She hadn't been out of her home for nearly two months. All day, every day, she dressed up in different ball gowns, did her hair in elegant styles (her favourite being the French roll), put on dark, waterproof make up and either sat gracefully on her bed in sorrow, looking incredibly beautiful, even with the tragic expression she wore, or perched on the seat of her dresser, looked straight into the mirror with her amber eyes burning through the glass, and cried while still looking stunning. She couldn't help it. She was a hopeless romantic. So the day she decided to walk out of her home (mainly because it was becoming extremely stuffy), she had no idea what was happening in Hades. This meant she had no idea about Jake Thorn.

She exchanged the flamboyant ball gowns for her usual promiscuous ensemble (which today included a t-shirt that said "Big Daddy can be my Daddy any day", ripped charcoal shorts, a necklace with a huge cross on it which had engraved on the back "Lucifer's Death Symbol" and 10-inch high heels.). Her French rolls transformed into her white icy hair in high pigtails and her dark makeup was…well, darker than ever. She looked satisfyingly in the mirror.

She hesitated, before reluctantly pushing the front door open. A mass of demons were walking down the street, yelling "RIP HIS HEAD OFF, SLIT HIS WRISTS, JAKE LOST TO AN ANGEL, 'CAUSE HE'S A POWERLESS, WIMPY DICK!" in a sort of sing-songy way. As if it were a nursery rhyme they were singing to their kids, but more rowdy and deathly.

She knew a smile of wicked glee should have spread across her face. She knew she should joined them, singing evil words in a cheerful tone. But she was upset. More than upset, devastated. Depressed. Shattered. Confused. Frustrated. She loved him, she lied to him, and then finally, she killed him. The whole scenario kind of reminded her of "Of Mice and Men" but of course, demon version.

But the thing that made her whole body shiver though was the fact that she was devastated, depressed, shattered, confused and frustrated. She was a demon. She would go to the pits daily and torture people in different ways. She'd shove them into an oven, bake them at 5,000 degrees and eat them for lunch. She'd slit their throats. Crush their bones. Yet, she never really…enjoyed the experience. It felt like a chore, something she had to do, not something she wanted to do. The demons around her would wear a face of pure joy. They'd endure pleasure with every cut, burn and stab. But over the years, she almost developed a pang of compassion for her victims. Why did she feel like this? Why wasn't she enjoying torturing innocent preys? Why was she sympathetic of them? She didn't understand. She was a demon without the hunger to torture. What was her purpose?

Demons shoved past her. She stood there, an upset expression on her face. She was suddenly taken away from her heartbreaking day-dream.

"What's wrong? Like Jake? You actually like that wimpy-ass? I'm Lila, president of the 'Jake Thorn's a Stupid Idiot' fan club. I swear Jake's got a brain as big as his balls." Lila paused for a moment, laughing at her own joke. When Lila finally looked up, all she saw was a blank look. "Not big." Lila assured her. Another vacant look.

"What's your name, airhead?"

The question she had been dreading. She didn't actually know her name. She woke up in an apartment when she was 12 years old, and that was all she could remember. Oddly enough, since then, no one had ever asked her what her name even was.

"Um, Izia." She finally said.

"Took you long enough to figure it out." Lila smirked.

Ignoring the jab, Izia replied. "Uh, who exactly is Jake Thorn?"

Lila gave her a look that basically said "What the hell? How can you not know who Jake Thorn is?"

"Well, I mean, I know who he is and all and, you know, what he did and stuff, I'm just, uh, wondering what other demons, you know, thought about it." She babbled.

"Airhead." Lila shook her head. Izia noticed a little bit of a southern twang in her voice. "I thought you could tell, airhead. Look at what us demons are singing. Pretty obvious what we think about 'make my stomach ache' Thorn."

The knot in Izia's chest became tighter. "Well, you know, I'd love to hear it from the president of 'Jake Thorn's an Idiot' fan club." She smiled, hoping it didn't look as fake as it felt.

"It's actually 'Jake Thorn's a Stupid Idiot' fan club. But you, airhead, would NOT notice. Anyway, Jake basically wanted to have sex with this angel, Bethany. But Bethany's boyfriend and her angel friends came and saved the whole friggin' day. Thorn was beaten by one of the angels. Gabriel, I think. Humiliated the whole of Hades. Anyway, I gotta go. My brain is going to explode into teeny tiny shatters if I spend one more moment talking about 'you know who'. I'm not talking about Voldemort, sweetheart." Lila winked. "By the way, I love your top. Totally slutty." Cackling, she strutted away.

Izia stood there for a few moments. She realized she didn't even care about Jake Thorn. There was something else in her heart. Something else she was too scared to admit. Something she was too scared to even think about. She was glad Bethany got away. She wished she was Bethany.

She hated being a demon. She was going to get out of Hades. And she sure as hell wasn't coming back.