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I stay behind closed doors for about thirty minutes after Edward and Bella leave the other room. I need a minute to clean myself up and several more minutes to wrap my head around what the hell just happened. It's one thing to watch my best friend and his girl get it on without them knowing, but the fact that they knew I was watching, that has my head all fucked up. What does this mean? That question is playing on repeat in my mind. I take another minute to make sure that everything is clean and put away before I head out of the room.

I quickly hail a cab for myself and tell the driver my address. My mind is so jumbled that the 20 minute drive flies by and the cabbie telling me that we've arrived breaks me out of my thoughts. I pay him and get out of the cab, taking a deep breath when I see Edward's car in the driveway. I scrub my hand over my scruffy jaw and tell myself that I just need to get this over with.

I open the door and it's quiet but there is a dim light coming from the living room. I kick my shoes off and hang my jacket in the closet before making way that direction. Edward is shirtless and sitting on the sofa with Bella's legs draped over his lap. He's playing with her toes and she seems to be enjoying his attention as her eyes are closed and a small smile is curving her lips.

"Hey, J-man," Edward says, looking over his shoulder at me as I enter the room.

"'Sup," I respond, dropping onto the loveseat across from them.

Bella opens her eyes and grins at me. I can't help but smile back at her. I'm thankful for the dimness of the light because I can feel the heat in my cheeks but I dip my head down anyway in an attempt to hide my embarrassment.

"Have a good night, J?" Bella asks.

I clear my throat and rub the back of my neck. I can't seem to form any words, so I lick my dry lips and nod my head in agreement.

"Good, good," she says and I can hear the smile in her voice.

I let my head fall back against the cushions and stare at the ceiling as I mutter a quiet, "Fuck."

"Jas, don't freak out. It's no big thing," Edward tells me.

My head snaps up, "I'd say it's a really big fucking thing, Edward."

"I'll take that as a compliment," he says making Bella giggle.

"You know what I mean," I say, rolling my eyes.

"We don't care, we did it for you. Obviously," Bella says.

She's rubbing her calf across Edward's crotch and because I'm a perv my eyes are drawn to the movement. Edward notices and smirks. He leans over towards her and starts to move his hand up her leg slowly, starting at her ankle. His eyes don't leave mine. My eyes flick from his hand, to his face and back again, over and over. It's like time is moving in slow motion because it seems like it takes years for his fingers to disappear underneath Bella's miniscule leather skirt. She hums in what I assume is appreciation. I look at her face and her pretty brown eyes are locked on mine, filled with lust and desire.

"What…" I have to clear my throat and ask again, "What are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing, J? I'm touching my girl," Edward says.

"I'll just… umm… yeah," I say as I stand, prepared to leave the room.

"If that's what you want," Bella taunts me.

Of course that's not what I fucking want, I think to myself as I scrub both hands over my face.

"Fuck it," I say and pull my shirt over my head before I fall back into the chair, fanning my hands out in front of me to encourage them to continue.

Edward slowly pulls Bella's panties down her legs and then sets her feet against his thigh, letting her legs fall open naturally. I can't see anything from here, but I can sure hear when he rubs his fingers through the wetness gathered between her thighs. She starts to whimper and lift her hips and it makes me squirm in my chair. I can feel Edward staring at me so I look at him but quickly avert my eyes back to where his hand is still moving between Bella's legs. The only sounds in the room are those of Bella's muted whimpers and Edward's fingers plunging into her pussy.

I watch the muscles of Edward's inked forearm start to move as he picks up the pace, thrusting his fingers into Bella's pussy harder and faster. My breathing accelerates along with Bella's, her whimpers turn into little cries and her back arches slightly. She grips Edward's shoulder with one hand and his knee with the other. She lets her head fall to the side and stares at me. Her eyes are lazy with heavy lids and her cheeks are flushed. Her mouth hangs open in a small o and I'm torn between watching her face and Edward's hand between her legs.

"Give it to me, baby," Edward commands gruffly.

As if his words have pulled a string from Bella's chest, she arches off the couch and clamps her thighs down on his wrist, letting loose a sexy little string of obscenities. It's beautiful. She's beautiful. They are beautiful in their passion for each other.

I've managed to not touch myself through all of this. My cock is pulsing against the zipper of my jeans and it's not a pleasurable feeling. I'm still torn on what is happening here and don't know how they will respond to me jacking off in front of them.

Bella sits up and pulls her silky blue top over her head and I groan at the sight of her tits bouncing free. I finally press my palm down onto my cock, it's not much, but even the small amount of friction feels good. Bella gets up onto her feet and slides the zipper on her skirt down and wiggles her way out of the garment. She's standing before me completely naked. She's stunning.

