Tobirama winced as he heard his brother's pained cries seeping loudly through the thin walls once again. This was the fifth occurrence just this week alone, and he felt that he almost couldn't take any more of it – it made him so angry to know that his brother was tearing himself apart because Hashirama's asshole of an ex-boyfriend had dumped the older Senju for no reason.

Hashirama just couldn't seem to stop crying about the breakup with Uchiha Madara.

Tobirama honestly didn't know what had gone wrong.

Hashirama loved Madara with all his heart – even still after having had his heart broken in the cruelest of ways. Hashirama had even told his brother that he was going to propose to the Uchiha, and then… it all just happened too fast for him to keep up with.

"Fucking Uchiha…" Tobirama snarled to himself as he climbed out of his bed and walked slowly to his aniki's room. He pushed the older Senju's door open slowly, looking in at his brother sadly. "Aniki, please… Please don't cry anymore…"

Hashirama wiped at his tears and beckoned for Tobirama to enter the room. The younger Senju did as gestured, sitting down on the bed beside his brother. The brown-haired male took a few moments to compose himself. Once he felt that he was ready, he tried to smile weakly at Tobirama, attempting to bring comfort to the spiky-haired Senju.

"I am sorry for causing you to worry over me all the time, otouto…" Hashirama said, his voice full of sorrow. "It must be a real bother, always coming in at night to check up on me…"

Tobirama shook his head and hugged the older Senju tightly. "Nii-san, you deserve so much better than him! You shouldn't cry over him anymore! He did nothing but insult you and he's even hit you so many times! You should be happy to be rid of him!"

Hashirama sighed, taking Tobirama's hand in his own. "Tobi, you don't know Madara like I do… I know on the outside he seems cold and harsh, but on the inside he's just a frightened boy trying to protect himself… he's usually so very gentle and affectionate when we're alone…"

"I don't care, nii-san! He probably doesn't care that he's broken your heart into a million tiny pieces! He's probably out sleeping with some random right now - as we speak!"

"Tobi… Please…" Hashirama was close to tears again now at Tobirama's words – they hurt so much more than the chocolate-haired man would allow his brother to understand. "…"

Tobirama sighed and looked at the heartbroken expression on his brother's face. Without thinking, he leaned in closer to other Senju, pressing his lips against Hashirama's before opening his mouth and trying to gain entrance to the taller man's mouth.

Hashirama whimpered and pushed at Tobirama's chest as said Senju's tongue licked at his lips. "T-tobi, n-no! …We're… we're brothers, Tobi! We can't do that!"

Tobirama pulled away at these words and looked at the scared expression on Hashirama's face. What had he done? "…Shit…"

Tobirama stood up and left the room unable to face his brother any longer that night. He walked back to his own room, hating the way his brother's cries were renewed, but five times harder than they were before. Had he just fucked everything up? Could things still be fixed? Only one thing was for sure - Tobirama's feelings for his brother were surely growing uncontrollably into something else – feelings stronger than a brother should ever have for his aniki.