Previously in All Dogs Go To Heaven 2: The Series...

"Where were you on the night of Friday the 13th, 1999?" asked Carter Ziur.

"Having sex with Annabelle." said Charlie.

"It's true." Annabelle said in shame.

"You two get your wings clipped. Annabelle, you are expelled from Heaven with a pregnancy to maybe help you think about what you'd done."



Chapter 1


Flea Bite.

"Remind me again why we stay open this late." said Charlie.

"Well, thanks to you and Annabelle, the Heavenly administration is in jeopardy of not having enough gold for halos." said Sasha.

"Lucky next dogs." Charlie said under his breath.

"Have you any idea what happens to dogs if there is no halos?" asked Sasha.

"No." said Charlie.

"Of course not." said Sasha. "You've been a very bad boy."

"How would you have information?" asked Charlie, who then searched underneath Sasha's neck. He then found an angel pin. "How did you get this?"

"Well, you remember when Belladonna, Carface and Killer poisoned me?" asked Sasha.

"How can I forget?" asked Charlie.

"I died when you and Itchy were fighting Carface and Killer." said Sasha. "When I was briefly in Heaven, Annabelle gave me a pin."

"At least I know we won't be seeing Chance the wonder pup soon." said Charlie.

"He had everything you lacked in being a guardian angel." said Itchy.

"No, he was a show off." said Charlie. "Do you not remember he was a sissy? He didn't even stand up to Auto's gang."

"Maybe that's a good thing." said Sasha.

"Yeah, Charlie." said Itchy. "Remember the multiplying box? Auto's gang stretched your schedule, so you use it, but you can't anymore because you destroyed it. So much for shortcuts."

"Yeah, I'm not doing that again." said Charlie.

"Anyways... As I was saying before a long conversation came along, the arcade machines are activated by some paranormal thing and it will make Heaven get more gold." said Sasha.


"So, Heaven's gold is controlled here." said Belladonna and laughed.