The Boy Who Lived and the Last Lantern

By: Oh God, Oh God We're All Gonna Die

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A/N: Crossover between Harry Potter/Justice League/Green Lantern


July 2, 1981 Early Evening
Potter Cottage, Godric's Hollow, England

Squeals of laughter could be heard from the small cottage at the end of the lane. They came from the small green-eyed baby boy named Harry Potter who was being floated around the living room by his godfather Sirius Black.

"Padfoot! Put him down before Lily comes in here." The boy's father, James Potter, looked on. He loved watching his son smile and laugh but knew he was in for a night on the couch if his wife caught them. Again.

"We're just playing around Prongsie," Black laughed. "Besides, you know I would never hurt Har-" He was interrupted by a happy shriek from the toddler as he completed a corkscrew.

Lily Potter stood at the kitchen door, watching the toddler zoom around the den laughing maniacally. While she hated them being so reckless with her son, and this was almost as bad as them letting him ride Prongs, she loved hearing Harry laugh. She decided to give them just a little bit more time, and let Harry have a little more fun.

Standing at just 5'5", Lily Potter could not physically match James Potter and Sirius Black, who were both inches above six feet, but she could cow them nonetheless. Her fiery temper matched with her prodigious skill with a wand made her threats pause worthy. And being one of four people to ever go toe-to-toe with Bellatrix Lestrange and live only added to her reputation.

Leaning against the doorframe, she admired her husband. 'Merlin, I love that man,' the lovely redhead thought to herself. She admired James Potter. Tall with broad shoulders, he cut an impressive but lean figure. Not bulky, he had the build of a seeker, light and fast. From the windswept hair that he constantly raked his hands through, to the gentle brown eyes she couldn't help but fall into. No one was more surprised than her when she realized she had fallen for James "The Berk" Potter. All of the habits that used to set her on edge were the things that she couldn't live without. These were just some of the mysteries of love.

'Ok, time to break this up before Sirius gets anymore ideas,' Mrs. Potter said to herself. Walking up to the trio unnoticed she smacked Sirius in the back of the head with her right hand while catching a happily squealing Harry deftly in her left. She enjoyed the look of awe on James' face and the look of hurt on Sirius'. "What have I told you about floating my son around the house, Black?" Lily smirked inwardly at the wide-eyed looks of fear on the faces of the big strong men. "I think I said something about 'not in your life.' Didn't I?" Sirius' eyes darted to James as he fumbled for a way to pass off the blame.

"Well…you see…Harry was looking a little … bored?" Sirius tried.

"Uh huh, well you seemed to have cured that." Lily rolled her eyes. "Now I have to get Harry cleaned up since we'll be having more company in a minute." She walked away, cooing at Harry, enjoying his giggles.

"Ma! Ma! Ma," Harry chanted, clapping his hands.

James followed his family to the nursery. "Who are we expecting, Love?" His wife just smiled mischievously, causing her husband to wonder. He hadn't seen Remus in quite some time. The real world was not as kind as Hogwarts had been to the young werewolf. Moony had taken it hard. The only thing that had improved was his pride. He'd angrily refused offers of help from his friends.

He took his son from his wife and headed downstairs, Lily in tow. The doorbell rang and, "MINNIE!" was yelled from downstairs. They entered the foyer just in time to see Sirius being scolded by their old teacher and now friend, Minerva McGonagall.

"Sirius Black, I will make you into the prettiest pair of Mary Janes you have ever seen if you do not stop calling me that. So begin acting like the adult you claim to be," the stern looking woman growled out. Turning towards the young couple, a smile quickly grew on her face as she reached for the baby.

"Come here you little sprog," Minerva whispered to the little boy. She couldn't help but laugh when she heard, "Minnie," from him, too. Casting a glare at the now innocent looking Sirius Black, she studied her godson. He reached out with his clumsy hands and tugged on the collar of her robe, pulling her face to his, planting a wet kiss on her cheek. Teary eyed, Minerva held him tight, looking for a place to sit.

Harry clapped his hands together and started another chant, "KITTY! KITTY! KITTY!" Laughing at the boy, she set him on the floor, and quickly changed into her animagus form, a black tabby cat. Harry sat there, stunned, and then slowly crawled closer to the cat, never taking his eyes off of her. Gathering it close, he ignored a, "Be gentle Harry" from his mother and kissed it on the nose. He hugged it tightly, softly murmuring, "Kitty."

