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Spooky Mansion

Chapter One

The cold breeze can feel outside the place where the gang is currently staying. A group of people is happily eating their food at the cafeteria. One of them, a young blond lad with glasses remembered something and told them the good news.

"Hey guys, my Auntie let us celebrate our Halloween party in her new mansion!" Yuu exclaimed while eating his own food on their table.

"Are you serious? That's totally cool! We don't have any more problems about the venue. So, where in Japan it was located?" Kitsuneme asked.

"Just an hour drive from Gakuen Alice." Yuu answered. "She will let us borrow it, but there's a condition."

"What's the condition?" Nonoko asked.

"Well, since she just bought it last week, in exchange for letting us use it, we have to clean it before and after the party." Yuu looked at them. "Is that okay?"

"Are you kidding? It is super duper okay! It's just cleaning anyway, right?" Anna exclaimed.

"There's no way I'm gonna clean a mansion!" Sumire complained.

"Okay then, you're free not to go anyway, Permy!" Koko said while looking at Sumire.

"O-okay, I will help prepare the venue. Just let me join the party!" Sumire said back.

"That's right! So I'm just gonna go tell the others." Koko exclaimed while starting to march going out of the cafeteria.

"Wait, Koko! Do you think Natsume and Ruka will join us?" Kitsu asked. Mikan, who was silently listening to her friends' conversation, looked at Kitsu. She pretended to eat her burger.

"Let's see! Do you wanna bet?" Koko challenged.

"I bet 500 rabbits that they will join!" A girl with raven hair and amethyst eyes immediately said with a money sign on her eyes. All their jaws fell down. That's right! We are talking about money here. The one who said that was no other than… you guessed it right, the famous inventor and ice queen, Hotaru Imai.

"Well, 500 rabbits, then! I bet they won't join us." Mochu said with confidence.

"Alright, ask them now Koko!" Hotaru gave Kokoro a death glare. A few minutes had passed and Koko's back.

"So what did they say? Are they coming?" Nonoko asked. Koko didn't answer.

"What did they say, Koko?" Mochu asked nervously. He's killing them with that silence.

"I'm sorry Mochu, Ruka said they're coming." Koko said while patting his shoulder.

"What? Oh, no!" Mochu cried. Goodbye 500 rabbits. On the other side, while drinking her drinks, Mikan coughed after hearing that Natsume will be joining the party.

"Are you okay, Mikan-chan?" Yuu asked worriedly.

Mikan rubbed her throat and then said, "Yeah, I'm fine. Hey guys, do you mind if I don't come?"

"Why?!" Anna asked.

"Well, you see, my parents are having a trip to Canada the day we will celebrate the Halloween party and I'm just the only one who will baby-sit my brother." Mikan told them.

"Oh well, if you're not coming, maybe they won't come either." Koko said. Hotaru gave him a death glare. She won't let her money become stone.

Baka! Baka! Baka! It's the sounds of Hotaru's Baka gun. Hotaru looked at her. She knew the reason why she won't be joining the party. And it was not because of her parent's stupid trip, but it was because of him. "What a lame excuse Dummy!"

"Ouch! Hotaru! You're so mean." Mikan said while rubbing her head. Mikan knew that Hotaru knows the reason and of course, Hotaru won't let her escape because of the bet or let us say, the 500 rabbits.

"You can bring Yoichi along at the party." Hotaru looked at her. Mikan opened her mouth to complain, but Hotaru continued. "No more buts!" She said with a finale tone in her voice. She knew Mikan can't say no to her.

"Alright, so let's just meet up this Wednesday to shop for our decorations, costumes and foods, then, we can go there on Thursday to clean and decorate the mansion. On Friday morning, we can prepare ourselves and we can have the party on Friday night!" Yuu exclaimed.

Almost all of them cheered, except for a certain brunette who thinks that it's a torture for her to attend the said event because of a certain someone whom she don't want to see will be joining the party. She cannot blame them after all, because that certain someone is still part of the gang. That certain brunette is Mikan and the certain someone is no other than Natsume Hyuuga.

Time Skipped. The day before the Halloween party…

[Mikan's POV]

"Woahh! This mansion is quite big!" I heard Luna exclaimed while devouring the mansion with her gaze. I step forward towards her.

"Yep, but it's a little bit spooky. How many years has it been empty?" I asked specifically to Yuu. Luna ignored me and went back in her car. She's wearing a tube that just reached her belly and a mini skirt. Her long boots have reached her knees and a sunglass above her strawberry blonde hair.

