Dear Readers,

It has been exactly one year since I started Desperate Revenge, and even longer still since Jason Todd's daughter and Blue Jay. I have fallen in love with Justin, and how she went from a shy, damaged child to a very outspoken, capable, young woman. How Kyler went from being a hoodlum to being Speedy, second in command of an elite team of heroes. How Conan went form being unstable and withdrawn to strong and independent, and not to mention the very heart of her team. How Snow has absolutely stayed the usually silent necromancer, who, although a bit withdrawn from most, is not filled with angst.

I've seen new characters come, and go. But no matter if they stayed, or left, or how long they were in this story, they left footprints in my heart that will never be wiped away.

I've laughed, bled, and cried with all these characters. I've seen them blossom from seedlings to beautiful flowers. I've seen them over come the impossible, and change everything about the way I looked at comic books, what they could not start, they rewrote. I have been there for their best, and their worst, at their highest and their lowest points.

Out of all these experiences, the thing I loved most of all about being here and witnessing this story unfold, the best experience I've had here, was sharing it with all of you.

I've had my fair share of fans, and my fair share of critics. I've been depressed by several people who've said that my characters are Mary Sue's, and I've had my heart warmed by dedicated fans who've rushed to my defense, saying that I'm talented in ways they can't describe.

After sixty chapters of this story, after a whole year dedicated to writing this team, to pleasing my fans, and to giving the finger to my critics, you have no idea how much it pains me to say, this story is over.

This is the closing letter of Desperate Revenge.

However, Justin, Kyler, Conan, Snow, Raphael, Michael, Mark, Gabriel, Adim, Dunya, Kenya, Olivia, Austin, and even Rango, they will not end here!

Although this chapter of their lives if over, I will make it my sole duty as a writer to move them to greener pastures, to continued their stories, and continue writing for them as long as I live!

Rest assured, their new stories (plural for a reason) are going to be made, molded, and put up on this wonderful site that had captured my passion, and my heart.

Conan, Snow, Kyler, and Justin will each get their very own one shot of character development before my new story about their team comes out. If you intend to read the sequel to this story, this is very important, do not miss reading these one shots. I promise you, you will not understand why they're acting different, or look different unless you read those one shots.

This new story will take place six months after this story, and it will be called: Revenge Of The Desperate

To my fans: I love you all, you're my inspiration for writing. It's been my pleasure sharing this year with you.

To the team of Desperate Revenge to which I have dedicated a year of my life: It's been an honor growing over the course of a year with you all, and it will be a privilege continuing your stories.

To my critics: Although your insults have been cruel some times, and I can't hide my distaste for you all, your criticism has helped me do better also. Because of this, it's only fair that I say, thank you for hating me and my stories.

On one final note, I have a confession for all of you. When this story was first starting, after chapter five, no one was reviewing, at all. I went up to chapter nine, without a single review. I was tempted to give up on this story, as I have with so many before, because I felt that all of my fans had given up on it. I felt I had proven my critiques right, that my story was talent less, and I was a bad writer. But, then, out of the blue, a single review was left on chapter ten by a member of Fanfiction that went by the name of TheWalkingMan. They simply said two words: good job.

Those two words, from a complete stranger, made me wake up, and keep writing. I owe nearly this entire story to that one person, who never reviewed again.

I'd like to thank DrakesChic, Rivalsareallies, Red X17, Newsiesgirllaces and sunnydayz56 who were the most constant reviewers, and who were the only ones to ever message me about the story, and give ideas.

I'd also like to thank CrimsonMercenary, Misakirox, and Chibi-Grimmsley, who also reviewed. :D

Signing off for the very last time on Desperate Revenge