Swiftly changing back, Minerva hugged her godson to her chest tightly. No man had ever held her heart the way that Harry Potter did.

August 21, 1981 Mid-Morning
Hogsmeade, Scotland, Great Britain

Summoned for a meeting with the Headmaster of Hogwarts, James and Lily took it as an opportunity to walk through the charming village of Hogsmeade and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine with their son. It was a welcome change from the monotony of their home.

Despite Hogsmeade's pleasant façade Lily and James weren't lolled into a false sense of security. They were in the middle of a war and would only feel safe once they were inside Hogwarts. The weather did not match the dangerous climate. The sunny, cloudless sky belied the danger that all so-called blood traitors and mudbloods were in. It was open war, no one and nowhere was safe. Except of course, for Hogwarts, which was graced with the presence of Albus Dumbledore, the only person that the Dark Lord had ever feared.

"Are you sure we should be out in the open, James? You know what can happen to us if they catch us by surprise. We can't risk Harry's safety." Lily was more than a little worried. "You heard about what happened to the McKinnons. We all thought they were safely hidden and they still found them. And here we are walking around in broad daylight. This isn't smart." She was starting to panic. Lily Potter was a fighter; she showed that escaping Lord Voldemort more times than anyone would want to meet him, but this endangered her son.

"I know love, we're almost there." James Potter was just as worried. "Albus said that we would have an invisible guard once we stepped out of the floo; covering us just in case." He said this with his wand in his hand. He trusted no one with his son's safety other than himself and his wife. He hustled them up the lane until the front gates came into view. He loved visiting Hogwarts. It was like coming home again. Crossing the wards, he knew they were safe for now. No Death Eater would dare enter Hogwarts.

School still being out of session for the summer, the castle was almost empty. Making the silent trek to the Headmaster's office, the young couple wondered what could warrant meeting in such a dangerous time. Dread in their hearts, they approached the gargoyle.

An hour later, Lily's cries rang through the Headmaster's office. "NO! No, not my baby. He can't have him. No, James tell him. It's not Harry! It's talking about someone else." Her world was crumbling around her. She didn't know which way to turn. The Headmaster…this man had just said her son was Voldemort's main target. That couldn't be right, Harry was just a baby. 'Why would anyone want to hurt my son? He hasn't hurt anyone! How could anyone target a baby?' Lily trembled, she feared for her son's life.

"Come here Lils." James attempted to soothe her. "We will stop this Lily, he won't get Harry. He will never find him. We'll ward the cottage; no one will be able to find us." The elder male Potter was already working out ways to protect them, making plans to secure his family's safety.

Albus' heart broke for the young family. Older than they had ever seen him, the lines on his face gave him a defeated look; the youthful exuberance that defined him, missing. He wanted nothing more than to give these wonderful people a chance to be happy, a chance to raise their son. But alas, magic had rendered her decision and, as mortals, they could do nothing but weather the storm.

He swallowed past the lump in his throat and spoke softly, "There is something I think can help. There is a special spell known as the Fidelius..."

August 23, 1981 Dinner Time
Potter Cottage, Godric's Hollow, England

It was a somber mood that filled the cottage. The knowledge that a powerful, crazy monster was hunting their son made the world much darker. Two tense days filled with awkward silences, anger filled retorts and hysterical crying followed the announcement of the prophecy. It was with a heavy heart that James and Lily Potter prepared to abandon the war. All thoughts were now of their son, Harry.

After studying up on the Fidelius Charm, Lily decided it was time to sequester themselves in the cottage. This decision in and of itself set off a round of arguments that rocked the quiet cottage.

"Why can't we use the manor house? It was built for defense," James exclaimed. "It has housed every generation of Potters for the last six hundred years." That house was where he had grown up. He couldn't abandon it now. The life he lived before the war, before the death of his parents, all that was left of the innocence of his youth, was based in that house. And he clung to it desperately.

Lily couldn't get him to understand. The cottage was the perfect place for the charm. Small, out of the way, and only known to a few people. Just right for them and their 13-month-old son.

"That is the point James. Everyone knows about it and they know we would run there. Between the house and the grounds, there's too much land to cover." Lily pleaded him. "No person has the power to cover that much land and erase its location from the minds of the thousands of people that know about it. It has to be here James and you know it."

