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CHAPTER 7 – Epilogue – a month later


"Hey, Bell... Where's my—" Edward called from the bedroom.

"Laundry room," I answered without even letting him finish.

I grinned at the deep chuckle that echoed down the hallway as I finished up in the kitchen. He'd moved in two weeks ago, signing his own apartment over to Jamie, who had decided that Florida winters were a hell of a lot better than Chicago winters.

He'd moved in, because we couldn't be apart – like...at all. We both regretted time lost, so once the terms girlfriend and boyfriend had entered our vocabulary, there was no separating us. It was comfortable and easy, because we were no different than we were before, except with less clothing and a lot more kissing.

I continued to work for him and Emmett, and they were really starting to get busy. Mr. Thomas was impressed by what they were doing to the first strip mall and was anxiously awaiting the next two malls to begin reconstruction, but he'd used his influence by word of mouth. He'd sent three or four more prospective clients our way, so we'd hired on more people. In fact, things were changing all over for all of us.

Emmett now had his own assistant – Betty Russell. She was an older woman, who had construction in her background. He also continued to see Rose on a permanent basis, and it turned out that she fit in with us just fine, because she was the first person he looked to for approval, but also the first person to slap the back of his head when he acted like an idiot. We freakin' loved her.

We brought in another CAD specialist, which just happened to be one of my college boys from the night of the fight at Phil's. Paul Rivers was interning for Edward to take the pressure off and earn extra credit at school, and he would be graduating early because of it. I think Edward was considering making him permanent.

My brother had even had to hire a few more construction guys, because things were truly picking up. In fact, I was pretty sure that we would need someone to handle the accounting portion of our office soon, because it was becoming a heavier load for me and Betty. I couldn't imagine just how busy we'd be when Alice finally finished school and added in the decorating side of the business.

Edward begged me to stay on at Cullen and Masen, but there wasn't a chance I could leave them. I continued to run the office and remained Edward's personal assistant, and despite the changes to our personal relationship, hardly a thing had changed in that area. We still worked seamlessly with each other.

"What time are we supposed to be there?" Edward asked, leaning against the kitchen counter, looking as beautiful as ever in just a pair of black jeans and his glasses.

Edward had kept most of his wardrobe that Jamie had forced on him, but he still tended to dress with a touch of his own taste – the Chucks weren't going anywhere. In fact, the dress shoes he had were gathering dust in the back of the closet already. The contacts were definitely out, because despite how hard he tried, Edward just couldn't stand touching his own eyeball to put them in every day, so the glasses were back, which was perfectly fine by me. And my sweet gentleman was back, too, though he was a little more confident in his every day life. Emmett, Jasper, and I weren't sure if that was left over from Jamie's doing, or if it had something to do with just how damn happy Edward was, how rock solid our relationship had become. Jasper and Emmett gave the credit to me; Jamie begged to differ. I didn't care, because the changes were for the good this time.

"Some time around seven," I said, opening the oven to check the two pumpkin pies I was baking. Once I pulled them out and set them on top of the stove to cool, I turned to face him. "Are you sure you don't want to go home for Christmas, sweetie?" I asked again for the millionth time. "Your parents were awfully disappointed."

He was shaking his head even as I asked, pushing off the counter and walking to me. "I am home," he stated, shrugging one shoulder, and I couldn't help but kiss him for that. "And I wouldn't want to be around the family right now. Jamie said that Tanya is going to tell them she's getting married and moving to South America after having only known this girl for weeks."

I giggled, shaking my head. "One messed up pair of twins," I muttered, rolling my eyes and turning back to my pies. "I'm really not sure they aren't just trying to kill their parents."

Edward chuckled. "Why do you think Jamie's staying here? Hell, even he doesn't want to be there for that conversation. 'Pass the green bean casserole... Oh, and by the way, I'm going to be moving out of the country with someone I just met at the bar...' He told her to wait until after the new year, but she won't."

I leaned my hip against the counter, trying to imagine it, but I couldn't. "Tanya will make a beautiful bride," I said with a wrinkle to my nose. "She is the bride, right?"

