A few months later, things were a lot better than they used to be, considering many circumstances. Though both Hashirama and Izuna came out of the incident alive, they both were left with not only many physical scars, but deep mental ones, too. What had helped to make a big improvement on them was that they were no longer living their lives in total fear of Madara.

Hashirama's physical wounds were minor; only small cuts and bruises that healed easily with rest – it was Izuna whose wounds were severe. Though the doctors had saved his member, his balls were gone for good, and having been removed in such a cruel and unorthodox method, Izuna had just about bled to death before he had reached the hospital.

Another of Izuna's most severe wounds was his anus where Madara had continuously shoved the katana inside of him. With the many other cuts and burns on Izuna's tiny, fragile body that was in such worse shape than Hashirama's, the doctors hadn't expected Izuna to survive his first night in hospital.

Though Izuna had pulled through, the first few weeks were very hard for him, and if it weren't for Hashirama and Tobirama who showered him with nothing but love, affection, comfort and support, he would've taken his own life.

Madara, however, wasn't expected to ever be able to move his body again by himself, and he had been put onto medications for several mental illnesses, which apparently were what had caused Madara to be such a cruel and hateful person -it had been growing and growing and because he had never gotten help for himself, it had gotten out of control.

Madara was rather depressed at the moment.

Even though he had been tortured into a fragile, suicidal and terrified state, Izuna had been spending a lot of time with his brother, proving that even though Madara had done nothing but hate him for Izuna's entire nineteen years of existence, he just couldn't hate his big brother back, no matter what.

Hashirama always did say that Izuna's heart was too big for his body, and his love was stronger than anyone else's.

Now, months later, Izuna was packing his belongings to return back to his own home and take care of his big brother.

"It's been great having you with us." Tobirama smiled as he and Hashirama stood by the door, saying goodbye to the young Uchiha.

"Come back any time." Hashirama nodded, smiling. "Say hello to Madara for me. Maybe one day when Madara is better we can start off as friends again."

Izuna smiled back shyly. "Aniki is much nicer, now, so maybe it will happen one day soon."

Hashirama smiled. "I hope so. Bye, Izuna-kun. We'll miss you staying with us. Take care of yourself, okay? You're always welcome at our home if it ever gets too hard for you."

"Thank you. Bye, guys." Izuna shyly kissed Tobirama's cheek, and he embraced Hashirama, nuzzling his face into the Senju's chest, seeking his warmth for the last time that day.

Hashirama and Tobirama had been a great help to Izuna ever since the kidnapping - they always put up with him waking up screaming from his nightmares, and no matter what, they always listened to him cry - they had even taken the knife away from his wrists, promising him that they would help him get better again.

Izuna knew that he couldn't have gotten this far without them.

When Izuna broke away from Hashirama, he shyly kissed the Senju's cheek as well, smiling one last time before he turned away and walked to Madara's car that was now his.

The Senju waved to Izuna until he was out of sight.

"To still love Madara, even after all that…" Tobirama shook his head, smiling softly.

"He knew what Madara wanted with him in that basement, but he still came obediently, only hoping that he could please Madara. To make his brother happy, he was willing to use his body as a sacrifice. He has too much love inside of him." Hashirama agreed.

Tobirama wrapped his arms around Hashirama's waist and kissing him lovingly.

"Now that we are without interruption…" Tobirama smirked. "…Maybe we can continue on with what we were doing before Madara showed up."

Hashirama smiled and nodded. "I love you, Tobi."

"I love you, too."

Tobirama swiftly swept Hashirama off of his feet and carried him away bridal style to their shared bedroom, laying him down carefully on the bed. He quickly crawled on top of his brother, locking their lips in a gentle kiss.

When they broke away for air, they smiled at each other before connecting their lips again, this time deepening the kiss.

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