"Morning." Steve said as he walked through the door.

"Morning." Mike replied, looking up from his paperwork.

"Where's Jo?" he asked as he sat down.

"Walking through the door!" Jo said as she stormed past & into the change rooms slamming the door behind her.

"Grumpy?" he whispered to Mike.

Mike nodded in response as the door slammed open.

"Morning." Steve said quietly from his chair.

"Hmph." She huffed before sitting down.

"You okay?" Mike asked from his desk.

"Just fine." She replied softly.

"Ok. I'm going downstairs. Steve be nice." Mike said before he left.

"How is Tara Lee and Talia?" Steve asked as he stood up.

" They are good, Talia is getting a lot bigger. I will bring them both in later today." Jo said smiling slightly.

"Great. I'm going to go downstairs and get something to eat." Steve said stretching.

"Of course you will." Jo said looking around.

'Great, feel so alone right now.' She thought to herself.

20 mins later-HQ

"Steve you need to stop pacing, otherwise you are going to wear a hole in the carpet." Mike said as he watched his doctor pace back and forth.

"I wouldn't have to pace if Jo was here or she texted to say where she was." Steve said sitting down.

"She will be fine. She is a big girl." Mike said as Jo walked through the door.

"Where the hell were you?" Steve demanded standing up.

"Downstairs and then I went to go pick up Talia and Tara Lee." Jo said switching Talia to her other hip as Tara Lee ran through the door and straight into Steve.

"Hey Tara Lee." Steve said picking up the 7 and half year old.

"Hey Uncle Steve. Look what I drew today during art." Tara Lee said.

"Very beautiful." He said as he took the 9 month old Talia from Jo.

Hey guys. Sorry I haven't updated in ages. School work. Anywhoo here is another one to keep you all busy till the next.