversized pillow than a chair. There is a small black table set next to it with 1 small drawer at the top and a small wicker basket underneath filled with the necessities.

There is also a mini-fridge in the corner that I head towards and pull a beer from. I turn back to the door, turn the light off and plop down in the pillow chair. I was correct in my assumption and it is obscenely comfortable. Then I wait. It's only a few minutes before I see the door slowly open in the other room. It opens away from me so I can't see who is entering yet. Then I see long legs adorned with chunky silver wedge heels with a tight black leather mini skirt hitting just below her ass cheeks, and topped off with a blue silk halter top with silver braiding around the neck, exposing large amounts of creamy pale skin on her back and shoulders. I see caramel colored hair pulled up into a high pony tail.

I can't see him yet. Only a pair of dark jeans with a hole in the knee and frayed edges around the bottom hems, covering a pair of worn Adidas Samba's. The other room is decorated much the same as mine, dark purple walls, erotic pictures, plush grey leather love seat. I watch as Ms. Leather and Silk pushes Mr. Adidas towards the love seat and then he lets himself collapse in the middle of the couch. I notice that he has ink running the length of his forearms and up underneath a tight fitting black Stolichnaya tee shirt. I scrunch my face up in recognition.

The woman has turned in my direction to reach back and close the door behind her. I get my first look at his face and promptly choke on the swig of beer I just took. I then look over to the woman. Jesus Christ! You've got to be fucking kidding me. I should leave, I should, but I really don't want to, so I stay seated.


I've been coming to Fenestra for a couple years now. To the average club goer, that's exactly what this is, an average club. But to those of us in the know, we know the secrets of what actually occurs behind those heavy chenille curtains in the darkest corner in the furthest recess of the large club, which is always manned by one over-muscled bouncer, maybe two depending on the size of the crowd.

I met Caius at a frat party my freshmen year at U Dub. I've always been sickeningly shy and was standing against the wall, just watching, like always.

I had my eyes focused on the two girls sandwiching the shirtless guy just a few feet in front of me. Their movements were getting more and more seductive and I found myself getting more and more aroused. Their hands were wandering and their eyes were filled with wanton need until they were a tangled mass of lips and tongues and hands.

"Having fun?" I hear a raspy voice call out from right beside me. I was so drawn into the threesome on the floor in front of where I was standing that I didn't even notice anybody come up next to me. I turn to look at him and I can feel my neck and ears heat up from being caught watching. He must sense my embarrassment.

"Nothing to be ashamed of, man. The name's Caius." he says, holding his hand out to me.

I take it and give him a small smile before clearing my throat.

"Jasper. It's nice to meet you." I tell him, followed by a large swallow of the warm keg beer filling the red plastic cup in my hand. I turn back to the trio in front of me and notice that their sexual tension has dissipated and that they have gone their separate ways. I groan internally, at least I meant for it to be internal. I know that I failed at that when Caius chuckles to my right.

"Disappointed?" he asks me with a knowing grin on his face.

"No idea what you're talking about." I respond, angling my face forward again and taking another drink from my cup.

"Like I said before, it's nothing to be ashamed of." He tells me. I don't know how to respond to him so I don't; I keep my face forward, focusing on running my fingers around the slightly sharp lip of my cup.

"Would you feel more comfortable if I told you that I was disappointed as well?" he asks.

I'm still at a loss on how to respond to him so I just stare at him, hoping his M.O. will show itself in his eyes or on his face. He smiles at me again and I can't help but laugh at the situation I've found myself in. I've prided myself on keeping this part of me a secret. My first frat party since arriving in Seattle last week and I've already been seen for the freak that I am.

"Seriously Jasper, don't beat yourself up over it. I can read people extremely well and I am rather observant also. I think I might be able to satisfy your urge." He says, still grinning. He has piqued my interest.

"What do you mean?" I ask, curiosity quite evident in my tone.

"Can I trust you to keep a secret?" he questions me with a slightly less than friendly stare.

"I guess it depends on the secret, but I'm generally a very loyal and trustworthy person." I say, really starting to wonder what I'm getting myself into.

"Well that's good and I need you to trust me as well." he says.

I nod my acquiesce and we proceed to make plans for the next night. We're meeting in the Quad at 8:00 and will be sharing a taxi to a club called Fenestra. I told him I wasn't into the club scene and he told me to just trust him. So later that night as I lay in my small extra long twin size bed, in my small dorm room just a few feet away from my snoring, tattooed, soccer-playing roommate, I couldn't decide what I was feeling more of, excitement or fear.