James was fighting a hopeless battle. He knew that, but he couldn't just give up without trying. "Then what? Do I just let them destroy it? That is the house I grew up in! The house my family has always protected," James said brokenly. "What if something happens to it?"

Lily slid to her knees and held her husband, knowing this was a tough decision. He was proud to be a Potter. And in his family's entire history, no one had ever up and left the manor defenseless. Earlier Potters had fought and died on its grounds rather than allow it to be invaded. But they had never faced a nightmare like the one Magical Britain was now facing. The amount of power this Dark Lord possessed was terrifying.

The only solution she had was a last resort and she knew the thought was not going to be well received but had to voice it anyway.

"You know what you have to do James. You need to close the grounds." Just saying those words made her husband look up in horror.

Closing the family grounds only happened in the direst of circumstances. The head of the family would command the estate to seal itself and wait to be claimed by the rightful heir. Once sealed, the grounds and manor were said to be inaccessible to all who searched for it. It was a secret passed down to the heads of the noble families to be used only when the survival of their family line was in jeopardy.

The reason for his reluctance was that the estate could not be reopened again until the one who closed it had passed away. This action would force James to give up all rights to his ancestral home. Even if he survived these hard times, Harry would be the only one that could claim it and only after James had died.

The shame of fleeing would stiffen the spine of any wizard. But to a Potter, who valued family over everything, it meant so much more. To not be allowed back on family ground was voluntary exile. It meant losing access to the family grimoire that had been passed down through the generations. No Potter had ever done that. No Potter had ever willingly given up their heritage, no matter the circumstances.

But James knew a choice had to be made. Either leave the estate open in hopes of surviving and going home again but chancing the possibility of an attack, or, closing it and preserving the legacy of the Potters for Harry to discover and carry on. It was an easy choice. He would rather never see it again than risk some Death Eaters walking through the halls of his forefathers. "Fine," James agreed, "but we still need to figure out the specifics for this charm."

"Yes. The only thing we need to decide on is who our secret keeper will be," Lily said.

"Sirius. There is no one I would trust more with our family's safety than Sirius. He would rather die than betray us." On this James was adamant. Sirius Black was his brother in all but blood. The chances of him betraying them were the same as Voldemort retiring to become a muggle day care provider.

"Why not Remus? He is one of your best friends James, and much more stable." Lily wanted to be absolutely sure about this. They couldn't assume anything. This was about protecting their son.

James looked down ashamed. Remus was one of his best friends. But these past few months he had been distant, secretive, and angry. And with it widely known that Voldemort was making a big push to recruit werewolves, James couldn't be sure. And for this he needed a guarantee.

"Sirius, it has to be Sirius."

August 31, 1981 Early Evening
Potter Cottage, Godric's Hollow, England

On a much windier night than one usually saw in August, Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew made their way up the walkway of Potter Cottage. Sirius, because he was needed, and Peter because Sirius had a grand plan.

Knocking on the door, they were let in by a harried looking Lily Potter, who was surprised to see Peter. At that moment James came hurrying into the foyer, "Sirius, about time you mad-, Peter?" He looked from Lily to Sirius to Peter for some sort of explanation.

"James, Lily can I talk to you in private for a moment." Seeing nods, he turned to Peter, "Wait here Peter."

Leading them into the kitchen he raised privacy wards before turning around. "I think we should switch the secret keeper to Peter," Sirius blurted out.

James was incredulous, "Sirius, there was a reason we picked you. We trust you with everything, made you the godfather to our son, you can protect yourself if anyone comes calling. You know why it's you Sirius, we talked about this."

"I've been thinking on this since we last talked," he said. Seeing their confusion he pushed on. "I would be proud to be your secret keeper James, but let's be honest, everyone would suspect me. If we make Peter the secret keeper and don't tell anyone then I can be the perfect ruse. Anyone looking for you would look for me first and I couldn't give them anything no matter how hard they tried."

"James…Lily, you know I would never let any harm come to you or Harry. I'll drop some hints that I know more than I'm saying and that would give Peter the best cover we have. Let me do this for you. To keep all of you safe." There it was. His plan. Bait and switch.

James was rightfully conflicted. On one hand it was a good plan, but on the other Peter was one of his best friends but Sirius was his brother. He looked to his wife for guidance.

