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Chapter 20

Hestia POV

We had just decided what Athena would be a goddess but obviously she could earn more titles. It's not a good idea to give a young goddess too much power. She might, without meaning to, hurt someone. She was going to get her mother's titles.

Just as I was about to leave I saw a confused Athena come in with Amphitrite holding onto her shoulder. Prometheus was nowhere to be seen.

"I'm taking custody of Athena," M├ętis' sister told the council "I am not having my niece live with her mother's murderer and his family."

Zeus, ever the negotiator, replied "Thank you for coming here and not just taking her. Now I understand your anger but-"

"But nothing, the only reason I even came here was that Athena wanted to say goodbye to Hestia." She can't be leaving she can't be leaving she can't be leaving she can't she can't

I hugged Athena. "Don't leave, please." I whispered in her ear.

"I-" before she could reply a wolf, the same one who attacked her appeared growling. He was glaring at Amphitrite and almost protective of Athena despite his earlier attack on her. How did he get on Mt. Olympus?

Athena POV

Where's your boyfriend now, huh?

What are you doing? Deflecting his spiteful remark with a question of my own.

You have to stay on Mt. Olympus!

I don't want to.

You have to. For me.


Because we can't avenge our mother otherwise. I need your eyes and ears inside at all times.

I'm on house arrest?

No. Do it for me? Please? I just need your help for this.


You what?

I can't have Zeus controlling my every move. I just can't

He won't because you won't let him.

Fine, I'll stay for you

Or for your boyfriend

Don't make me change my mind


How am I supposed to say I want to stay on Mt. Olympus?

Just say I want to stay on Mt. Olympus, sorry weird lady who I hate on first sight... on second thoughts don't say that.

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