I wander around with my eyes. The mansion looks old. The white paint is already fading and has many grown weeds in the wall. The lawn was big, and a lot of space left even though there are almost ten vehicles parked. I noticed an old man holding a broomstick and a dustpan. He's wearing a white loose shirt and faded jeans. He walked towards the backyard. I shrugged. Maybe he was one of the caretakers that clean this place. I looked up at the window glass just beside the veranda above. It is half wide open.

"3 years, I guess." I varied my gaze to Yuu when he answered my question.

"I see." I unconsciously looked at the window again. It is now closed. I swear that window was open! Maybe, I am just seeing things. Sighs.

"I heard my aunt, but I'm not sure. Hey Mikan, could you please help me by opening that huge door? The key is here in my jacket's pocket. As you can see, my hands are full." Yuu said. I walked towards him and do as I told.

"Sure." I lazily responded while getting the key out of his pocket. But my eyes never left the window. Suddenly, I saw a hand touched the window glass from the inside and slid down. I gasped and covered my mouth from the shocked. That made the key fell on the ground.

"Are you alright Mikan?" Yuu asked while looking at me. I looked at Yuu terrified and then looked back at the window. My heart's beating crazily. Yuu also looked at the direction I am looking. No sign of the hand. And the window remained closed.

"Yeah, I-I'm fine. Is there someone living in this mansion? Like a caretaker?" I asked while picking up the key on the floor. Maybe it was just my imagination, yeah!

"What do you mean? My aunt said that the housekeeper goes here once or twice a month to clean this mansion, but that was until three months ago. She said that the housekeeper was found dead in his house. He died from a heart attack. He was living alone and has no family so no one to take care of him."

"Oh!" I gasped after hearing the last sentence of his words. "But who was the old man walking towards the backyard?"

"That's not a funny joke. There was no one here when we arrived. Only us." Yuu stated confusedly.

What? I swear I saw an old man walking there! I stepped towards the big door and about to put the key in the keyhole when I felt a chill and heard a whisper just beside my left ear, "You'll be mine."

I gulped and immediately looked at my back because I know there's no one beside me. I saw no one except Yuu who's walking towards me with boxes in his hands and Yoichi who's looking at me with wide eyes. The others are busy talking and taking off their things in the compartment of their cars. I shrugged and decided to ignore it. I was about to continue my work by opening the door when it opens itself half wide leaving a creepy sound. My eyes went wide and my heart's beating rapidly again. What's happening?

"Thanks Mikan-chan for opening it for me." Yuu thankfully said behind me. I was about to say something when I heard a frightening screams coming from the inside. Oh my!

"Did you hear that?" I asked Yuu. I suddenly wanna go home right now.

"Hear what?" Yuu look at me confused. What? Am I the only one hearing and seeing things?

"The screams, didn't you hear it?" I looked at Yuu one more time, I started panicking. Why am I the only one seeing and hearing it!

"I didn't hear anything Mikan-chan. Maybe it was just your imagination." Yuu said while entering the mansion.

"I heard it Mikan!" Koko who I didn't notice behind me said.

"You do?" I asked, relieved. ThanksGod, I'm not the only one.

"Yeah, like this? Aaaaaah!" Koko screamed gaily and making a poker face. He didn't hear it.

"Oh, thanks Yome! I'm scared!" I said with sarcasm in my voice. This idiot was mocking me. I'm about to cry. I can feel my eyes are teary. I am really scared now because of what's happening. It has been so long since I can see ghosts and hear whispers. As of now, that ability was gone. Only Yoichi can see ghosts now, not me anymore.

"Yeah, me too! I'm scared!" Kitsu said behind us trying to copy my face. I swear these idiots!

"Both of you don't frightened Mikan-chan!" Tsubasa-sempai said while walking towards me and rubbed my hair to comfort me. You're the best Tsubasa-sempai! I giggled.

"Tsubasa-sempai!" I hugged him while preventing myself not to cry. Now I have calmed down a little. It really feels good to have an older brother who'll protect you, isn't it?

"Excuse me." Natsume said behind us.

If I am not mistaken, I saw him giving Tsubasa-sempai a death glare, but maybe it was just my imagination, again. There's no way he would do that, right? I let go of Tsubasa-sempai and stood aside to let him pass.

End of Chapter One

To be continued…