Edward snorted and rolled his eyes, shrugging. "You're asking me? Hell, Jamie doesn't even get it." He grinned at my giggle. "So anyway, you're stuck with me through the holidays."

"Damn, whatever will I do?" I teased dramatically, but found myself suddenly lifted onto the counter, with a warm, very handsy, very dark-eyed Edward standing between my legs.

My laugh was loud as my head fell back, but it turned into a deep, shameless, and wanton moan as soon as Edward's lips and tongue met the skin of my neck. My legs wrapped high around his waist, my heels already digging into his ass to bring him closer. Edward's hands slipped stealthily up my shirt – or his shirt, rather – where he discovered nothing but bare skin.

"Christ, baby," he muttered, pulling away from my neck and gazing at me with lust-hazed eyes. "You're so beautiful." He tugged me closer, almost roughly, but he felt so good.

"We have to get ready," I tried to tell him, but my voice held no authority. "We can't be late to my mom's on Christmas E-Eve..." My voice broke on the last word when I felt his erection grind into me in just the right spot.

All hope of control was lost when his hands cupped my breasts, his chest heaved with every breath he took, and his tongue dragged slowly across his bottom lip, because he still had no clue as to how damn sexy he was. Though, as smart as he was, I was beginning to think that he was testing me all the time, just to see how I'd react to certain faces, touches, and words. His latest addiction was teasing me with those very things...in public.

"Please," Edward whispered against my lips, his forehead pressing to mine. "You're killing me in my shirt, Bell."

Yeah, so I tested him, too.

I grinned against his mouth, but my eyes rolled back when his body rocked against mine. "Shower..." I rasped, gripping his neck and opening my mouth to his.

Suddenly, we were a tongue swirling, writhing mass in my kitchen.

"No, here," he grunted, gathering up my shirt and tossing it over his shoulder. "I can't wait..."

I moaned aloud, because Edward's confidence had only grown when it came to sex. He was sensual, sweet, selfless, and absolutely insatiable. He wasn't afraid to voice what he wanted, to tell me how he felt, or even to try something new, but again, I wondered if that was due to me, or something else altogether. I also wasn't sure that he wasn't just making up for all the time lost, because when most college boys were getting laid left and right, Edward had been maintaining an almost perfect grade point average – something that Emmett liked to point out all the time now when he'd catch us kissing...in the office, on Edward's desk, in the copy room. Yeah, work was just fine.

A strong hand flattened against my back, arching my whole body back as Edward kissed a blazing trail down my chest, finally locking eyes with me, before swirling his tongue around my nipple. I gripped his shoulder with one hand, while threading my fingers into his hair with the other to hold him right there.

Somewhere in the back of my hazy mind, I heard Jingle Bells and the vibration of a phone across the kitchen counter, and I blindly reached to either smash the damn thing – or at least to mute it. I fumbled with it for just a second, until it finally shut up. I felt Edward's smile against the skin just under my breast, so I tugged his hair until his lips were level with my own again.

"Could've been important," he mumbled, but smiled when I shrugged, pressing his forehead to mine, before gripping my ass and kissing me again.

His tongue grazed lazily across my top lip, bottom lip, only to delve inside my mouth, causing us both to moan shamelessly. My own hands were out of my control, digging deep into the muscles of his back and gliding down to just under the waistband of his jeans.

Breaking away from my mouth, he dragged his warm, wet lips down my jaw. Jingle Bells rang loudly again in our small kitchen, and I groaned, giving the damn thing a hateful look, but sighed when I saw that it was my mother.

"Mom," I groaned, answering the damn thing, but that didn't stop Edward. "The pies are done, Mom. They just have to cool..." I barely got it out without sounding like a porn star, because Edward was doing things with his tongue along my neck that were making my eyes roll back into my head.

"Hey, baby," she gushed. "Can you two do me a favor and stop at the store on the way here? I need more eggs and some marshmallows for the yams.."

I was pretty sure I tried to answer her, but I think it only came out as, "'Kay."

