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Rachel Berry was the co-captain of Glee club, the end of the social pyramid that allowed jocks and cheerleaders to slushie her on daily basis. She was banned from any 'cool' gathering unless she was the main entertainment of the night, being thrown beer or other stuff at. Santana Lopez, the HBIC or so called Ice Queen, had been on her tail since she had gone after her supposed perfect boyfriend, the quarterback Finn Hudson. The smaller diva had crushed on him, since he had joined the Glee Club to assure himself a scholarship even if not football related.

Truth been told, he was pretty mediocre as a player and as a singer as well, let alone for his dance moves; he looked like an Elephant in a China shop. Their romance had blossomed quickly, but the fall had been equally quick. Soon enough, Rachel's love for big words and long rants were too much for the boy, who wasn't really the brightest crayon in the box.

It was two weeks before Valentine's day when Finn Hudson broke up with Rachel Berry, not wasting time to be seen glued to the Head Cheerio's hips the morning after. To say Rachel was crushed, was an understatement. The brunette had to witness the boy all over the feisty Latina in the school hallways or in the choir room since they had both joined the singing club, for different motives. She needed to get her mind off the constant PDAs in the choir room or any class she shared with them. She needed to get back at the boy, proving him she was more than a big vocabulary and her 'no sex till 25' rule.

One week after the break-up, she came up with the idea. It happened when she spotted her walking down the hallway. Two words: Quinn Fabray. The blonde girl had moved to McKinley in their sophomore year and, even if Coach Sylvester had courted her to become her new Head Cheerleader, she had turned it down to join the soccer team leading it to their first National Championship in 15 years. She was popular, even more than Santana herself but she didn't grow the popular kids' attitude. No head high or spiteful words. She minded her own business, even if her womanizer reputation went ahead of her.

There were tons of rumors concerning her and half of the Cheerios from the schools in town, not only McKinley's. Rumors, not verified. Pushing her fears to the side, Rachel approached the blonde at her locker, finding the player alone for once.

"Hello Quinn. My name is Rachel Berry and I would like to talk to you about something that requires your help." The brunette tapped her on the shoulder, startling her.

"I know who you are Rachel, captain of the Glee Club and future Broadway star, right?" The blonde turned around to face the diva, her tone soft but not too warm to put the other girl at ease. "If you are trying to recruit me for your club, I am afraid I have to turn you down. I am not interested."

"As much as the Glee club could benefit of someone good looking and athletic like you, I am seeking for your help for a total different reason. Personal matters." She whispered and crossed her arms over her chest, preventing the girl from going anywhere.

"I am flattered, really. But I have a class to attend and you shouldn't be late for yours, either." Quinn tried to step around the girl, only to find herself pinned against the lockers behind her.

"Let's find a more appropriate setting to talk, shall we? I don't want indiscrete ears pick on my proposal." Rachel turned around heading toward the auditorium, she didn't bother to turn around knowing the blonde was on her tow.

"So let me get this straight, you are hiring me to be your fake girlfriend just to make your ex jealous enough to get you back?" Quinn raised her perfectly sculptured eyebrow and chuckled lowly, her own head shaking in amusement at the proposal.

"You can see it as an exchange, you will add another notch to your long belt of love conquests and I'll get his attention. We all know Finn Hudson wants what he can't have. That's me." Rachel smirked not even knowing why she was so hooked on the tall guy anymore. He had proved several times how childish he could be, yet she still wanted him and nothing was better than paying him back with a taste of his own medicine. Quinn Fabray was the only girl that Santana Lopez would turn gay for and would fit even better at her side. Better than a dumb jock like Finn.

"What makes you think I care about my player reputation? You are employing me for a full time job Rachel, that requires a more appropriate payment." The blonde smirked stepping closer to the diva. "We need to discuss how far I am allowed to go, I won't settle with just pecks on the cheek or handholding or moon eyes across the hallways. That wouldn't make your precious boy jealous at all, maybe upset but not enough to claim you back."

"I…I think we can indulge in a more expressive way to get our relationship public, but if you think I'll jump in your bed, you've got another thing coming Quinn." Rachel scoffed and looked away from the blonde's intense eyes, she could definitely see what made girls gravitate toward the soccer player. She exuded cockiness and sexiness, enough to fill the whole room.

"100$ per week, I need money." Quinn held her hand out to shake their deal sealed, but the diva shook her head negatively. "75$, but you pay for dates and possible gifts I should buy for you. My last offer."

"Alright, sounds fair enough. We start tomorrow morning, my house8 o'clock." Rachel shook her hand and grinned widely at her counterpart. "Be on time, girlfriend."