She slowly runs her hands over her stomach and cups her tits, "Don't be shy, J."

I pop the button on my jeans and she nods in encouragement, so I slowly pull the zipper down, pull the material apart and push the band of my boxers down to let my cock spring free. Bella hums and runs her fingers through her bare pussy before reaching behind her and shoving them into Edward's mouth. She smiles at me and then turns around to face Edward. She bends over, giving me a perfect view of her ass and I can see the glistening wetness on the lips of her pussy. She works on Edward's jeans and gets them pulled down to his knees. She then spreads her legs, giving me a clear view of Edward's hard cock. She takes his length in her hand and licks around the tip before engulfing his entire length in her mouth.

"Fuck yeah," he groans, fisting her caramel colored locks in one hand and grabbing her ass in the other.

I can't take it anymore. I push my jeans and boxers down and kick them off my feet. I slouch back and spread my legs, gripping my cock in one hand and cradling my balls in the other. I slowly stroke myself, not wanting to blow my load too soon. Edward gets progressively louder and louder and it spurs me on. I start to fist my cock harder and move my hand faster.

"Oh fuck! Stop, baby B," Edward says, pulling her off his cock.

She whines and he smiles, "Don't worry your sexy little self, I'm nowhere near done with you yet."

He grips her hips and turns her back to face me. She eyes my hand that is back to lazily stroking my cock.

"That's hot," she says to me, pinching one of her nipples.

Edward puts his knees between her legs and spreads her open before bringing her down onto his lap. She reaches between her legs and rubs the head of his cock against her slick folds before slipping him inside of her.

Bella leans back against Edward's chest and rests her feet on his knees as he starts pumping up into her. He has a firm grip on her hips, holding her in place as he lifts his hips. His grunts are turning me on. I'm not gay, bi-sexual maybe, but the man can make some goddamn sexy noises. This is not the first time I've heard them, but I've never experienced them so up close and personal.

Edward wraps his arms around Bella's waist and stands up. He kicks his jeans off and pushes her towards me and I'm suddenly a little nervous. She's standing right in front of me and Edward pushes her head down towards my lap. I look at him in question and he only raises his brows in response. The feel of Bella's small, warm hands on my thighs brings my attention back to her. She tosses her hair over her shoulder and licks my cock from my balls all the way up to my tip.

"Fucking shit," I moan.

Bella moans and I look up to see Edward sliding into her once again. Suddenly my cock is engulfed in warm wetness. Bella bobs her head up and down my cock, using the perfect amount of suction, the perfect amount of tongue, and the perfect amount of teeth. I move my hands that are currently laying limp by my side and tweak her nipples. She hums around my cock and I can feel the vibrations coursing through my whole body.

"Damn," I say breathlessly.

Bella's body lurches forward a little and I look up to see that Edward has started fingering her ass. His eyes are glued to what he's doing to her. She starts to hum and moan around me and I can feel her body pushing back into Edward. Aside from his fingers, he isn't moving, she's moving herself against him and I'm about to blow my shit right down her throat. She pops off at the last minute and smiles at my groan.

"Not yet," she says, licking a slow line around my balls.

"Get a rubber," Edward tells me.

I grab my pants from the floor and pull my wallet out of my back pocket, digging the condom out of it. I move to hand it to Edward when he shakes his head at me.

"I don't need that, it's for you," he says.

I'm a little dumfounded about what's happening here. I mean, is he really going to let me fuck his girl? He must notice the unsure look on my face and tries to reassure me.

"It's cool, J-man. I know you like this shit. We want to do it. And you are the only one we trust to experience this with," Edward says.

"Umm… Watching is completely different than participating," I tell him.

"Then watch. Or participate. Or whatever. It's your call," he says.

He pulls out of Bella and moves back to the sofa, stopping to grab a small bottle lube that's stashed in the drawer of the end table. He sits with his ass on the edge of the cushions and pulls Bella onto his lap, with her back against his chest. He squirts some lube onto his pointer and middle fingers and starts to rub them around Bella's ass. He slowly dips them in to his first knuckle and gently pulls them out, getting her used to the intrusion. When Bella is a writhing mess and he's able to get his fingers all the way in, he lubes up his cock and gently guides himself into her back entrance. The position doesn't look comfortable for him, but he's able to lower himself down and push back up into her. She moves her hand down and starts to rub her fingers around where he's moving in and out of her. She then moves her lubed up fingers to her small bundle of nerves and starts rubbing circles.

"Yeah, baby, I can feel you. I love it when your ass squeezes my cock so tight," Edward says through clenched teeth.

"Oh god, fuck me. Fuck me hard," Bella begs.

