The Boy Who Lived and the Last Lantern
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Chapter 18: Old Friends, New Faces

August 28 1993
Wayne Manor, Outskirts of Gotham City

Diana had kept a very close eye on Harry in the days after the wedding. She had been expecting signs of stress or paranoia; and instead Harry went on normally. He laughed, studied, and trained hard in Alfred's absence.

But she also noticed strange patterns. There were times when Harry would stare at his father when he thought no one was watching. He would look at Bruce like his father was a problem he was trying to solve. Diana never called him on it, every time she watched as he seemed to shake it off and go on normally. It was one night at the dinner table, when after a few minutes of staring at Bruce, that Diana decided to confront Harry. She waited until after Bruce had left.

"Harry, are you ok?"

Harry looked up from his food, confused. "Yeah." He cocked his head to the side, like she was the one acting strangely. "Are you?"

Diana rolled her eyes at the joke. "You're not talking" She continued when he opened his mouth to argue, "to your father. You've been quiet around your father for the last two weeks. And I wanted to know if everything was ok."

"Everything's fine, Mom." He pushed his food around the plate. "Can I be excused?" He pushed back from the table and walked out of the room, leaving his mother to stare at his retreating back.

Diana found Bruce in his office later that night. He was reading over the plans for the new teleported for the Watchtower. While she thought the advance in technology was remarkable, she couldn't help but feel like Bruce would be disappointed by how long it would take to get up and running.

"Bruce, we need to talk." She waited until his eyes focused.

"That's not a phrase a man wants to hear from his new wife." Nevertheless, he put down his pen and folded his hands in front of him.

She walked around and leant on the desk.
"It's Harry." Bruce immediately started shaking his head.

"I know what you're going to say. I was expecting it, too," Bruce said.

"I've been watching Harry but it's not like it was before. Like he was with Mitchell. He's been normal. He still plays, he still jokes around. He hasn't shadowed me the way he did last time." He took her hand in his and pulled Diana closer. "He's fine, Diana."

"He isn't fine, Bruce," Diana said. "But you're right. He isn't acting the way he did after the football game but he is acting differently. And I think it's because of you." Bruce narrowed his eyes at her.

She squeezed his hand. "He talks as if nothing is wrong but he'll stare at you. He does it when you're not looking but I've caught him. He hasn't tried to talk to you since the wedding but whenever you're close, he gets this look on his face and," Diana sighed, "I think it's because of what you did to that assassin."

He pulled away. "I don't know what point you're trying to make, Diana. Harry has seen me fight plenty of times."

"Harry has seen you spar. We both know that there is a difference between that and the kind of fighting you do when you go out at night," Diana explained. "Harry has never seen you fight and I think it shocked him."

"Shocked him?" Bruce asked in disbelief.

"I think he's scared of you, Bruce. What you did was warranted as a father but what he saw?" She closed the distance and wouldn't pull back. "What he saw, no child should have to see. You need to talk to him. You can't let this fester."

It was later that night that Bruce found Harry in a family room situated on the third floor. Harry was reading a book, the TV serving as white noise in the background.

"...on the nightly news. Reports have just come in that the vigilante known as Nightwing has foiled another bank robbery. A call came into Bludhaven police that…"

"Harry," Bruce called into the room, gaining Harry's attention. "Can we talk for a second?"

Harry looked up and for the first time Bruce could see exactly what Diana meant. It was as if Bruce could see thoughts running through Harry's mind as he stood at the door but it changed as Harry nodded and turned off the TV. Scooting back, he made room for his father on the couch.

"I wanted to talk to you about what happened the day of the wedding," Bruce said. Harry looked at him in confusion. "Your mother and I thought that we should sit down and talk. I'll answer any questions you have, if there's anything you want to get off your chest."

"What are you talking about, Dad? I know what happened. I was there, remember?" Harry asked.

"I want you to understand why I dealt with it the way I did. I know that what you saw might have shocked you and I understand that you may even be a little afraid-" Bruce was cut off.