"You'll have to leave soon, because the grocery stores are closing early," she continued on in my ear as Edward was chuckling low and sexy in the other.

I sighed, grabbing Edward's face to stop him. "Eggs and marshmallows. Got it, Mom," I told her, locking eyes with my very disappointed boyfriend. "We'll load up the car, and I'll hop in the shower..."

I hung up as she thanked me, setting the phone back down. "We have to get ready, handsome," I stated softly, cupping his sweet, put-out face.

"You owe me," he huffed as he licked his lips, grinning beautifully when I giggled and shoved him away.

I slipped down from the counter and picked up my shirt, letting my eyes rake over a disheveled, very aroused Edward that looked painfully trapped behind his jeans. His hair was thoroughly ransacked, his lips kiss-bruised, and his eyes were still dark, though they sparkled with a contentment that hadn't been there when I first met him.

I was pretty sure he was wrong about owing him, considering his behavior in the mall two days prior – he'd tugged me into a dressing room, where I couldn't make a sound – but I let it go.

"Fine, I owe you," I conceded with an eye roll. "Now, we have to get ready!"



Phil's Sports Bar could hardly be recognized this time of year, because Renee decorated it beautifully for Christmas. They opted to have dinner at the bar, because it was the only place that could accommodate the rather large bunch of us on Christmas Eve.

It was a tradition dating back to when I first met Bella. The first Christmas at USF, I'd decided to stay in the dorms to work on a project, but when I think back, I think I'd just wanted to be close to her, because she didn't have to leave. Emmett hadn't been able to go home that year, either, so she'd invited us all for Christmas Eve dinner. I'd never gone home for Christmas again after that, because Renee had made me feel so at home.

The numbers only grew as we got older. Sometimes, my parents would come down; sometimes, Emmett's would. There were extra friends or girlfriends, there were patrons of the bar that had become close Renee and Phil, but this year, it was just the group that Renee called "her kids" – with the addition of Rose – because she loved all of us just like she loved Jasper and Bella.

The Christmas tree in the corner was filled with sports-themed decorations, though most of us had added to it over the years. Underneath, it was piled with presents, and the whole darkened corner flickered with the colorful lights reflecting off wrapping paper, the glass in the window, and tinsel. What was even better was the palm tree outside wrapped in white lights, casting a glow out onto the beach as Emmett, Rose, Jasper, Alice, Jamie, Kate, and Bella all chatted loudly from the deck. The air was a brisk fifty-something, and it beat a sloppy, slushy, and very fucking cold Chicago winter any day.

"There's my sweet boy," Renee gushed, coming out from the kitchen and setting down a massive stack of plates and silverware onto a few tables that had been pushed together. "Merry Christmas, sweetheart," she said, wrapping me up in a hug that would probably represent comfort for as long as I lived, because she'd accepted me from the beginning just as quickly as her daughter. And she'd never judged me on anything. In fact, she was overjoyed when Bella and I had announced that not only were we dating, but we were moving in together.

"You, too," I said, kissing her cheek. "You need help?" I offered, pointing to the table.

"Not a chance," she giggled, sounding just like her daughter. "The turkey needs a few minutes, and I'm waiting on Jess to get here, because her parents are giving her trouble. They're in the middle of a rather nasty divorce. So go on...get out there." She grasped my shoulders and guided me toward the deck doors, only to scuttle back off to the kitchen.

I opened the door and almost stumbled back due to the wall of loud laughter that hit me. I had to smile, because it was damn well contagious.

"Eddie!" Emmett boomed, waving me over, even though I was making my way toward Bella, who was making room for me in the chaise she was lounging in.

"Don't call me that!" I sighed exasperatedly, rolling my eyes at the snickers that tittered around me.

Ignoring me completely, Emmett continued, "I'm thinking it's time to hire someone for accounting..."

I snorted, settling into the chair, only to pull Bella back against my chest. I bent to her ear, whispering, "Work? Really?"

She giggled, shrugging, and said, "I tried to tell him."

"We can talk about it Monday," I told him. "I'm not talking work tonight," I stated, rolling my eyes at his scoff. "But you might be right," I added, just to shut him up.