After meeting Caius the next night and hailing a taxi, we spent the 25 minute drive across town in silence. We finally pulled up in front of a large concrete building that looked like the entire front wall was made of glass. There was a line of people waiting to enter through the heavy wooden double doors situated on the right corner of the building. Caius grabs my elbow as I start to make my way to the back of the line.

"What are you doing?" I ask him.

"I don't need to wait in line and you're with me, so therefore you don't wait either." He informs me with a smug grin plastered on his face, taunting the people in line as we pass them.

There are two huge muscle heads standing guard at the doors. There is a third, much smaller man wielding a clip board and pacing back and forth in front of the two guards.

"What's happening tonight Uncle Aro?" Caius asks the small man with the shoulder length jet black hair.

"Caius, my boy, it's been too long. Welcome back and I see you brought a friend this evening. Is he interested in the specials we have to offer?" the man, Aro, asks him but is looking directly at me.

"Yup. This is Jasper." Is all Caius says.

"Very good, I trust you can get him to where he needs to go?" Aro asks of Caius before motioning for the muscle heads to open the doors for us.

"Sure thing Unc." Caius responds, pulling me through the doors behind him. I'm shocked by the sheer size of this place. It's three levels, with the dance floor and bar on the ground level and the second and third levels consisting of only a balcony running along the perimeter of the building. I can see sectioned off rooms of varying sizes, some of them are empty and some of them are occupied, some have heavy drapes pulled shut for privacy. My imagination has run off while contemplating the things that may be taking place behind those curtains.

The entire right wall of the ground floor is one long bar. It's the most massive bar I've ever seen, but we bypass it as Caius continues to pull me towards the back of the club. We make our way through the crowd and end up in the opposite corner from where we entered. I notice another large muscle head standing guard in front of a roped off curtain.

"Garrett." Is all the greeting Caius gives the man.

"Caius." I guess a name is all the greeting that is needed in this place.

"My friend, Jasper, needs a room for the evening." Caius tells Garrett.

Room? What the hell? I'm starting to get nervous, thinking I'm stepping into a brothel or something.

Garret moves one side of the rope to allow us to enter. "Put him in room three and you can take room five tonight." He tells Caius.

I follow nervously behind Caius as he pushes through the heavy drapes. He stops me in front of a black door with a gold 3a nailed to the front of it. I notice the door right next to it has a 3b nailed to it. I look directly across the hall and notice another set of doors, 9a and 9b. Interesting.

Caius opens the door for me and pushes me in before him. He turns the light on, giving me a better look of the room. The first thing I notice is a large wall of glass looking into a room similar to the one I'm standing in. My eyes widen in realization before I turn to take in the rest of the room. There is a brown leather recliner centered in front of the window and a round tan colored ottoman on the right side of the chair.

"There is a fridge in the corner that is filled with beer and water and some cans of soda too. Help yourself." Caius tells me as he moves towards the ottoman and pulls the top off. My eyes pop open in shock at the contents located inside the ottoman.

"This should be all that you may require for the evening." He says, no doubt chuckling at the look on my face.

"Have fun." He singsongs as he backs out of the door.

"Wait! What am I supposed to do?" I ask him, not quite ready to be left on my own yet.

"Watch." Is all he says as he laughs loudly and shuts the door quietly behind him.

I blow out a breath and look around once more. The room is decidedly feminine, with dark chocolate walls and paintings of flowers in varying shades of turquoise. There is even a mixed bouquet of flowers sitting atop the refrigerator.

I grab a bottle of beer, popping the top using the bottle opener that is attached to the side of the fridge with a magnet. I then take a seat in the recliner. After only a few minutes I see the door in the other room swing open and an attractive man dressed in a navy pinstripe suit enters.

He's probably around 40 years old with short curly brown hair and blue eyes and he has a leather satchel hanging from one of his shoulders. He sets it on top of the mini-fridge and begins to take out some tea light candles, lighting them as he places them sporadically throughout the small space. He then pulls a small bottle from his bag of what I would assume is air freshener and pumps a few spritzes into the air. He slides the bottle back into the satchel before I can see what the fragrance is. Damn it. I'm going to imagine its lilac scented. I've always found that scent very exotic and sexy.

He relaxes on the brown leather chaise lounge after he finishes with his preparations. After a few more minutes the door opens and a tall statuesque woman with blonde hair and big tits saunters into the room wearing a tight fitting black pencil skirt, a red button up shirt and leopard print pumps. As she shuts the door behind her she pulls the two sticks out of her bun and her hair cascades down her back hitting the very top of her voluptuous ass.