"Dad! I wasn't scared. Ok, I was scared but not of you," Harry protested. "Dad, I know who you are and what you do. I've met Batman before. I've seen the news reports they have about Batman, the way he fights, what he does to criminals. So maybe I was shocked to see it in person, so close, but I wasn't scared of you. Never."

"Your mother says you've been acting strange. Why does she think you've been avoiding me?" Bruce finally asked.

"I haven't been avoiding you, Dad. I was just waiting to…build up my courage, I guess." Harry wouldn't meet his father's eyes.

"Build up your courage for what?" Bruce asked.

Harry took a deep breath. "I've been thinking about this for a while. I don't want you to think that this is just some…hasty decision I've made yesterday," he looked his father in the eyes. "I want you to train me. Like you did with Dick."

Bruce's face closed. "You don't need to learn to fight like Dick."

Harry prepared himself for the fight. "I'm not asking to be Robin, Dad. I don't want to go out at night and fight crime with Batman," Harry exclaimed. He stood up from the couch. "Alfred's a great fighter. I've seen it. There aren't many people I've seen that can take him on in a fight, not even at his age, but…c'mon Dad, you saw him. He was picked apart by that assassin."

Bruce shook his head. Not willing to allow the topic to continue. "You have enough on your plate as it is. Your magic and this new power of yours," Bruce said, unwilling to name it yet. "You have no reason to learn how to fight like Robin or Batman . You shouldn't be a part of this life. I'm not going through that again."

Harry wasn't going to back down easily. "I'm a school age wizard. I haven't learned to fight with it, not seriously fight with it. I couldn't use it to defend myself even if I wanted. I have no idea what I'm doing with this green light and I almost pass out every time I use it, if you hadn't noticed. I was an easy target for the assassin and I don't want that to happen anymore. It doesn't make sense not to teach me."

"Harry, I made the mistake of training a young boy once. I'm not going to ruin another life," Bruce said, raising his voice.

"How many times do I need to say it? I'm not Dick!" Harry shouted. "I don't want to be the Boy Wonder but just because I'm not on the street doesn't mean I'm not a target. I'm Harrison Wayne. I'm your son. I'm Mom's son. Batman and Wonder Woman. There is no bigger target in this city than me! This is the second time someone's tried to get me and what could I do?" Harry asked.

"My wand was in my room. How could I have done anything when Alfred couldn't even give him a fight? I barely held him off and I was almost unconscious until you got there...but you beat him. You destroyed him. I don't want to be Batman, Dad. I don't even want to be Robin. I just don't want to have to worry about the next assassin that comes in here."

"This conversation is over, Harry," Bruce finished.

Harry's jaw clenched and the anger at the dismissal made him shake in anger. "Goodnight, Dad."

August 29 1993 Late Evening
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Scotland, Great Britain

"Albus! Albus, are you there?" A floating head shouted from the fireplace of the headmaster's office.

The noise woke the portraits that lined the room. "Albus, I'm coming through!" The flame flashed and Cornelius Fudge took a step into the office, coughing to clear his lungs of ash.

"Albus?" He gave the office a once over and looked to the nearest portrait, the painting of an elderly woman wearing a bow on her head.

"The headmaster has been notified of your arrival and will be here shortly." Just minutes later, the door to the winding staircase opened and Albus Dumbledore walked in.

"Cornelius? This is late for a visit." He sat down behind his desk.
Fudge worried his hat between his hands. "Albus, I have the most terrible news. Black has escaped!"

The portraits gasped.

"How?" Albus leaned forward in his chair.

Fudge's face was ashen. "He was there when the guards did a patrol, then he wasn't. There was nothing different about his cell." He stumbled to a chair. "I don't know what happened, Albus." Fudge moaned, collapsing into a chair. "He was wandless and frail, there's no way he could've gotten out."

"It is most likely that he was aided in his escape. There were many people that followed Voldemort that are still employed at the Ministry.
Many ways to get him out of that prison."

"All of those people were declared innocent by the courts, Albus. Men and women who have been vital to the continued success of our society." Fudge fanned himself with his hat. "It's obvious that Black was taught a dangerous dark art by his master."

"Cornelius…" Albus began before he was interrupted by the minister.