"Oh, look!" Rose gushed, pointing out toward the water where several boats were lit up for the holidays and slowly cruising around the bay.

A few set off some fireworks, like they did every year, but this was Rose's first Florida Christmas, so we were reliving it through her eyes.

"Wanna go watch?" Emmett offered, and I noticed he was different with her, calmer, more concerned with something besides just getting laid. And it really suited him, though he threatened to punch me every time one of us pointed it out.

They all got up when Rose nodded her head vehemently, but Bella stayed put.

"Bella-boo, aren't you guys coming?" Jamie asked.

"Nope," Bella sighed, grabbing a throw blanket and draping it around us. "I'm really good...right here," she sighed contentedly, wrapping her hands around a mug of hot chocolate.

I grinned like a lovesick fool up at my cousin, who only smirked back, shooting Bella a wink.

"Can't say that I blame you," he chuckled, rolling his eyes. "Where's that hot thang that works in your office?"

"I really don't think Paul's gay, honey," Bella giggled, shaking her head at the debate they'd had since I'd hired poor Paul on as an intern. "But he's spending the holidays with his family in New York."

"He's totally in denial," Jamie scoffed, and then spun on his heel to join everyone else down at the beach.

I could hear the laughter coming up from our friends on the beach, see the fireworks from where we sat, so I bent back down to Bella's ear. "You sure you don't want to go down there?"

"Uh uh," she sighed, wriggling closer to me and taking my arms to wrap them all the way around her. "I've seen it. Let Rose enjoy it for the first time..." Bella's voice was soft, almost a whisper.

"You still owe me, you know," I teased her, grinning when her sweet giggle shook us both.

"You're going to take advantage of the fact that we have the deck to ourselves?"

"No, I'm taking advantage of the fact that your mom hung mistletoe above the seat we always sit in," I chuckled, nudging her until she looked up.

"She's so shameless," Bella laughed, turning in my arms just a bit, and I kissed her exposed neck as she looked up at the awning over us. I could feel the vibration of her happy laugh through my lips.

"Mmhm," I hummed against her skin, inhaling deeply the scent that I used to never be able to place; now that we lived together, I knew it was soap, shampoo, some sort of laundry detergent, and just...Bella. "God, you always smell so good," I groaned, reaching up to the other side of her face in order to slip my fingers into her hair as my nose nuzzled her skin just below her ear. Finally, I opened my mouth, giving her neck a long, slow kiss.

Bella let out a sound that was a mix of a whimper and a moan, pulling back to lock eyes with me. Her reaction to my statement never changed, even from the first time I'd muttered it drunkenly the night I'd acted like an ass.

"Did you always think I smelled good?" she asked softly, pushing my glasses up for me and tracing her fingers down my face.

I nodded, leaning in to kiss her lips briefly. "Yes," I sighed contentedly, shifting her on my lap so that we could be face to face and I could wrap my arms around her. "Always."

"Were you always comfortable with me?" she asked, tilting her gorgeous head at me. "I mean... Did I ever make you nervous?"

"Nope. Not even when you plopped down on my bed and started rummaging through my stuff," I snickered, wondering where all these questions were suddenly coming from. "Why, baby?"

"You had cool stuff – movies, building models, computer equipment," she giggled, "and I was trying to ignore Em and Lauren."

I grinned at her. "Impossible," I told her. "I don't think I ever wanted a relationship to break up as much as I wanted theirs to fail. Lauren was..."


"Yes," I agreed.

She laughed and shrugged, but her face sobered quickly. She flattened her palms on either side of my face. "She was the first, you know. The first to tell me that there was more to us," she stated, gesturing between us, only to go back to touching my face. "I didn't believe her," she whispered, her brow wrinkling just a bit.

"Emmett was the first to tell me," I admitted. "And Haley..."

Bella's eyebrows raised. "Your...first told you that you liked me?"

"Yeah," I chuckled, more at her incredulous tone than her phrasing of the question. "She told me to figure out what I wanted, and then come back to her. I never did, because I assumed she was blowing me off..."