Lily understood the plan. Even felt it had merit, but there was one thing she needed to stress to her husband and his best friend.

"James, it is solid. And with Sirius looking out for Peter he will be safe. But we need to do this quickly. We shouldn't have waited this long. It has to happen tonight." Seeing the nods she walked out of the kitchen to get everything ready for the ritual, leaving James and Sirius alone.

"You will be there for Harry if something happens to us right?"

"Of course Prongs, I would look after him like he was my own."

Seated on an onyx throne, in what used to be the ballroom in Malfoy Manor, Lord Voldemort waited for his spy.

Waiting was not something he did well.

The door creaked open for a hooded figure. He allowed it to approach and bow before him, then, "Crucio! You know better than to make me wait. Even you, my illustrious spy, do not get to disrespect me," the Dark Lord hissed quietly.

"Master, please! Apologies master! But I bring news of the Potters," the man said, prostrating himself before his master.

Voldemort stood, eagerly awaiting any news on the so-called prophecy child. 'It seems I was right to not have killed you when you first fell into my trap,' the Dark Lord crowed silently to himself. Pieces were falling into place nicely. For once he took care of the son of the mudblood, he would be free to face the Ministry directly.

"So tell me, what news do you have of the Potters? Leaving the country? No, Potter is a proud fool. He wishes to challenge me to a duel, is it? Hahaha, I can see the blood traitor thinking he could match my power." His magic was singing to him. He could feel the final triumph in the air; taste the victory that Salazar Slytherin so rightfully deserved. Soon, he could take on the war against muggles, mudbloods, and blood traitors unopposed.

"No master, they are hiding. They've decided to use the Fidelius Charm. It is where a secret-, Ahhhh!"

"Crucio! Don't presume to lecture me on magic. Me, Lord Voldemort, who has forgotten more magic than you will ever know."

The hooded man shuddered from the after effects of the pain curse. Gaining control of himself was becoming harder with each curse. "Of course my lord. I meant no disrespect. I merely sought to clarify."

Voldemort wasn't listening; instead he was weighing his chances on finding the secret keeper, and the necessity of hunting down their friends. The Fidelius was a powerful charm. And any hope of finding the family would mean finding them before they did the charm.

"So what can you give me? The identity of their secret keeper? The binder? The date they will do the ritual?"

"No my lord," said Peter Pettigrew as he lowered his hood. "I can give you the Potters."

October 31, 1981 Late Evening
Potter Cottage, Godric's Hollow, England

This should have been a quiet night.

They should have enjoyed the holiday atmosphere of costumes and laughter, watching the miniature princesses, the pirates, and the ghosts wander about.

But no, the fiends that haunted them were very real. No adorable white sheets with eye holes. No shiny blue dresses with plastic tiaras.

No, they feared white masks and black robes.

This was what they feared. October 31st 1981 was a day for nightmares.


The door blew inwards, barely hanging onto its hinges.

The nightmare that had been haunting their sleep slowly entered their home. The sound attracted the attention of the father. Forgetting himself, he left his wand on the couch in the living room. 'He is not even prepared to fight.'

"Lily, its him! Take Harry and run!"*

Voldemort stood in the doorway watched the woman run upstairs holding a bundle protectively in her arms. 'Ahh, the prophecy child…at last.'

He watched the man stand in his way, blocking the stairs. Voldemort raised an eyebrow. "Do you think you can stop me? You, who stands against me unarmed. I am the greatest sorcerer to ever live. I am Lord Voldemort."

With barely a thought, Voldemort yanked James Potter into the air in front of him. James' hands were at his throat, trying to relieve the pressure that was starting to build, slowly choking him.

"L…Lord?" he choked out, barely able to breathe. "Funny, I…I don't remember ever hearing about your house." The pressure increased causing him to gag. "My family is noble, you are nothing. Lord my…my arse."

He could feel the magic washing over him. For as much as he hated him, the Dark Lord was very powerful. He felt fear, not for himself but for his wife and son. He could do nothing else to protect them. James silently asked for their forgiveness. He had failed.

"My blood is more pure than any of your kind could ever know. And you dare insult me!" He leveled his wand at James Potter's chest.

James did the only thing he could do. With his last breath he snarled, "I dare."


The focused beam of light tore through James' chest and the light faded from his eyes as his heart stopped beating.