"Albus, I've heard your thoughts on the matter and there isn't anything more to say on that matter. We have more pressing issues to attend to right now. I must catch Sirius Black." Fudge gathered himself and stood.

"Then what is your first course of action, Minister." Albus stated.

"Yes, beginning tomorrow, Azkaban will be dispatching dementors to guard and patrol the perimeter of Hogwarts," Fudge said imperiously.

Dumbledore pushed back his chair and spoke sternly, "No, I will not allow that. Those creatures are not welcome here. They are soulless wretches that do not belong around children - children that are already in a new place, learning to control magic that is almost always volatile. Black will not come here. There is no reason for him to come to Hogwarts."

"We have no idea where he will go. We have additional security outside of the ministry and Diagon Alley. He escaped on my watch, Albus, and I won't be made the laughing stock of the magical world."

"No! I will not have those abominations hovering around my students. They do not differentiate between innocent and guilty, caring only about their own needs. Giving them the chance to fester around this school will lead to tragedy."

"You don't have a choice, Albus!" Fudge puffed himself up. "The governors have voted and the Ministry agrees, the safety of the students is paramount. Their comfort is not my priority, avoiding a disaster is."

"Is there anything I can say to stop you from doing this, Cornelius? Is there anyway we can protect the children without having to subject them to that?" Albus asked, wearily.

"I'm sorry, Albus, but Black cannot take another life. I won't let that happen on my watch."

October 25 1993 Morning
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Scotland, Great Britain

The Great Hall was washed over in whispers. The Daily Prophet had just arrived and the headline had caught everyone's attention.

Sirius Black Attacks Family in Inverness

Professor Flitwick leaned over and talked to Professor Sprout. "This cannot be a good sign. He's made his way across the country but why? What does he want in Scotland?"

"The paper said that the family was awoken by a scream from their kitchen. The father swears that he walked in on Black going mad and tossing his garbage about," Sprout said, worried.

Flitwick reached for the paper. "Says here that Black rushed Mr. Cram. His wife woke him up minutes later. Black had disappeared along with Cram's wand." He put the paper down. "Now we know he has a wand for sure. Poor man, he didn't have a chance against a madman like Black."

"My goodness! They are very lucky to have survived that." Sprout asked.

"Yes, to encounter Black and to get away unscathed is remarkable," Flitwick agreed. "Especially as we can see that he is lost in his madness."

"Unscathed? Black attacked the man, knocked him silly and disappeared with his wand! You would call that unscathed?" Sprout disagreed.

Flitwick flashed a look to herbology expert, watching as she read the paper. Lowering his voice, he said, "Yes. Black had him at his mercy…or whatever you would call what that villain that has in his black heart, and he didn't slaughter that family. I'm sure Mr. Cram feels good this morning if not sore." He crumbled the paper.

"They are all lucky they survived that night. By Merlin, they better be thankful.

December 17 1993 Afternoon
Outside of Hogsmeade Village, Scotland, Great Britain

"Are you coming, Wayne?"

Harry shook his head and stared at the sky. He and Daphne had wandered the village and now the surrounding countryside trying to keep busy. He knew that Kara wasn't going to show, not after being four hours late.

But he wasn't going to leave if there was still time to wait.

"No, I'll stick around until curfew. Maybe take another walk through the village. I'm guessing you've have had enough for the day?"

Daphne nodded. Hefting her bag over her shoulder, she nodded to the path and the castle on the other side of the town.

"But we still have time left," Harry reasoned.

"All of which will be spent making the long journey back to the castle. Why are we waiting out here anyway? The closest floo is in the Three Broomsticks," Daphne inquired for the umpteenth time that day.

"That's a surprise," Harry said, dejectedly.

"One I will not be having today, it seems. You can't wait around all day, Wayne. Besides, I still have some packing to do before we get on the train tomorrow." She could see that Harry's eyes were still fixed on the sky. "I'm sorry she didn't come." When he didn't respond Daphne turned and left the clearing.

"C'mon, Kara. Where are you?" Harry muttered to himself. Harry hadn't given up hope and he didn't give any thought to the time until an owl hooted loudly from the canopy of trees on the edge of the field.