"We were blind," she huffed, rolling her eyes. "But I can't regret..."

"Becoming friends," I ended for her, smiling when she nodded slowly, slipping her arms around my neck, only to play with my hair.

Her eyes were a deep chocolate, her face free of worry as she gazed down at me. God, she was so beautiful, and I swore to myself that I'd never take what we had for granted again. I'd done that once, and I'd almost lost not only what might have been at the time, but our friendship, as well. She shifted again on my lap so that she was straddling me, and I couldn't help but pull her closer. The blanket we'd been wrapped in fell away, exposing the really pretty red, long sleeved shirt she was wearing. It hugged her in all the right places, ending where her jeans began. My hands tugged at her hips, my fingers slipping under her clothing just enough to caress a minute amount of skin.

Damn, I just wanted her. But I stayed in want of her. And I hoped that those feelings – both intense and so very deep – never, ever went away, because there wasn't anyone else for me. We knew everything about each other, and adding that to our relationship only cemented just how connected we were. It made us...amazing and comfortable and perfect.

"Merry Christmas, sweetie," she sighed, smirking a touch and giving the mistletoe a brief glance.

"I love you, Bell," I countered, because I just needed to say it.

"Kiss me, handsome," she giggled, giving a stealthy glance inside the bar, where Jessica and her boyfriend had arrived and were being greeted by Renee, and out to the beach where our friends' voices were growing closer. "Our time alone is ending. And yeah...I still owe you one..."

I laughed, not really caring who owed whom, because in all reality, it didn't matter. All I suddenly realized, as I pulled her lips to mine, was that everything I thought I knew about friendship and love and relationships when I first met Bella was just a drop in the bucket compared to what I now held in my arms.

So before we were interrupted, which was inevitable, I gave my girlfriend her kiss.


Two months later...

"Edward, we really should stay in there," Bella chided, glancing up at me as I tugged her out of the conference room and down to the elevators. "We might miss something..."

"The only thing I miss is you," I told her, pushing her into the open elevator and pressing her into the side. Blindly, I reached for the buttons, pushing the number of the floor our room was on.

"God, do that again," she moaned sexily in my ear. "I can't believe you did that in there."

We were in Atlanta at an architect conference. We were supposed to be learning all about new software, new ideas, and new techniques for making Cullen and Masen better, but damn, if we weren't busy as hell. And I felt as if I hadn't seen Bella in ages. It was the reason I'd requested her to come with me when we'd made arrangements to attend the conference.

Constant work, constant revisions, and constant prospective client meetings had me so busy that I was barely able to think straight. Bella was busy training new employees, because now we were so busy, we needed several people in the office. We now had an accounting department – which consisted of two people – a front desk receptionist, and two additional CAD specialists, along with myself.

Mr. Thomas' project had not only given us some much needed advertisement, but his constant approval of our work had spread around to his associates, and we were flooded with new business. Jasper had even had to contract some of the construction out to other crews.

Our work was spread all over the state of Florida, and soon, it would be into Georgia, and Emmett and I had seen every single mile of it all. In fact, I'd had to meet Bella in Atlanta, because we were coming from two separate places. She'd flown in from Tampa, and I'd arrived from Miami just that morning. Hell, I'd barely been able to talk to her after being away from her for a solid week, much less kiss her senseless, like I was doing in that elevator.

She looked like pure sin, dressed all professionally in a black skirt and red, silky shirt. Sitting next to her in the back of the conference room had been fucking torture. What had started as just simple note passing just to catch up with each other had turned into hand holding, which had eventually led to my hands losing control of themselves. I'd been unable to stop myself from caressing her arm, her fingers, her knee, and finally, up her thigh, where I'd found the lacy edge of her stockings. My mind had snapped, as had my ability to concentrate on the speaker. Suddenly, I'd been obsessed with just touching her. When Bella could barely stay quiet, I'd tugged her from the room.