The man leans back and places his arms along the back of the chaise. He just watches the woman. She has her back to me but from the placement and movement of her arms I'm under the assumption that she is unbuttoning her shirt. A moment later I know I was right as she has pulled the shirt from her body. She moves her hands quickly to the side zipper of her skirt, lowering it and shimmying her hips to allow the material to slide down her legs. She's left standing in nothing but a g-string and bra in matching black satin and lace with little pink bow accents.

I can feel myself getting hard underneath the restricting material of my black jeans. The man and I simultaneously reach down and adjust ourselves. The woman steps out of the puddle of material at her feet and walks over to the man, straddling his lap, pulling on the knot of his slate blue tie to loosen it enough to pull over his head. She flings it behind her and it hits the window, making me jump a little.

She then moves to the buttons of his crisp white dress shirt. He circles his arms around her waist and starts to unclasp his cuff links, placing them on the side table. She then pushes the shirt off his broad shoulders and he sits forward in order to remove it the rest of the way.

She stands in front of him and bends over, giving me a fantastic view. I groan and unbutton my fly to relieve the growing pressure and can't help the moan of relief that escapes my throat at the feeling. When I look back at the couple on the other side of the glass, his pants are now down around his ankles and his boxers are hooked around his knees. She's back on his lap, rolling her hips over his impressive length. His hands are gripping her ass cheeks none too gently and he is helping guide her pace. He suddenly grips the thin string of fabric that is settled between her cheeks and yanks it away from her body, leaving her bare. She reaches around and unclasps her bra letting her large breasts spill out into his face. He takes a nipple into his mouth and squeezes the other with his free hand.

She throws her head back and luckily enough her hair is swept over her shoulder so I can see her hand reach down behind her, in between her legs, and grip the man's length, guiding him into her. She sinks all the way down onto him and stops. She curls forward, hugging his head to her chest. I pull myself free from my pants and kick the lid off the ottoman, pulling out a small packet of warming lube. I squirt a generous amount into my palm and run my hand down my stiff cock.

The woman starts moving slowly, up and down. I match the speed of her movements with my hand. Her hair falls down her back and a growl escapes my lips because I can't see their connection anymore. The man and I must have some mental connection or something because he grabs her hair and twists it around his fist before using it to pull her head back and attacking her neck.

She starts to speed up her motions and I follow suit. I can feel the tell tale stirrings in my belly as I rapidly approach my climax. I can tell that she is close as well because her movements are getting sloppy. My eyes are glued to the spot where the man's cock disappears and reappears again, all slick and shiny, over and over and suddenly I'm there. I shoot hot ribbons of cum all over my hand and stomach, glad that I had the mental capacity to push my shirt up under my chin. There's nothing that would be more mortifying than leaving here with a crispy reminder on my shirt of what I've been doing. I watch as the man lifts and then turns her, laying her flat on the chaise lounge before pounding into her for a dozen or so thrusts before he stills and throws his head back, his body jerking with the force of his orgasm.


Edward and I have lived together since we were freshman in the dorms. We stayed in the campus housing freshman and sophomore years but at the start of this semester, our junior year, we decided to get an apartment off campus. He's an outgoing, popular athlete and I'm a shy, nerdy bookworm but we get along famously. He and his girlfriend, Bella, have been together since 11th grade and I count them as two of my closest friends.

She pretty much lives with us, so therefore I've seen and heard my fair share of their bedroom activities, not that I'm complaining of course, but I needed to act the part of embarrassed intruder instead of aroused spectator. Seems that act was totally unnecessary though because apparently my roommate and his girlfriend LIKE to have an audience. Who would have thought?

I watch as Edward stands up and moves toward her, reaching behind his neck and pulling his threadbare most prized possession over his head. I've always marveled over Edwards physique. He's an athlete, but he's all long, lean muscles with just the right amount of definition. I watch his inked forearms and biceps flex and bunch as he pulls the shirt over his head. I can see his abdominal muscles stretch and release with each heavy breath he takes.

Bella runs her fingers into each indentation of his six pack and follows the line of one side of the v that's cut into his lower stomach, across the band of his low slung jeans and up the other side. I can see him shiver as she gives the hair underneath his belly button a little tug.

Edward brings his hands down and bunches her leather mini skirt up around her waist as he cups her mostly bare cheeks. I can see a pair of blue lace cheekies through his fingers and groan at the perfection that is Bella's ass. He moves his hands up and fists the flowing material of her top at each side of her waist before pushing it slowly up her sides. She raises her arms over her head and he discards the offending garment, tossing it on the couch.