Harry was shaken from his thoughts and, for the first time in hours, took a look around. The sky was dark and with a quick glance at his watch he paled at the thought of already being late to get back to the castle. Knowing he was going to be in trouble if caught, Harry set off to try and sneak back into the school.

Harry had made it a hundred yards before he decided to cut the bend in the road and make his way through the forest. He let out a yelp when his hand violently flashed green. Only just skidding to a halt as a green pulse emitted out of his hands and became a steady light. Squeezing his eyes closed, Harry focused on dimming the light until it was no more. With a bit more caution in his step, he continued on his way but something else had grabbed his attention. The green light he was used to, the sudden silence of the forest gave him pause.

Knowing that something wasn't right he turned to run but Harry didn't get two steps before the ground was lit up in a glow of a yellow light and the ground exploded at his back, throwing him forward.

Ears ringing and a face full of dirt, Harry slowly climbed to his feet, barely able to make out words from a disjointed voice.

"Where…I know…can't hide…"

A strange sense of déjà vu came over him. A purple man, suited in yellow floated in front of him. When it became clear that he wasn't going to get the answers that he was looking for he raised a glowing fist at Harry.

That was when Harry's eyes glazed over. A thousand voices screaming at once.

"Traitor!" A feminine voice screamed before a flash of yellow light ended her life.

Harry felt the sear on his chest.

"We need to force back the Manhunters back. There is a way to turn the tide." A group of Green Lanterns focused on a holographic image of a group of robots.

Harry felt the stone of worry in his stomach.

"You have done well, Abin Sur. Your brave acts have distinguished you as one of the greatest-"

Harry felt the swell of pride in his chest.

"I live to make the Corps victorious." The purple man kneeled in front of a council.

Harry gracefully accepted the burden of responsibility.


Sinestro landed just out of arm's reach from Harry, a calculating eyebrow raised.

"You know of me," Sinestro spoke softly, his eyes triumphant. "That means you know the one whom I seek." The former Green Lantern took a glance around, eyes narrowing as he turned back to Harry.

"Where is Ganthet?"


"Don't play dumb. I can feel him, boy! His power drew me here. I can feel its ebb, even now."

Harry had thoughts and emotions running through him that he wasn't sure were his; a new experience of receiving a power ring, standing before the Guardians while they commended his courage; all of it eclipsed by the glow of a yellow light.

Harry found his voice. "You betrayed them." Almost a whisper but in the silence of the forest there was no mistaking what was said.

Sinestro sneered. "What did you say?"

"You betrayed them. You swore to fight alongside them…to protect. They called you brother but you killed them." Harry could feel an anger building. Not just an alien emotion like those he had lived through but one born of seeing firsthand the deeds Sinestro had committed.

"Yes. I killed them." He advanced a step. "I killed Green Lanterns by the hundreds. I put an end to their weak, ineffective rule and replaced it with something better, something lasting."

Harry stared, unhearing. The final words of his victims drowning out Sinestro's demands. More than once he felt what the Green Lantern felt as they fell at Sinestro's hand; a rage directed at the one they had trusted, one held higher than all others.

"You betrayed them!" Harry brought up his right hand and could only focus on one thing, causing as much pain as he could. The power that Sinestro had once wielded, abandoned, and come close to eradicating slammed into his chest and threw him high into a tree.

Sinestro righted himself before he hit the ground but Harry didn't stop. Burst after burst of green light ignited from his hands and flew towards Sinestro. While the initial assault had caught Sinestro by surprise, he easily deflected the following volley. Harry's attacks could not keep up and they slowed until he couldn't summon any more energy. Panting heavily, Harry raised both fists in an attempt to defend himself.

"You?" Sinestro tilted his head in wonder. "After all of the searching, all of the Green Lanterns I have defeated. You, a child," he sneered, "a human, are the last Lantern?" The air was filled with an electric charge. A hiss of angry yellow light scratched up dirt and stone at Harry's feet.

"Give it to me."

Harry stepped back.

"I was the greatest Green Lantern to ever live. There is no one more deserving of this power than me."

