Chapter 5: The End Of Reel 1


Flea Bite.

Sasha put a voodoo book on the table and looked through it, trying to find curses to stop Belladonna. Meanwhile, Charlie was with Annabelle, who was dying.

"Annabelle, the baby's gonna have to be born early." said Charlie. "Sasha!"

"What?" Sasha asked, coming over to Charlie.

"She needs to have the baby very soon. I need a-" began Charlie.

"Laydabaykay!" Sasha shouted, pointing at Annabelle.

Annabelle then got labor pains.

"Now, help." said Charlie.

"If it were something less urgent, I'd ask for please first." said Sasha and began to deliver the baby as Charlie held Annabelle's paw.

"Push!" said Sasha.

So, it was done.

Annabelle squeezed Charlie's paw as she gave birth.

"It's a girl." said Sasha.

"Lilly..." Annabelle said then passed away. Smoke then took it's form where Annabelle was and both her and the smoke vanished.

"What just happened?" asked Sasha, still holding the baby.

"She went to Hell." said Charlie, who then walked over and sat next to the arcade machines. "DAMMIT! Damn you, Heaven's council!"

"I can't believe this." said Itchy. "We're gonna lose."

"No we're not, Itchy." said Sasha. "It's just that it's up to us is all." she said and scanned through to find a powerful spell. She came across one entitled "GREY VOODOO BODY SWITCH". It was the only one as of now to have a chance to stop Belladonna. She bit her lip, knowing it was risky, but read the spell to hopefully create a safehaven.

Belladonna then showed up.

"Charlie!" shouted Sasha. "Grab a machine!"

Charlie grabbed a hold of an arcade machine.

"Oh, so these create Heaven's golds?" asked Belladonna and grabbed a hold of it also.

When she grabbed it, both her and Charlie flew backwards.

A few hours later.

Both Charlie and Belladonna woke up. Charlie had a headache and felt like he was on fire. Belladonna felt warm. Cooler than she's ever felt in Hell. But that's not all! They discovered something:



Gray Voodoo -part 2

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