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Song: "Take It From Me" – The Weepies

Selcouth Serenade
Happy Birthday Gwen aka Brella aka Satellites on Parade!

"What can I compare you to, a favorite pair of shoes?
Maybe my bright red boots if they had wings
Funny how we animate colorful objects saved
Funny how it's hard to take a love with no sting…"

Wally halted in his tracks outside the bathroom door and allowed his mouth to comically drop open. Either he had somehow been struck with powerful hallucinations on his way back from his canceled university class, or Artemis was singing in the shower.

He had never heard her sing before—heck, he didn't even know Artemis could sing, but he realized he had been plainly deaf, for her voice was hypnotizing in a raw and seductive sense. Never in their five years of dating had she ever ventured into the land of song, and Wally couldn't grasp the concept of why she kept this talent a secret. The bathroom tiles created echoes that smoothed the husky edge from her voice, leaving behind a roll of deep velvet wrapped snugly around each word of the song.

"What can I compare you to, a window the sun shines through?
Maybe the silver moon, a smile rising
The magic of the fading day, satellites on parade
A toast to the plans we've made to live like kings…"

Wally managed to set his jaw back and regained the ability to breathe again. He slid slowly against the wall next to the closed door and tilted his head towards the rising and swirling notes of Artemis's voice. Moments like these were why he loved her so much. Even after five years, she still surprised him; kept him on his toes; had his heart spontaneously dancing through sparks on a regular basis. There were some aspects about her that were comfortably predictable—like how she liked to fall asleep facing him, but somehow woke up in the other direction—but then jewels like her melodious voice would sift through the earth and his blood would quicken with desire.

"I lose my breath despite the air
When the rain falls down I give in to despair
Pink magnolia in winter she doesn't care
if you don't show up to have another cup…"

Wally suppressed a chuckle as Artemis's voice noticeably cracked at the end of the last verse. He then heard her laugh and mumble something about "sounding like Dick back in the day", and a grin spread across his face. That was another plus-one to the infinite reasons of why he adored her—she made mistakes, but she simply brushed them off by laughing and standing straighter. He imagined it was a trait she gathered necessary for her survival during her childhood, but her inability to hide away both intimidated and inspired him. She was a battling ram inside a mountain of fire; she was…his spitfire.

He would fist-bump Nelson if he were still here.

"What can I compare you to, when everything looks like you?
I get a bit confused with every Spring
Flowers that bloom your eyes, hummingbirds side by side
My heart won't stay entirely in this rib caging…"

Wally's thoughts fell silent. He closed his eyes and allowed himself to simply bask in blissful anoesis—a needed oasis from the chaotic college life; a Jacuzzi of warmth on a paradise cruise-ship; a dreamless sleep among lavender lullabies…

"But come on take it, come on take it, take it from me
But come on take it, come on take it, take it from me
We've got a good life…"

As Artemis's voice finally faded away, there came the sudden noise of the tap shutting off, and metal against metal as the shower curtain sprung aside. Wally's eyes popped open as he woke from his reverie. There was only one reason why Artemis chose to sing in the shower that morning: she had assumed Wally was still stuck in class, and was not privy to the sudden change of mind by the professor. He feared if she were to discover her shower serenades were not as clandestine as she presumed, she may stop singing… and Wally didn't want her to ever stop singing.

He quickly scrambled off the floor and returned to the living room. There, he quietly grabbed his backpack, slipped on his shoes, and absconded out the door.

Five Years Later…

Wally dipped Artemis to the ground, and she laughed as her white veil tumbled off her hair. He grinned, and pulled her back up, hands tightening around the ivory silk on her waist, and twirled her until the mermaid-pleats of her dress fluttered through the air with all their glittering elegance.

Suddenly, the lights dimmed until only a lavender spotlight illuminated the two on the dance floor, and a familiar song from long ago floated through.

What can I compare you to, a favorite pair of shoes?
Maybe my bright red boots if they had wings…

Artemis's mouth opened slightly, and she tilted her head inquisitively at Wally. He grinned down at her, and pulled her closer until his lips tickled her cheek as he began humming into her ear.

"But come on take it, come on take it, take it from me…"

He pulled away and gazed into Artemis's eyes, where a spark of realization suddenly danced alive inside those dark orbs.

"We've got a good life," she finally sang back, before catching his lips in hers and bringing her hand to the back of his neck, where a diamond ring shone like a satellite on parade, winking through the magic of the fading day.

Alt Crack Ending Because I Don't Know…

He scrambled off the floor and looked right and left. An idea struck him, and he dashed away mere seconds before Artemis opened the door and walked out in her robe, humming along as she dried her hair. She paused and frowned as she heard a noise, and warily walked down the hall towards the source.

She noticed a sliver of honey-colored light peeking through the closed door of the second bathroom and, working only on instinct and adrenaline without an inkling of reasoning, barged through the door with a yell.

Her sudden entrance nearly caused Wally to jolt off the toilet in all his pant-less glory.


Artemis snorted and nearly doubled over with laughter before backing away and closing the door behind her.

Once she left, Wally released a relieved sigh and dangled his arms loosely at his sides. His secret was still locked safely in his rib caging, and despite the lyrics to Artemis's song, he didn't want it to be taken away from him… not yet at least.

…And then he was left wondering if his current situation was the cleverest solution he could have come up with…

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