Harry's eyes glowed green in defiance. "You killed them. They fought with you, they respected you, and you betrayed them. You don't deserve anything. I'll make sure you never get it."

"Then I will take it." Sinestro pointed his ring and a large hand materialized before it went flying to close around Harry.

Harry threw himself out of the way, rolling to his feet before he took off for the castle.

He was too far and he knew it. Still miles away from the Hogwarts. He could barely make out the tops of the towers over the trees. He would never make it there in time for help and barely made it to the bend in the path when Sinestro downed a large tree, almost crushing him under its trunk. Another burst of light and Harry was sent flying, his midsection banging on the bark.

Out of breath and seeing stars, Harry could only roll onto his stomach and try to push himself off the ground when the yellow fist grabbed him by the throat and lifted him into the air. The forest grew dark, illuminated only by the yellow pulse that bled off of Sinestro.

"I am so very disappointed. You are the last vestige of the might of the Green Lantern Corp and I bested you without trying. You were supposed to be his last hope?" Sinestro said over Harry's choked breaths.

"Not...done…yet," Harry growled. He grabbed on to the hand holding his throat and with a burst of light distracted Sinestro long enough to wriggled loose.

Not nearly as strong as his previous efforts, Sinestro didn't even have to defend himself, the light fading long before it reached him.

"No, I can see that you still have some fight left in you. Do not worry, I will end that."

Harry watched in a shocked awe as Sinestro effortlessly picked up a large boulder sticking out of the ground and attempted to smash the last willpower user into the earth.

Throwing both hands up, Harry formed an almost opaque green bubble around himself. The first attempt to destroy the shield brought no results. The display only made Sinestro sneer. A second time he brought the boulder down and the sound of the collision rang through the forest. The third time made small cracks appear.

"Lanterns greater," the boulder smashed again, "braver," a long fissure opened along the edge, "…more powerful than you have fallen to my might. Ones trained by the best the universe had to offer. What made you think you would survive this?"

The boulder rose again and before it struck Harry an explosion blew the boulder to pieces and knocked Sinestro out of the air.

Harry fell to his knees in the dust and rubble, shaking in relief and exhaustion. Harry watched as John Stewart tossed his depleted missile launcher and fired a plasma gun at the fallen lantern.

Sinestro raised a shield, easily fending off the attack. "Stewart! You will pay for interfering." He took flight, sending bolts of light. Ignoring the exhausted Harry as he lay on the ground. "I will not be stopped by anyone; especially not a ringless Lantern."

Harry pulled himself up from the ground. His hair buffeted by the energy blasts Sinestro fired at John, who narrowly avoided the attacks.

Harry knew he wasn't a threat to anyone if he passed out. A liability if he called on the green light again. He couldn't beat Sinestro, he wasn't a Green Lantern, but that didn't mean he was helpless.

Harry raised his wand. "Stupefy!"

The red jinx sailed through the air and crashed into the small of Sinestro's back. It broke his concentration and the attacks on John stopped. As Sinestro turned to face what he thought was a new threat, John's voice could be heard
throughout the forest, "Harry, run!"

However, Harry ignored the commands. Launching spell after spell, Harry felt far more comfortable with magic than with the green light. Blasting curses, stunning spells, minor jinxes, anything Harry could think of he sent at Sinestro.

Sinestro's attention was now split in two. The volleys he sent at John were halfhearted, meant to occupy him rather than hurt him. Sinestro felt no fear in facing the former lantern. It was the force that would follow behind that gave him pause in fighting a prolonged battle.

"Come here, boy!" Sinestro shouted. Intent on pursuing his prize, Sinestro shielded himself against the underaged wizard and covered the short distance between them without any effort. Grabbing Harry behind the shirt collar he lifted him high into the air.

"This power is mine and no one else's. You thought to keep it from me and I will make sure I enjoy showing you the error of your ways." Sinestro turned to fly away when a deeper, raspier voice shouted, "Harry!"

A batarang sliced through the air and embedded itself in the back of Sinestro.

A loud bang rang high through the air and the next thing Harry knew he was falling through the air.

While his father watched helplessly from the ground, Harry fought to right his body. Not knowing a spell to catch himself Harry saw only one option.