Edward starts to move faster. I'm mesmerized by what's happening in front of me. I don't know what the hell I'm thinking, except that I want to bury myself deep inside her pretty little pussy. I get up from the loveseat and move to where I'm standing in front of them. My cock twitches in my hand when Bella spreads her pussy lips open for me. I quickly tear the wrapper open and sheathe myself with the condom. I drop to my knees and look at each of them one last time. Bella bites her lip and nods. Edward nods as well. He pulls Bella's thighs open and stills his movements. I crawl in between their spread legs and hesitate.

"Do it, Jasper," Bella pleads, "please."

I hold my cock in place and push my hips forward, slowly sliding into her. She makes a gurgling noise and I start to pull out, afraid that I'm hurting her. She grabs my bicep and shakes her head.

"S'fine, just gimme a sec," she whispers.

I put my hands on her knees and Edward moves his hands down underneath her and grips her ass, holding her steady. Bella winds her arms back behind her, wrapping them around Edward's neck. He kisses her neck and I can feel him start to pull out of her a little before gently pressing back in. I can feel him moving inside of her and it's a trippy feeling. It feels good.

"You alright, baby," Edward asks her.

"Mmm… Yeah. You can move now, Jasper," she tells me.

I pull about halfway out and then press back in at the same time Edward does.

"Holy fuck," Edward curses, "Jasper… I can… Fuck!"

"I know," is about all I can say at this point.

We kind of stumble around each other until we find a rhythm that works for all of us. I pull out when Edward is pushing in and then I push in when Edward is pulling out. Bella grabs one of my hands off her knee and moves it to her breast, squeezing her fingers over mine. I take the hint and squeeze her breast, skimming my thumb over her pebbled nipple. She pulls Edwards jaw towards her and kisses him, sloppy, wet, tongue kisses. She is making those small little cries again and Edward is grunting and whispering dirty things against her lips. I can't make out all that he's saying over the sound of my own harsh breathing, but I hear some of it.

"…naughty girl…"

"…filled with cock…"

"…tight pussy…"

"…fuck you good…"

I move my other hand off her knee, licking my thumb and pressing down on her clit. She pulls away from Edward and looks at me. Her eyes kill me, they are heavy and dark. They tell me everything. Tell me that she is enjoying this. I can feel the tell-tale tingle in my balls and know that my orgasm is rapidly approaching. I need her to cum first, I need to feel her. Edward starts to pump erratically and his movements start to get sloppy and his moans are getting louder.

Fuck me.

Bella starts to get louder as well, which is new.

"Oh god!" she screams.

Her body tightens around me and I can feel her muscles lock down on my cock. She mewls through her orgasm and I don't stop, can't stop thrusting into her. Edward roars and I can feel his release shoot into Bella's ass. The combination of all of those things sends me soaring. I don't think I've ever cum so hard in my life. I lurch forward and bury my face in Bella's neck, trying to catch my breath.

"Jesus Christ," I pant.

Edward laughs, "Yeah. That."

Bella is pretty much useless and is flopping around as if she has no bones anymore. She giggles and I slide out of her. I use Edward's knees to help myself stand and flop down onto the couch next to them.

"We are so doing that again," Bella says.

I'm more than fine with that. This was one of the most intense sexual encounters I've ever had. I just hope this doesn't send our friendship into a downward spiral.

"Shit isn't going to get weird between us, is it?" I ask.

"Nah, man, we're cool. Just keep your piece away from me," Edward says.

"But that'd be hot," Bella tells us.

"No way," Edward and I say in unison, even though, in all honesty, I probably would if Edward wanted to.

"You guys are no fun," Bella pouts.

She climbs off Edward's lap and runs to the bathroom. Edward and I look at each other and laugh. I stand and move to toss the condom into the trash in the kitchen. Edward has put his jeans back on when I return so I slip my jeans back on as well before falling into the loveseat. He turns on the TV and starts flipping through the bazillion channels that we have. He settles on re-runs of Night Court. This is what the three of us do, hang on the couch and watch shitty 80's television. Bella comes back into the living room wearing her typical pj's, a pair of tiny shorts and a tight camisole. I always thought that Bella had a sexy little body, but I have a new appreciation for it now. She smiles at me and moves to snuggle with Edward.

They fall asleep quickly, but my mind is still running a little wild. I can't believe what just happened. Bits and pieces of the night play behind my eyes like a movie reel. The last thing I remember before I fall asleep is thinking about when this would happen again.

A/N: *fans self* I told LovinRob that it's very rare for me to get turned on when writing a lemon, but yeah, this did just that. I was a hot mess after writing this. LOL! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Much love to you all.