5 years later

"MUM!"Tara Lee yelled down the hall.

"What!" she yelled back from her room, from getting dressed for work.

"Never mind! Where's Dad?"she asked walking into Declan and Jo's room.

"He's gone to work already." she replied, getting up from their bed.

"Great." she said, storming off down the hall.

"Tara Lee! Get you butt downstairs. Have breakfast and pack you bag!"Jo yelled.

"Fine." she said, walking down the stairs in a huff.


"Dammit."Jo said, walking through the doors.

"What's wrong with you?" Steve asked, from the desk.

"Oh nothing. Been feeling sick in the morning. My daughter is starting to get an attitude at the age of 7."Jo said, rubbing her stomach.

"Your probably pregant again. And how is my goddaughter gaining attitude."Steve said, making her sit down.

"Thanks for that." she mumbled, walking into the change rooms.

Only going to be a short chapter to begin with.

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