Harry's body glowed a bright green and he hovered for a second, shocking the two men watching from below. Harry saw none of this as his world went black.

Sinestro watched as the boy fell limply to the ground. The two on the ground were not close enough to beat get to the boy first. He made to follow until a shout from Batman called up.

"Leave him! Get Harry!"

Sinestro turned just in time to avoid being plowed through as a red and blue streak shot past him. He hesitated for a moment before admitting that he wouldn't do well in a fight against the Man of Steel.

He left it behind. The power he had been searching for, the last enemy that tied him to his life as a Green Lantern, and the boy that now stood in the way of his mission.

"That power is mine, boy."

December 19 1993
Justice League Watchtower, Orbiting Planet Earth

Harry knew he needed answers and made his way to the Watchtower the next morning, his mind still racing. The events of the last day had brought up some significant questions. The images he saw, the conversations he remembered; none of it was him but then it was. He didn't know how else to explain it. Harry knew he had to talk to John about it.

He walked quickly towards the Control Room, not paying attention to anything until he felt a hand pull on his arm. He turned and a scowl flashed onto his face. Kara stood in front of him, hands wringing and her face distressed. Harry just stared. The fact that his best friend standing him up had led to Sinestro's ambush on him in the Forbidden Forest was a sore point. No matter how sorry she looked, he couldn't feel bad.

It was Harry who eventually broke the silence. "I waited for you."

Kara's shoulders slumped. "I know." She opened her mouth but couldn't say any more.

"It feels like I'm always waiting for you." His words hit Kara hard. Striking at a place that she had been trying to ignore. Making her feel every bit of the distance that had built up between them.

"I'm so sorry, Harry."

Harry turned and walked away, leaving her there staring desolately at his back. Over his shoulder he said, "I have to talk to John." He stopped and nodded his head in that direction, "You coming?"

Kara smiled shyly and nodded, hurrying to catch up.

She broke the silence. "Does anyone at your school know?"

Harry sighed. "I don't know, I left early the next day. I don't think they saw the fight because it was already dark and we were pretty far from the castle. Besides, even if they found the place I doubt they'll come to the conclusion that an alien attacked one of their students and was driven off by another alien."

Kara nodded. That made sense.

They made their way to the Control Room silently, the space between them too raw for words. What should've been a slow day, close to the holidays was packed. Sinestro's appearance and the impromptu field test of the new teleporter made it so that there were tests to be done, readings to analyze. John Stewart sat in front of a bank of monitors, ignoring most of them in favor of the monitor displaying the long range sensors. Staying vigilant on the off chance that Sinestro had not left their part of the galaxy.

Harry walked up to him, "John."

"Hmm." The former Green Lantern acknowledged the call without taking his eyes off the screen.

"John, I need to talk to you." When he didn't move, Harry nudged his shoulder.

"What is it, Harry?" John asked before a flash of green light lit up the room. Pulled from his job, he looked at the two of them.

"I need to talk to you now, John," Harry said, with a serious face.

"Ok," he called over his shoulder, "Billy, watch these monitors. Let me know the moment something odd pops on the radar."

Shazam sped over, ready to relieve him of monitor duty. "I'll be right back," John said as he led the two teens into one of the conference rooms.

Sitting down, he bridged his fingers and motioned for Harry to start while Kara leaned against the table.

"I wanted to talk to you about what happened with Sinestro." Harry kept going when John looked to interrupt. "I know you were there for most of it but you didn't see what I saw."

John grew worried. "What did he do, Harry?"

"No, not what he did. What I saw. In my mind." Harry sat down.

"Before I realized who he was, I saw things. Like I had forgotten about them and seeing him jogged my memories. But they weren't my memories."

John leaned forward. "What are you talking about? What did you see?"

"I saw when the Guardians gave Sinestro his ring. I saw when he betrayed the Green Lanterns. I saw who he killed."

The blood rushed from John's face during Harry's recounting. "What do you mean you saw them? Were they playing out in front of you?"

Harry shook his head. "No, I saw him kill me. I saw…I felt it. All of those times. It was like it was happening to me."

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