Lily Potter was cornered. She felt the anti-apparition wards that had sprung up just as the front door was blown in. And the only floo in the house was on the first floor. Past the Dark Lord, past her husband…past her husband's body. The thought of her James caused sobs to wrack her body. The only thing she could do was try and lock them in and pray help would arrive soon.


"There is nowhere to run. There is nowhere to hide. But I do not want you. I just want the boy. Step aside and you can live." He had no need to kill her. And he had promised her to a servant already, in exchange for information about the prophecy.

"No! Please, he's just a baby. Not Harry!"

"This is your final warning. Nothing and no one will stand between me and everlasting life. This is the final obstacle, after this I will be immortal."

"Not Harry! Please, he has never harmed anyone. Please don't take my son from me."

"You have had your chance and you waste it? No more time, girl. Avada Kedavra!" And like a marionette with its strings cut, Lily dropped lifelessly in front of her son's crib. The last barrier between Lord Voldemort and little Harry Potter was gone.

Harry had felt the tension in the house since the front door had crashed in. Like any other baby he expressed his dislike for the yelling and screaming by crying as loud as he could. Hoping his mother would put an end to the noises and soothe him. Now he watched as his mother lay on the floor and didn't get up.

Voldemort slowly approached the crib. Studying the one that would become his undoing. He could sense the faint flare of power. The levels were insignificant to him and any adult wizard but impressive in a child not even a year and a half old. 'Yes, this is the one the prophecy has foreseen. This is the one that is meant to face me.'

The green eyes blurred by tears, cherubic face set in a scowl, stared up into the red slits. What Voldemort did not know was that fate had a hand in this moment. Harry Potter would remember this exact moment for the rest of his life. Burned into his memory, only coming to mind when he lay sleeping, the red slits fueling his nightmares. This moment would shape their destiny.

The phoenix wand he had purchased in Diagon Alley all those years ago came up to point at the toddler. A perverse sense of satisfaction rose up in him as he said the words that would cement his future, "Avada Kedavra!"

The resulting explosion rocked not just the house or the lane, but all of Godric's Hollow.

November 1, 1981 Evening
Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey

A lone figure wearing what seemed to be a purple bathrobe, splattered with twinkling stars walked down the street. Walking on the verge of shadow, he passed each streetlight just as it mysteriously flickered and went out. Soon all of Privet Drive was lost in darkness.

But he was not alone for long. A lone crack was heard and the distraught Minerva McGonagall soon joined him.

"Please Albus, please tell me it isn't true. They can't be…. Not Lily and James." This was the most emotion Dumbledore had ever seen from his oldest friend. "Oh Merlin…Harry."

They were interrupted by the roar of a motorbike. Looking to sky they saw the groundskeeper of Hogwarts, Rubeus Hagrid, swoop down on them. He landed well short of them to give himself time to break.

"Here he is Headmaster. Fell asleep just as we were flyin' over Bristol."* Hagrid carried the bundle in the palm of his hand. Well, to be fair, Hagrid stood at over eight feet tall and many things would fit in the palm of his hand.

"I did not realize you owned a motorbike Hagrid."

"I don't sir, borrowed it from young Sirius. Met him at the…the house." Hagrid choked on his tears, missing the dark look that passed over Dumbledore's face at the mention of Sirius Black.

"He was still in his room when I went to go get him yesterday, and…and I saw their bodies." This caused Minerva to sob harder. "So, I brought them together into the livin' room. Sirius said he would take care of them before he ran off to make sure the others were safe.

"Is it true Headmaster? They are callin' Harry 'the boy who lived'. They are sayin' that he survived the killin' curse from You-Know-Who himself."

The headmaster let loose a tired sigh and studied the sleeping toddler, taking note of the jagged scar above his right eye, "Yes, it is true. Nothing like this has ever happened to anyone before. Harry is very special."

By this time Minerva had taken hold of her godson, shedding tears for the boy's parents. A teacher should never have favorites, and Minerva would never admit this out loud, but James and Lily were hers. Never had she met two more extraordinary people. She had not always thought that, rightfully so as James Potter was a right pain when he was younger, but she had seen the two of them grow together and could not be prouder. That is, until they asked her to stand for their son as his godmother.

