He sat, his feet tied to the chair legs and his arms tied behind his back. He was slumped over, his eyes focusing on the leak from the ceiling. He flinched every time a drop hit the gravel. The look in his eyes - his intense, electric blue eyes that you could stare at for hours on end – was one of utter frustration and despair. His thick, chestnut hair was tangled and dirty, yet still effortlessly beautiful at the same time. The shirt he was wearing had its buttons undone; revealing a large wound on his defined and tanned abs. Blades of glass were shattered on the ground, and he had cut his left foot on a shard. He didn't know where he could be, how he got there, or who he was. He was missing something – some part of him – that he couldn't place his finger on.

She was going to take advantage of the situation. She was going to use his confusion and aggravation against him. She rimmed her piercing green eyes with black eyeliner and mascara, and curled her platinum white hair. She slipped into a short black cocktail dress which fit incredibly, accentuating her skinny yet curvy figure. She wore white, 10 inch heels that made her already model tall body look superhuman, not that she wasn't already.

His body language changed from miserable and lonely to one of surprise and gratitude when she walked in. "I have been waiting for you." He said. "I know you have." She smirked, winking and tossing her icy curls over her shoulder. "I missed you." She strode over to him. "Me too." She couldn't help the smile forming on her face. "I missed you so, so much." She held out her hand and inspected it, pushing her cuticles back before the nail was replaced with a sharp claw. She walked behind him, giggling, then with one slash of her hand the rope that tied his hands back fell to the floor. He sighed with relief and grabbed his hands, rubbing his wrists to ease the pain. She did the same to his legs, and he stood up and laughed. "Thank you." She picked up the chair with her left hand and threw it across the room. It hit the stone wall and broke in two. She spat into her hands and rubbed it on the wound across his chest and the scratch on his foot. They instantly disappeared. "I wanted you to be looking your best for our last meeting." She said, before lunging at him. They fell to the ground, her on top of him. She kissed him passionately for a minute, before standing up, brushing herself off, and undressing. Her silk dress fell to the floor and she kicked her stilettos off. "Well?" She asked impatiently. He ripped off his shirt and unbuttoned his jeans. "Sorry." He mumbled. He walked towards her, smiling. He picked her up and- "wait!" She yelled. He placed her gently back onto the ground. "What?" He asked, an annoyed tone in his voice. "Let's wait." She whispered. "Wait?"

"Yes. Let's take it slow."


"Because I have something a little better than intercourse planned. It's a surprise."

"Well, can we at least go first or second base?"

She nodded and bent down to kiss him. They felt chills down their spines when their lips met. The craving, the passion, the hunger they felt for each other was so strong, it was excruciating to be without one another. He held her neck upright with his strong grip, his fingers running through her hair. He forced his tongue through the part in her lip, and pulled her to her feet. They stood face to face, feeling each others hot breath. Her curls had lost their bounce and his hair was even more tangled then before. They continued to kiss for a long, magical, zealous time.

"Are you ready for your surprise?" She asked seductively, leaping into his arms. He shook his head obediently. "Okay then. Close your eyes." She giggled, walking a few paces behind him. Her nails turned into claws, and two sharp teeth shot out of her mouth. He skin turned white, and her eyes turned as red as a rose. The lingerie she was wearing ripped and exposed the tattoos and markings on her body. She let out a painful scream, and her eyes rolled back. "Are y-you okay?" He squeaked, but didn't open his eyes. He wasn't a fool, he knew to obey her. "Delightful." She replied. "Now-" she walked up to him, so close, there was less than an inch of space between them. "-open." He opened his eyes for less then a second, because after the screech of a claw and the curse she yelled, he lay motionless on the concrete, succumbed into a chamber of death.