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Author's Note: Post-Book. Bryon's point of view.

I should've been able to stop this, but I didn't. I didn't see what Mark had seen coming from a mile away.

Looking back on everything only made it worse.

What if Cathy hadn't come back? What if Mark wasn't there when Angela sent that gut at Curtis? What if we never went to talk to that Mike kid? What if Charlie hadn't died? What if we never found M&M? What if we never cut off Angela's hair? What if I had let Mark get even with the Shepards? What if I never found the drugs? What if Mark was never selling them? What if I had just waited for him? If I hadn't called the cops? What if Mark had acted differently at the trail? What if...

What if...

Two words.

Two simple yet puzzling words that haunt everyone until the day they finally and mercifully die.

Regrets. Repents.

Another reoccurring pang in the already heavy and aching heart.

It was that nostalgic feeling you get for the good old times. When you were younger and hadn't a care in the world.

If only those days could have last forever.

Living together, practically brothers...

Practically brothers...

What if were actually brothers? Would we have been as close? Would I have ratted Mark out so quickly? Would he even have gotten into drugs in the first place?

No... Of course he wouldn't have. He would have my Mom's genes, and she had the most kind and caring genes out there. If he was my brother - my mother's child - then he would never have done something like that. Then again, there would be our Dad's genes...

If he was my brother, everything would have been different. I can't even begin to think of everything that would have been different.

Disregarding that.

What if...

Two terribly taunting words that hun over us like a storm cold when we're blue.

What if...

Two words that send you into a swallowing see of depression of what could have been.

What if...

That nostalgic feeling one gets when they want things to go back the way they were.

If only they could have lasted forever.

But growing up, means growing apart.

No matter how many 'what if's were added into that equation.

Some say that nothing is inevitable. And nothing is inevitable; because nothing doesn't exist. This however, was something, and it sure as hell existed.

Seriously one of my favorite books of all time mainly because of the growing up, growing apart, and friendship themes. My best friend and I just celabrate our ten year anniversery. I wrote her a song which you can find on my fictionpress which is also the pen name of SincerelyMNM.

Again this is a collection of one-shots, so another 'chapter' will be added here and not in it's own story. I don't know when I can update.

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