I grinned at her command, pressing my forehead to hers as my body pinned her against the wall. My hand slid down to her inner thigh, and then up her skirt. "I couldn't help it. I missed your taste, Bell," I panted, squeezing my eyes closed when I found her underwear even wetter than it had been in the conference room. Slipping my fingers just under the edge of her thong and through her folds, I swirled my finger along her entrance, only to leave her panting for more as I dipped my fingers into my mouth. Fuck, she was just delicious.

The car was filled with moans, gasps, and hands over clothing as she tugged me back to her mouth. I wanted to consume her. Just as I wrapped her leg around my hip, the elevator dinged, the doors sliding open.

"Edward," Bella gasped. "Room, sweetie...please."

Luckily, our room wasn't far. I couldn't get us inside quickly enough, but as soon as the door slammed shut, clothes started to be roughly removed. Tie, skirt, pants, underwear all hit the floor in a scattered and careless array, but those stockings stayed on. I reached down and picked Bella up as she gently removed my glasses and tossed them carefully down on top of my clothes, which was a good thing, because we'd broken more than one pair.

"Oh, Christ," she breathed, gaping at me and the fact that she was pressed back into the hotel room door. "How... Have you? Are you working out, Edward?" she sputtered, her eyes rolling back just a little as I rolled my hips just right, causing my dick to glide between her folds. Her hands gripped my biceps to hold on.

"Emmett said it would help with the frustration," I grunted out, wanting like nothing else to thrust into her. But it was the truth, because I'd been absolutely lost without Bella for the time that we'd been apart. Nothing worked with getting rid of my need for her. Nothing.

"No, no, no..." she chanted, shaking her head. "No speaking of Emmett in this room..."

I huffed a laugh, but pleaded, "Baby..."

She nodded, holding on to my upper arm with one hand while the other gripped the back of my neck. Her mouth gaped and her breathing stopped as I slowly sheathed myself inside of her, my name spilling beautifully from her lips.

"Oh, Bella. I missed you like this," I grunted, pulling out, only to thrust back into her. "Everything about you..."

"Me, too," she said, her brow sweaty against my own. She leaned in to kiss me at the same time her hips rolled with mine, causing us to moan into each other.

In that position, I wasn't going to last, but I couldn't find it in me to pull her away from the door, because that would mean stopping, and there was no stopping. Hell, I couldn't even wait the extra ten seconds it would've taken to get her into bed. Plus, she was absolutely the most gorgeous thing looming above me, surrounding me, kissing me. And for the very first time since we'd changed our relationship, I felt empowered, because this beautiful creature wanted me.

"I love you," I whispered against her neck when her head thumped back to the door as her insides started to flutter around me. "Come with me, Bella."

"Oh, God," she gasped, gripping my hair almost painfully. "Edward, I love you..." she breathed as she came hard and fast around me, causing my own plummet into the abyss with her.

My arms shook as I pulled her away from the door, and we fell onto the bed with tangled legs, sweaty brows, and sated smiles. We didn't even bother to pull the covers back or lay with our heads on pillows. The need to be alone, to touch, to just be together was almost overwhelming.

"Let's never go that long again," Bella ordered, wearing the sweetest of naughty smirks.

"'Kay," I sighed, feeling the last of the frantic feelings of being away from her ebb away.

"You know, as your personal assistant," she started with a silly-sweet giggle as she ran her fingers through my hair, "I think I should be with you from now on...especially if it's a week-long thing."

I smirked down at her, but damn, I'd just really missed her. I missed our routine in the morning over coffee, our lunches together at the office, whether we worked through them or went out to the cafe across the street, and I missed coming home with her, cooking dinner, and wrapping myself around her in order to even conceive of falling asleep.

"I am your boss..." I mused dramatically, which caused her to burst into full on laughter.

"Maybe you're stuck with me," she said, wearing a sweet smile, but her eyes clouded with the memory of that conversation that seemed to reemerge from time to time.

I chuckled, kissed her softly, and brushed her hair from her face, sighing in utter contentment, because when I'd muttered my next words for the first time so long ago, I'd probably meant them more than I'd ever realized. And I meant them even more now.

"Somehow, I'm okay with that, Bella."

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