She looks incredibly sexy standing there bare chested with her skirt bunched up around her petite waist. I rub my palm over my rapidly hardening erection. I groan when their bare chests rub against each other and I zone in on Bella's now hardened nipples. I need to release the beast so I pull open my button fly and push my jeans and briefs to my knees. I take my cock into my hand and just squeeze it.

I see Bella drop to her knees and quickly unbutton Edward's jeans, he's going commando. She grips his dick and runs the tip of her tongue through the slit, then around the ridge before stopping and flicking at the sensitive flesh on the underside of his head. She then takes just the head into her mouth and I can see that she uses a fairly decent amount of suction by how hollowed out her cheeks are.

Edwards's knees buckle but he regains his balance before he falls. He pulls on the rubber band that is holding Bella's ponytail in place and as her hair falls free he takes two fistfuls close to the roots, one on each side of her face before he stills her head. He starts to push and pull himself into her awaiting mouth. She must not have a gag reflex because she is taking in all of Edwards larger than average cock. It's a beautiful sight to see and I start to stroke my cock more fervently.

Bella's hands have strayed from his thighs and I see her right hand sneak down in between her legs, into her panties and start to rub circles on her clit. I can't tell if Edward is watching her mouth or her fingers but he suddenly withdraws his cock from her mouth and pulls her up by hooking his fingers under her arms. He turns her towards the couch and pushes her down so her chest is lying on the arm. Then he pulls her panties down and let's them slide to her ankles.

He rubs her ass cheeks reverently before smacking one cheek roughly and then the other. He then grips the base of his dick and rubs it in between her ass cheeks a few times before lining up to her core. He leans over and whispers something in her ear to which she nods enthusiastically. He grins and then pushes his way into her, gripping her hips tightly. Her back arches and their heads drop back simultaneously. It's the sexiest thing I have ever seen. I have a feeling things are going to get messy tonight so I pull my grey tee shirt over my head, tossing it on top of the small side table.

I reach into the small basket at my side and pull a packet of lube out, opening it quickly and drizzling it messily over my eagerly awaiting cock. I hiss at the cool temperature before I grip my length and give it a few strokes. I haven't removed my eyes from the scene in front of me.

Edward is pounding into her and I am surprised that Bella can take it, tiny thing that she is. Edward stops and, without removing himself from inside of her, he moves around the arm of the sofa and sits with her on his lap. He managed all of this with his pants still around his ankles. Bella spreads her legs, placing them over Edward's knees. Holy shit, I can see everything from this angle. I'm going to cum as fast as a preteen virgin at this rate.

Bella leans back onto Edwards chest and uses her toes to lift herself up before dropping back down. I see Edward cupping her tits, tweaking her nipples. I can tell that Bella is struggling to maintain her motions, so she pulls herself up and braces her hands on his knees and starts to impale herself on his cock. That visual of Edward, hard and straining, plunging in and out her pretty pink pussy is almost too much for me to handle.

I tear my eyes from their connection and see that Edward has one hand gripping her hip and one hand roughly squeezing her tit. I'm so close when Edward pulls her down and stops her. I stop my motions as well. After a brief wait he pushes her off of him and he stands behind her, toeing off his shoes and finally pulling his jeans all the way off. He walks the two of them right to the wall of glass and takes her hands and places them palms first against it. He then takes her left leg, hitches it over his elbow and plows himself into her. Damn she's flexible and again, I can see everything because of the way that Edward has her spread open. Her tits bounce deliciously, making my mouth water.

I pump once, twice, three times and cum, grunting with the intensity of my orgasm. I force myself to keep my eyes on the duo in front of me and I can tell that when Bella's sweaty hands slide off to the side and her face is resting against the glass that she is cumming by the almost painful look of pleasure on her face.

Edward thrusts half a dozen more times before he pulls out and sprays his cum all over her ass cheeks and lower back. I can practically feel the vibration of his moans through the glass. The man is loud when he cums.

He stumbles back, falling onto the couch in a sweaty heap. Bella lowers herself sideways onto his lap. They kiss a little and snuggle for a bit before cleaning themselves up and gathering their belongings. I'm still just sitting in my obscenely comfortable pillow chair, my limp, satiated dick resting on my right thigh. I can't believe I just watched that. I wonder if I should tell them? I wonder how they would feel knowing that I just watched them fucking. I watch as Bella, fully clothed again, breathes onto the mirror and writes in the fog she just created, "Hi J!"

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