Harry snuggled closer to her, trying to escape from the chill of the November night. But the shaking of her sobs roused him from sleep. Blinking open his eyes, he held his chubby arms out to her and murmured, "Minnie," sleepily. Wiping her tears, she kissed the little boy on the forehead. Crying for the life she knew he had lost on Halloween night.

"Albus, why are we here?"

"This is the home of one Petunia Dursley."

"Petunia Dursley?" Minerva was puzzled, the only Petunia she knew of was-. "No Albus! You can't mean to leave Harry here. She is a despicable person. She hates anything to do with her sister and our world."

"A family needs each other in a time like this. And we need to keep Harry safe. And he will be safest here, away from the wizarding world." Dumbledore had everything planned. Lily's older sister, Petunia, would look after Harry, ensuring his safety. "Too many people would fight over his guardianship, Minerva."

"No, he can stay with me. I am his godmother. I promised to take care of him if anything were to happen to Lily and James. Sirius should be here to discuss it as well. Where is he? He wouldn't leave Harry alone, not after last night," she said, looking towards the headmaster.

"I'm afraid that's not possible now, Minerva."

"Oh Albus. Don't say it. Not Sirius too."

"No, I'm afraid Sirius has betrayed us."

"No! I refuse to believe that. Sirius would never do that. Not to James. He loved him like a brother. They would have died for each other Albus and you know it."

"It is true, they cast the Fidelius," Minerva gasped, realizing the role Sirius played. "Sirius was the only person with access to the Potter's home, the only one who could give access to others."

Minerva was shocked. If what Albus said was true, Sirius had destroyed the family. He had orphaned his godson. But why? Why would Sirius do such a thing? He had never shown any inclination to blood purity. How could he have fooled them all? The questions running through her head were interrupted by the bundle in her arms saying, "Mama?"

She sobbed harder. "No Harry, it's just me, just Aunt Minnie" 'Only me.'

She looked at Dumbledore. "He will not be staying here, Albus. I will take care of him. This is my responsibility."

"Minerva, there are Death Eaters still on the loose. The Lestranges are still roaming the country. And just an hour ago, I received word that the Minister has granted a full pardon to Lucius Malfoy. He has already asked after Harry." He allowed that to register with her before continuing. "They know where you reside Minerva and they will come for him. They will come; whether by force in the night or through the courts. This is the one place they cannot touch him. He will be safe here. He needs to stay."

Minerva couldn't believe what she was hearing. All of this was surreal. But she knew…she knew at her core that he was right. She didn't have the political power or the wealth to fight the purebloods in court over custody of Harry. Only Sirius had that ability, and that was a road closed to them forever.

"Mama? Mama! Mama! Mama!" the toddler screamed, not understanding why his mother wasn't running to him like she always did.

"Harry…Harry, shh little one. It's ok. You will be safe now. They cannot find you here." This was breaking her heart. She was abandoning her godson to people she didn't know, to a future that did not have room for her. She walked to the doorstep, stooping low to place the bassinet gently on the ground.

Teary green eyes locked-in to meet hers.

"Minnie?" Another choked breath.

"I am so sorry Harry."

Albus then placed a letter addressed to Petunia Dursley at one end of the bassinet. It explained how her sister had been killed and who the child was. He also promised that as long as they kept him safe, they would not have to fear any contact from the magical world.

Minerva pressed a kiss to her godson's head. Standing stiffly, she made her way down the path, away from the house. "MINNIE!" The little voice caused her to stop.

"MINNIE! NO! NO! NO!" She looked back. Clearly able to see the small arms waving and tears rolling down his red cheeks.

"KITTY!" That was like a blow to the body. Hunched over, she sobbed into her hand. She did the hardest thing she would ever have to do; she kept on walking. Feeling a hand on her shoulder, she turned to glare at Albus, causing him to flinch back a step.

At the end of the lane, she turned on her heel. The loud resounding crack told the headmaster how close she was to losing control at her departure. The headmaster corralled the bawling Hagrid, and made towards the spot Minerva had left from.

After seeing grounds keeper off on the bike he stopped, taking a glance back he whispered, "Be safe Harry."

"What the hell is all that racket? Waking up decent folk at this hour of night. And someone shut up that damn baby." A gruff voice screamed from the house marked No. 4.

For several more hours, the wails of the terrified infant could be heard throughout Privet Drive.

And the Boy Who Lived screamed, "Kitty," well into the night.

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